Chapter 38: Preparations for the Future

“So? How’s Shen?” → Ryu

Ryu asked Sylvia after she closed the door to my room.

“He’s a little bit tired but anything else, he’s doing fine.” → Sylvia

She answered smilingly.

“Alright. Then I shall do what we already talked about…” → Ryu

A little bit back in time;

While we accustomed the new waves of kidnapped people, I and Ryu started a conversation about what to do with the ones who don’t have a home or simply don’t wish to get back home.

“I want you to take them and start building the kingdom. I’ll give you almost the entire armory to help you with that. Afterwards, you know what to do, right?” → Shen

I asked with a serious look. We had the lives of hundreds of people in our hands, we couldn’t play around like in the past anymore.

“Yes, use your books to teach them martial arts and spells so we can have a strong base. After that, start organizing them in guilds of different roles: merchants, artisans, blacksmiths, alchemists, etc. then form the institutes for everyone to participate in, like the army and the school. The 10 leaders will be our kingdom’s backbone until we finish with our organizations.” → Ryu

Ryu answered as if he already made plans for the future.

“Don’t forget about the living ways. You’ll have to build sewerage systems so the filth won’t become too much of a problem.” → Shen

“Yes. We’ll build everything from the scratch. First a village, then a small city, after that, one comparable with a capital, then we’ll build an entire palace. After that, extinct until we hit the frontiers with the other kingdoms.” → Ryu

“And don’t forget-” → Shen

“Yes, yes, I know. ‘Don’t conquer and evade troubles’, right? I get it. I’ll make it a small kingdom for all races to live in peace.” → Ryu

“Good. I’ll let Isa with you, in the meantime I’ll try my hardest to make as many golems from the normal armors, maybe another one like Isa, but not too much, leaving some for the people or in case you need to sell some more.” → Shen

“Alright. Oh, one more thing.” → Ryu

“Hm?” → Shen

“The place you decided for is ridiculous… I might have to create a fortress first and focus mostly only on the martial power. I won’t be able to develop the other things like the craftsmanship or the political institutes, you know?” → Ryu

“Just do what you can. What? Do you expect to make everything in a year? We’ll have to work like slaves for years!” → Shen

“…Can I abandon?” → Ryu

Nope.” → Shen

Back to the present.

“Yeah…I don’t know when the two of you planned all of this, but I wish you good luck in succeeding. If bad turns to worst, then contact us through telepathy. We’ll try to help with whatever we can.” → Sylvia

“Of course. When I’ll need some kind of tips, I’ll ask right away. failure is out of the question right now.” –>Ryu

Ryu said firmly. He couldn’t screw this up at all.

“So? Where is the place you wish to take as your territory?” → Sylvia

“This place.” → Ryu

Ryu took out a map of the two continents and showed Sylvia the S point from both of them. That was where the ‘Danger Zone’ toward Eihwaz started, and the point where the 3 continents united. The 3 continents were separated by huge seas but all 3 of them were connected through some channels of thousands of kilometers. The one from the middle that united all 3 continents was the largest, appearing like the best place for building a kingdom as huge as the entire Europe back from Earth.

“But that place is-!” → Sylvia

Sylvia suddenly became perturbed by the point shown.

“Is the only option we have. Besides, that’s the first reason for having martial power as our first aim. Now I’ll see how many people are going with us and how many will go home.” → Ryu

Ryu summoned everyone on the decks of the 3 ships while we sailed for Eihwaz, his friends and my disciples were also summoned. I was still sleeping so I knew nothing of what happened out there.

Ryu then boomed loud enough to be heard by the people from the other ships.

“Everyone listen up!” → Ryu

His voice loud like thunder.

“Those who don’t have a home to return to or those who wish to serve under us! Stay behind while the rest shall go back at a further distance by the ones I said before!” → Ryu

After saying so, from the 800 people on the main ship, more than 460 stepped behind and withdrew themselves from the middle of the deck. From the right ship, with a total of 500 people, 230 retreated while from the one on the left, around 340 stepped back. All in all, the remaining were of an exact total of 836 remained on the decks while 1014 left or stepped behind: There were: humans: 87, demons: 78, Beast-men from the 2 continents: 93, elemental fairies: 80, dragoons: 103, fox spirit beast-men: 93, dog beast-men: 133, mouse beast-men: 112, pig beast-men: 113 and harpies: 111. The Elves had to return back to the world tree so they couldn’t stay even if they wished. The 10 leaders without the elf were included in the ones who wished to stay.

“The ones who remained! I’ll ask your assistance in building a kingdom for all 11 races to live peacefully! This is not an order but a request. The ones who wish to assist us, please step forward!” → Ryu

After these words, everyone was dazed, even Ryu’s friends and my disciples. They couldn’t believe what Ryu just said.

“I and Shen talked about this and ended up with the conclusion that building a kingdom from scratch for you all is the best solution! Shen will cover the expenses while we’ll work in building it from the ground! The ones who will wish to help will get the knowledge about magic and martial arts from Shen’s Book! I’ll play the role of the king, lord, and leader! Shen will be occupied to bring back the ones who wish to go home and finish some work in Eihwaz. Our goal is not to rule, but to create a place for everybody! More details will be given in the process of building the kingdom. Now, whoever wishes for a new destiny, take a step forward!” → Ryu


Everyone was too shocked to say something. All the ones present were thinking of what to do and where to go if Shen suddenly thought of leaving them, they didn’t even imagine getting such a chance of starting a new life. And what did Ryu meant by ‘a place for everybody’? All of the races to live together? Is that even possible? They wished for an explanation. After good 15 minutes of processing the information they just got -thud- everyone moved with firm steps forward, not wishing to let go of such a chance, they had nowhere to return to anyway. Having nothing to lose or fear, hundreds of souls made their resolve to take a step toward a new and unknown future. Their hearts beating faster while a strong fire was burning inside their eyes.

Feeling their strong spirit, Ryu’s hair stood on ends while sweat was forming on his forehead. Their spirit made his blood boil while a wide grin formed on his face.

Their pressure is ridiculous… If such strong-willed people learn to fight into this world, then building a kingdom might not be that hard anymore. → Ryu

While thinking such, his voice chilled down while looking at every single one of them.

“Let me say this clearly right now. I won’t sugar-coat it, nor will I beg anyone! The trip will be dangerous, while the road to success will be deadly. The possibility to die and fail are higher than that of success! We might give up while trying, we might fall while rising, and we might die while dreaming! Are you lost still wishing to come?!” → Ryu

Even though his words were merciless and heavy, his face was that of a warrior which enjoys hardships the best. His wild smile and burning eyes made the little fear which creeped into some of the slaves, to disappear instantly.


A wild shout resounded and made the entire ship vibrate from the fighting-spirit. No one wished to back down. The wish for greatness was ignited inside all of them.

“So I understand you all wish to risk your lives for a dream?!” → Ryu


“Then you all better sharpen your senses and strengthen your minds, because right now, we will separate the ones who will leave home, from the ones who lost everything but dreams! Today, I want you all to make the step for yourselves and move from this ship which will go home, to those two which might only bring us all either to our dooms, or to the greatest glory! Now! MOVE!”


Be them men, women, children or elders, they all felt like living for another day, only so they could see with their eyes the new home they will create with their own sweat, tears and blood. While still fired-up by Ryu’s wild fighting-spirit, the ones with no home to return to, moved their little things they had to the two little ships, while the ones who still wished to return home, stepped foot on the bigger ship, waiting with emotion the day they will get back to their families.

After everyone moved from a ship to another with the help of wooden planks, Ryu’s friends and my disciples entered his room.

“Shen said that?!”

Everyone was surprised by the answer of ‘how come you thought of that.’

“Yes…if you want to know more, talk with Sylvia. From her started everything.” → Ryu


Everyone then turned their head to look at Sylvia with wide open eyes.

“Ahaha~” → Sylvia

Sylvia laughed awkwardly and started to explain her dream to the others and my conclusion of it’s being the cause.

Everyone felt like the sky just fell on them.

“H-how can this be…?” → Marina

“N-no way…Ragnarok…? How is this possible…?” → Gregor

Gregor was dumbfounded, he suddenly felt tired and wanted to lay down.

“M-master! What about my master!? He won’t die in his way to stop this calamity, right?!” → Theodore

Theodore asked hurriedly with red eyes.

“I’ll go with him! I’ll help him with all I got!” → Theodore

“I-Is this world really coming to an end…?” → Melinda

Melinda asked with her eyes reddening. For kids, the idea of ‘the end of the world’ was much scarier than for adults, making her shake from fright.

“Everyone, calm down. Shen will take care of this, he has the power to stop such a disaster.” → Ryu

“B-but didn’t the spirits of Sario said is impossible? How can we be so sure?” → Lissa

Lissa said while stuttering, she wasn’t afraid of death, but thinking of everything she knows suddenly being erased by waves of demonic beasts…it was way too terrifying.

Everyone fell in silence, not even Sylvia was able to respond back to this question.

“Goddamnit, Ryu! Your voice is too damn loud! Sylvia, I must teach you some sound-proof magic. Like this, the next time I fall asleep you’ll put it around my bed.” → Shen

I suddenly appeared inside the room with a sleepy face.

“Eh? Shen?” → Bonny

“Sir Shen. What do you think about the calamity… I, for one, see no way out from this.” → Gregor

“ Ah. About what the spirits said, don’t worry about it. The only one who can foresee my future is myself and nobody else. I’m a weirdo who’s road of destiny is much more complicated than anyone else’s. Simple clairvoyance is not enough to read my destiny. And by the way, I have some good news. I just dreamed about closing the seal just in time together with the elves, so don’t worry now~.” → Shen

My relaxed voice dumbfounded everyone, even Ryu looked at me strangely.

“Now you’re a prophet or what?” → Ryu

“But of course~. It seems I was able to absorb some of Sylvia’s powers through the hearts connection haha.” → Shen

“You did what?! Why didn’t you tell me about it?” → Sylvia

Sylvia was surprised and a little bit angry at me.

“Haha~ calm down, is just something like borrowing. Besides, didn’t you also grew stronger than before? Aren’t you borrowing my powers too?” → Shen

“Ugh…” → Sylvia

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Sylvia didn’t know what to say at this point, everything I said was completely right.

“Theo, you’ll come with me to Eihwaz, from there I wish for you to become what I asked of you. Let’s see, right now you’re 11 years old? At the age of 18, I want you to be seated on the Demon Lord’s throne already. Think you can do it? I heard from the other demons the actual Demon Lord is a prick who keeps on starting wars with the elves and the other beastmen tribes only to conquer and to take slaves. You must take him down and become the ruler. Think you can do it?” → Shen

I said while looking seriously at Theo. The time we were on the ships, my disciples didn’t just laze around doing nothing. They studied all I gave them and mastered the martial arts I thought them. It seems my martial arts techniques are harder to understand than I thought. They were able to understand only after I helped them to circulate the elements they needed to use in their bodies, after that it became much easier, but for the other people, they barely understood the first step, making me evaluate Theodore, Bonny, and Melinda a little more. The different magic used, be it from controlling the elements or from using mana itself, the most important thing is to have imagination. For that, I gave them to play around with what I created so they can have a more general point of view, inspiring them in creating their own magic.

” Shen? What do you mean by ‘Demon Lord’? You asked Theo to become the strongest demon on the 3 continents? Aren’t you asking too much for a little boy of not even 12 years old ?!” → Bonny

Bonny looked at me with incredulous eyes.

“Relax~ right now Theo is just as strong as I was when I fought you lot back then, after only one year he’ll surpass me, hahaha~. Well, the main reason for his fast growth is because I helped him strengthen his body with spatial magic in the past 2 weeks. I also tried to teach him some more stuff than you two because of the burden I placed on his back.” → Shen

I said with confidence, making everyone, Ryu and Sylvia included, to look with wide-open eyes at Theo.

Shen is already a monster of the 2 continents who can fight 5 guardians of the empire on his own. If Theo can surpass him, then at what level of power will he grow to? God-like?

“M-me? Stronger than master…? I’ll try my best!” → Theodore

Theodore couldn’t believe it himself when I said it, he became excited at the thought of becoming such an imposing and domineering entity.

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“Boahahaha~ you might have the power but you need the wisdom to use it properly or you might become just like those idiotic players, corrupted by their own strength.” → Shen

I said while patting Theo’s head.

“Now, let’s make the preparations for the departure. The ones who will go in Eihwaz to return the kidnaped will be me, Theo, Melinda and Sylvia while the ones to help Ryu in building the empire together with the ones who don’t wish to return home are, Bonny, Gregor, Lissa, Ronald and Marina. Any more questions?” → Shen

After I saw their firm and serious faces I smiled and continued.

“Good. The departure will take place tomorrow in the morning, sleep early and prepare for the next day’s to come.” → Shen

After saying all this I turned around then:

“Oh, right.” → Shen

I turn back and talked to Ryu.

“I forgot to present you the new golems.” → Shen


Everyone looked with big eyes at me.

“First of all, I already said Isa will go with you.”

While saying this, I took out Isa from the inventory.  A cold wind blew in the room right when I summoned him.


Isa bowed his head then turned around to look at the others.

Everyone already saw Isa and they were familiar with him. Even so, the imposing aura and the majestic appearance of a semi-dragon was still something to behold.

“Haha~ I thank you for this.” → Ryu

Ryu was especially overjoyed by this. He sparred quite a bit with him on an ice-island, learning to control his dragon’s powers and even learn some dragon’s ways of fighting. Every spar ended with the island being completely destroyed because of the chaotic exchange of hits.


At first, Isa hated Ryu’s constant pestering but after sparing with him, he started to respect his power.

“I forbid you to use him as a sparring partner till everything is settled.” → Shen

I said in an annoyance after seeing the burning desire in his eyes.


“Eh? Why?!” → Ryu

“Do you even need to ask? How many Energy Stones have I had to feed Isa because of the energy consumption? After every fight, he’ll ask me for 10! With these energy stones, I can create another 2 normal golems!” → Shen

“Ugh…alright…” → Ryu

“…Anyway. As for the second epic golem:” → Shen

I summoned the second one and a burning wind blew inside the room, making the cold temperature from Isa to stabilize


Isa’s aura seemed a little bit threatening but it was a normal result. The other golem had as a main element fire and had the same strength as a dragon.


The fiery golem growled and showed his appearance under a curtain of fire.


The golem wore a red leather set of armor with yellow strippers on it. The head of the golem was entirely made from fire and the form was one of a tiger. It had a long tail and claws, together with long fangs appearing from its mouth. The height was the same as Isa’s and on his forehead, an ‘<’ was flickering with a red light, writing with fire. This golem was made from the Infernal Tiger’s armor. It was a kind of demonic beast that rivaled the dragons, especially the ones with the element of water, like how Isa was when he was alive.

“Waah! So cool!”

The children had funny reactions while the others looked with eyes of admiration.

“Ah, good to see you again, Kenaz3KenazAn Elder Futharks rune which, in this novel represents only \"torch\" and \"vision\". Appearance: Looks like a < and is normally written on stone, wood or even bone..”

I named him after the rune ‘Kenaz’ which means ‘illumination’, ‘torch’ or simply ‘fire’. It can also mean ‘vision’ and ‘creativity’ while Isa’s rune can also mean ‘blocking of activity’, ‘ice’, ‘standstill’. Yep, they are pretty opposed to each other.

[Is that how you welcome me? Isaz2IsazAn Elder Futharks rune which, in this novel represents only \"Ice\", \"coldness\", and \"stillness\". Appearance: Looks like an I and is normally written on stone, wood or even bone. ]

Kenaz’s fiery eyes shone with a threatening glint, looking at Isa.

[And you have a problem with that? Kenaz.]

Isa answered back with a cold voice and even colder eyes.

The aura’s from the two made the wind blow and felt like a mini-tornado might appear at any second.

“If the two of you won’t stop now, there’ll be no more energy stones till you’re close to shutting down!”

I got annoyed at the constant change in temperature and snapped.

[Yes master]

The two of them bowed at me then ignored each other, looking in front.

Everyone looked with awkward smiles at the two sassy golems.

Will it be okay like this?

“Alright. Ryu, these two troublemakers will go with you, together with 20 more normal golems I was able to make. You’ll have to feed these two gluttons one stone per day if they’re working. If they’re fighting then depends on the scale. At most, 10 stones will suffice, more than this is just a waste.” → Shen

I said while looking with the corner of my eyes at them.


The golems didn’t react but one was able to tell they were pretty revolted by my words from how their tails were waving.

“As for the normal ones, a stone per fight is enough, those can resist years even without feeding them. All right, now let’s get to work, we have to make some changes.” → Shen

That day, while the kidnaped people were still moving from a ship to the other one, our group started to move the necessary items around, making for a busy day. At night, everyone entered their beds early, the 3 ships had all lights completely shut, with the exception of one room.

“Good, so on the main ship we had provisions for one full year for around 800 people, our way to Eihwaz is only 1 month, there’s no need for so much food, we separated 70% of all of that, and gave half to ship 1 and ship 2 for Ryu’s crew…” → Shen

I was making the final preparations to see if everything was in order.

While I was making some calculations, a knocking sound resounded from the door.

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