Chapter 52: The Eihwaz Continent

Tara told you about Ashura? → Shen
Sigh…Yes. By the tone of your voice, I think you figured everything out. → Ryu

Indeed. Remember when we talked inside the Jian palace? When we visited the little king? I told you there might be someone behind who’s trying to control the population of the 2 continents. → Shen
You already thought of this from that time?! H-how? → Ryu
What do you mean “how”? It was obvious. A war which continues for thousands of years and the society barely evolved in the meantime. Everything stopped in time because of this war…someone is behind all of this but I can’t tell who… I do have some suspects but I can’t be for sure.→ Shen
…I don’t understand it either. The two kingdoms are united at the back but warring in front, nobody winning or losing…this looks like a sick game and nobody does something to stop it! → Ryu

Ryu’s anger rose more and more.

What are the people of this world doing?! → Ryu
…I found out something interesting from Ashura while we talked about these schools…They are taught magic, martial arts, math, arts and calligraphy but barely any history. They’re taught about how the kingdom in which they studied was built, the achievements of the rulers, the so-called reasons of the war and how the empire got to power, but they’re not told the year all of this happened or the reasons why the war keeps on going. They don’t even know from how long the war keeps going… The library’s inside the schools are full with only magic formations and martial arts moves. The historical stuff is kept inside the more rural areas but nobody touches them. Everyone saying they are cursed books or something… → Shen
Cursed?! When I met Gregor for the first time, he told me that all he knew about this world is from some history books that looked almost burnt. Not much was kept, barely being able to understand something from them. → Ryu
Indeed…and the ones who know the truth are already dead or simply don’t care about the mundane, those being the ones who grew past saint becoming Semi-Gods… → Shen
Semi-Gods? Did you see any of them yet? → Ryu
Nope, just the “fake” ones, like Ashura and Tara, but they are artificially made, without knowing how to control their own powers to the fullest… I even wonder if there are any real Semi-Gods in this world. → Shen
Aren’t you one? → Ryu

Ryu asked me pretty surprised.


I spat in front of me because of the ridiculous question. I looked dumbfounded at the wall inside my room while trying to recreate the connection with Ryu.

…Which part of me is that of a Semi-God…? I don’t have such ridiculous physical strength like you and my mana pool is smaller than Sylvia’s or even lower. I only have magic and martial arts knowledge on me. → Shen
Isn’t that enough? Besides, you can put your entire strength to use, pretty efficiently. → Ryu
Yeah…if I don’t kill myself. → Shen

I remembered what I did with the failed star and the energy stones.

Ahaha~ true… → Ryu

Ryu laughed awkwardly then he continued

Now what would you do? → Ryu
About the empires? For now, nothing. I have no time to play around with some idiotic kings and emperors. First thing’s first, I need to send everyone home and be sure they stabilize the balance of that World Tree. I heard from the elf there is a war between elves and demons, they were taken as prisoners and sold to the 4 races from the 2 continents… they sold even from their own… True demons are ruling over the Eihwaz continent and I need to make some order there and be sure the elves are safe, to not make all this work for nothing… → Shen

I said with a grave voice. The ruling power over every tribe, clan or country in Eihwaz is the Demon Kingdom, ruled by the Demon King which God knows how long he lived for. The elves told me he ruled for more than few thousands of years by now.

You should take care, man. A demon king living for so long is at least Great Saint. → Ryu

Ryu said with a serious voice.

I bet he’s over Intermediate rank already…But you should be careful, too.  The sudden rise of another kingdom which can resist the waves of monsters on its own, won’t get past the ears of every kingdom from the 2 continents, the empires included. There is a possibility you’ll have war with the 2 continents at the same time as the worst case scenario. Even better, there might appear the Demon Kingdom as well. → Shen
I’ll try to make an alliance for one of them till I finish strengthening the base of the kingdom. After that, I’ll declare independence. If they’ll attack then hell will await them. As for the demon king, you better try something so he won’t really strike that fast, okay? → Ryu

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Ryu said without any fear then with some annoyance at the thought of being attacked from all three directions.

Don’t be rash, other lives are in your hands…And ye I’ll try to do something with the Demon King if I can… I’ll also try to finish fast on my part, after that I’ll come and help. Nothing will be able to stay in our way when I’m back. → Shen
Very well. I wish you luck. → Ryu
Same to you. → Shen

After that, we ended our conversation and I entered into meditation, searching for “the Sun” set.

“For the sun I can as well use Yang [阳] which can also mean ‘relieve’. It might be useful in controlling the wild fighting style of Ashura. Maybe he’ll be able to fight with a cool-head for once.” → Shen

That night I started meditating with the sign 阳 (Yang) in my head. Sudden flashes of light would appear at my window that night, foretelling the creation of a new martial arts set.

“Alright. I think I got the set for you, Dhavala. I need you to attack me. You won’t mind it if I test it on you, do you?” → Shen

My disciples and Sylvia were on the side, looking at us with a curious glint in their eyes, wanting to see with what kind of set I came up with in just one night.

“You won’t destroy the deck…right?” → Sylvia
“I don’t think the deck will get out of this unscratched.” → Shen
“Thought so…” → Sylvia
“I can resist anything, bring it on.” → Dhavala

Dhavala said with a firm voice then took the same stance as me.

“Good. Even if you say that. I’ll try to use the weakest moves. The ship won’t handle it.” → Shen

I took half a step forward with both my palms in front of me with a calm aura.

“COME!” → Shen

I shouted to Dhavala, waiting for a moment to counter-strike.

“HA!” → Dhavala

Dhavala leaped at me, breaking the deck and forming a shock-wave. I was able to see he used enough power to form a serious punch but to keep the ship still standing. When he got right in front of me I made half a step to the side, grabbed his punch and redirecting it in a circular angle downwards.

“Eh…?” → Dhavala

Dhavala found himself flipping in the same place for a moment, then feeling his hair stand on ends.

T-this doesn’t seem good. → Dhavala

“[Rising Sun]!” → Shen

I said what the next move was and kicked upwards.

“BUGH!” → Dhavala

I kicked hard upwards, breaking some of his ribs while sending him flying. The kick had the element of light in it, making the kick explode at the impact as if I were wearing C4s on my legs.

“[Yang Palm].” → Shen

I jumped up in the sky and punched him again. The fist was imbued with light-chi, shining like the sun. It vibrated stronger and stronger, when it got in contact with Dhavala, all the chi inside was released, wrecking his internal organs and sending him flying even more in the sky.

“Ghach!” → Dhavala

Dhavala felt it to the fullest spitting out blood while being extremely shocked as for how was that strike so powerful to penetrate his defenses so much.

“[Sunset!]” → Shen

I got above him, my foot shone just like my fist, this time with a redder light. Exactly when I was about to kick him, I stopped and landed on the deck like a feather while Dhavala landed like a bolder, making another hole in the deck.

“Ugh…Sir Shen…? What was the last move?” → Dhavala

Dhavala got up from the hole while his injuries healed ridiculously fast. After a few seconds, there wasn’t even a scratch on him.

“The Sunset was a kick which would explode the chi inside, being able to destroy a mountain. But this is a ship, if I kicked you with that, you would’ve crashed on the ship, wrecking it.” → Shen

I said with a matter-of-fact voice.

“I see… Does this set has only 4 moves?” → Dhavala

“No. It has around 7 or 8. But I showed you only this much. The rest would’ve destroyed the ship even more than this.” → Shen

I said while looking at the full of cracks and holes, deck. Even though the fight was mostly in the air, the shockwaves still affected the wooden deck.

“Understood.” → Dhavala

“[Restore]” → Shen

I commanded and the deck repaired itself. Restoring back to normal. Afterward, I took out a book and gave it to Ashura.

“This is the full set. Learn it, master it, don’t destroy the ship.” → Shen

Dhavala took the book and opened the first page [Sun’s Pressure]. It was an incredible skill which used the overpowering aura of a fake god or Semi-God like Dhavala to press someone close from him to the ground or even pressuring their internal organs, making them explode.

”What a terrifying skill and all these are skills focused more on mobility, what I lacked the most!… I thank you, mister Shen. I’ll be sure to learn everything and study properly.” → Dhavala
“Good.” → Shen

I approved of his serious face and left him to train on the decks while I entered my disciple’s room to continue my lessons.

For five days I taught Theo, Melinda and Sylvia how to form stars and helped them in controlling them. Sylvia learned the fastest, creating a black hole then a star which was as stable as a naturally created one, making even me open my eyes wide from surprise. The first shock-wave made by the stability of the star didn’t even shake her barrier while the energy inside it wouldn’t create any kind of Sun-winds which dissipate the energy. Theo and Melinda still had some work to do, their stars creating way too many Sun-winds, sending everywhere around blades of burning fire. Dhavala was absorbing understandings from the Yang set I gave him like a sponge, training every day easily enough so he won’t destroy the ship.

After the five days.

“Shore!” → Harpy

A harpy came back while reporting in a hurry.

“Finally! We arrived!” → Shen

I said with some impatience in my heart. I felt Sylvia’s heart pulsating which gave me a relaxing feeling through the heart’s connection. She then grabs my hand and says in my ear.

“Please don’t be so impatient. We’ll resolve this problem then go to Ryu’s Kingdom, build a house and live there together. If we rush things now, we’ll only make more bad than good, no?” → Sylvia

She looked in my eyes with affection and with a big smile.

I smiled back a little bit unsure and commented.

“If only this would be all… But fine. I’ll try to keep my cool from now on.” → Shen

After we arrived, I saw no docks or seaports. I got extremely irritated at this conclusion, I didn’t wish to go around this huge precipice so I thought of something.

How was that saying: ‘If there is no road, make one!’ → Shen

I flew on top of the precipice then: [Kundalini], [Chi Burst], [Seismic Step], [Earth Set: Shattering Step]. I combined all 4 and stepped hard on the ground. The entire Precipice started collapsing like an iceberg which was melting, making from a huge precipice of about 100 meters in height to a rocky shore.

“[Flatten]” → Shen

I commanded the Earth and all the rocks and boulders started to flatten, appearing as a natural shore. Like this, I made sure there won’t be any kind of rock to make a hole inside the ship. I get back on the ship where everyone on the deck looked with stunned faces because of what I’ve done. I get closer to the first person besides me, it was a male demon and asked him.

“What’s the exchanging item on this continent? Does gold work?” → Shen

“Huh? Ah! Y-yes! The value is less than on the two continents but with 2 gold coins a family can eat for one month.” → Demon

The demon stuttered a little at first, being surprised by the sudden conversation.

“If I give 2 gold each, can you all get nice clothes and get back home?” → Shen

I asked to see if I could just walk them all inside a random village and bring them nice clothes then let them go their own way.

If I can just get rid of the ones non-elves then everything would be for the best. I just wish to go as fast as I can to the World Tree. → Shen

“T-two golds is too much, one gold is just enough.” → Demon

The demon already felt gratitude for being rescued and brought home for free. Asking for money was already asking for too much.

”So is 2 gold enough, good.”

I ignored him afterward and summoned everyone on the decks. I gave everyone 2 gold coins per person and walked with them to the nearest village as the guardian.

“Going inside a village with an army of ragged people will bring too much of an attention. How about we go together and buy some nice clothes for everyone to wear then let them enter as walking travelers in little groups so they won’t attract too much attention, isn’t it a better idea?” → Sylvia
“Alright then, let’s go.” → Shen

We rushed our steps through some dangerous woods which purple trees and a lot of huge demonic beasts and evil spirits. For some reason, everywhere around us, there was some kind of miasma, making the non-demons feel sick. I got really irritated by the meetings with the evil creatures at every 20 steps, so I activated [Release Aura], after that, every spirit or demonic beasts which the exception of the truly dangerous ones, fled from our way, even the miasma evaded our group. Because I wasn’t able to control the aura’s pressure completely, some people had a hard time to walk with me, feeling the pressure. I had to ask Sylvia to make barriers around the weaker ones so they’ll be able to keep walking. After 2 days of walking and camping inside the woods, to my surprise, I found a huge city which equally huge dark stone walls.

It looks more like a fortress. → Shen

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The walls had spikes stretching outside, making the idea of climbing them impossible. Around it was dug a defensive ditch filled with a green liquid that seemed more like some kind of acid. On top of the walls, magic circles that activated something like an energy-field around the city, burning everything which tried to go through it. The only way to enter was through the gates which were on the North, South, East and West points of the city.

“City my a*s… This looks like the biggest and well-protected stronghold I ever saw.” → Shen

I said with some irritation in my voice

“I wish we’ll be able to enter and leave it easily…” → Shen
“That’s not a problem, young master Shen. It might look hardly protected, but in truth, all you need to do is pay the 2 silver fee of entry then they’ll let you pass with no more questions.” → Harpy

A harpy that was beside me, informed me about how things worked on the demonic continent.

“That’s good then…I’ll go and buy you all some decent clothes, after that I’ll give each 2 silver to enter. With the 2 gold coins I already gave you, you should be able to go back home, right?” → Shen

I asked them with a loud enough voice to be heard by everyone behind me.

“YES!” → Everyone

They all shouted back. The young ones were with their families, while the ones who had no one left, remained with Ryu to become the base of our kingdom.

“Very well.” → Shen

I nodded in approval and walked to the city when:

“S-sir Shen!” → Demon

A demon stopped me, looking with some anxiety in his eyes. He wasn’t the only one, everyone looked with the same eyes at me.

“What is it?” → Shen
Um… Master Shen, are you going to enter the city looking like that?” → Demon

The demon asked a little bit worried.

“Like that?…” → Shen

I looked at myself and Sylvia for a while but found nothing wrong with us. I was dressed in my white and elegant coat and under them, I had the nice cream-colored clothes. Sylvia was in a short, blue skirt with a white shirt with some blue bands around her waist, looking classic and elegant at the same time.

“Is there something wrong with these clothes?” → Shen
“No sir, not the clothes…but the race you appear as…” → Demon

He said while fidgeting, not knowing how to explain himself.

“Race…? I see, then how about this? [Illusion]” → Shen

I made another command and my appearance changed: my hair became black, two horns appeared on the sides, my eyes turned red, my canines were longer and sharper while my ears got pointier. I looked like a true demon, combining some characteristics from the ones around me.

“Is this good enough?” → Shen

Everyone was completely baffled, looking at me with big eyes.

“S-sir, you…no, never mind, that appearance is for the best, you look well, sir.” → Demon

The demon said with a wry smile.

“Me too! Make me a demon like you, Shen.” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked at me with shining eyes. I transformed her with the same features like mine, her beauty, from angelic, transformed to a devilish one.

“Hm?” → Shen

When I used my spell on her, I was able to feel another illusion magic already cast, more exactly, on her eyes.

“Woaah~ thank you~.” → Sylvia

She looked at me for a while then revealed a teasing smile.

“Now if I look at you better, aren’t you a handsome demon~?” → Sylvia

She said while poking my chest.

“You look devilishly beautiful, too.” → Shen

I said while caressing her head then turned to the others and said.

“We’ll rush in front. Theo, Dhavala and Melinda, you 3 will protect everybody while moving slowly in the city’s direction, we’ll try to come as fast as possible.” → Shen

After giving out orders, I and Sylvia rushed toward the city. After remembering about the other illusion spell on her, I started a conversation while rushing with light steps toward the city.

“Sylvia, why do you have another spell on you? Is there some kind of scar you’re hiding?” → Shen

I was pretty curious but nothing more. If she really had a scar, then I’ll just heal her up with the Prana, no big deal. After hearing my words, Sylvia’s heart skipped a beat and she shook strongly. Her back was facing me and she wouldn’t turn around to look at me. In the end, she said.

“I just wish to make my eyes more alive, you know? Like some kind of makeup~.” → Shen

After that, she continued to rush toward the city.

For some reason, she is hiding the truth… → Shen

I was able to tell from her heart. Seeing how she was keeping it to herself, I just shook my head without asking again.

If she wants to keep some secrets then I won’t pester her anymore. It’s her life and past, in the end, I can’t just bust in and control her now. → Shen

We ran to the city and got inside the gates, where we wanted to bay. however, right before I could take the money from the inventory, the guard shook his head in agitation.

“N-no need! It’s alright if you enter for free, miss and mister Diablo!”

The guard which was a fox spirit looked down while talking with me, fear was visible in his eyes.

“Is that so? Then I shall thank you for your generosity.” → Shen

I said with some indifference on the outside while I was really shocked on the inside.

Diablo? Is that some noble clan or family?… Now I understand why that demon reacted like that. → Shen

“N-no need, sir! P-please have a nice day!”

He bowed his head and gave us free-way. Sylvia and I walked inside the city and searched around for a clothes shop. While strolling around, everyone moved away from our way, as if we were some nobility or something

“It doesn’t feel bad at all.” → Sylvia

My pride was tingling at the view, then Sylvia pinched my arm with a frowning smile.

“Don’t get too full of yourself now. It seems we’re borrowing the appearance of some high-class demon family. We might get in troubles if we’re discovered.” → Shen

“Yes, yes.” → Sylvia

“My lord. A pair of demons with black hair and red eyes just entered through the city gates. We think they might be part of the Diablo Clan.”

A soldier in silver armor walked inside an office. At the desk, a middle-aged demon with a beard and mustache in a classical and groomed style was signing on some documents after suddenly being interrupted.

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