Chapter 56: Fighting For A Future (Part 1)

“Eh?” → Sylvia

Sylvia found herself being hugged by Shen with one arm while the other was pointing behind her, with red energy dripping from it. That’s how she saw blood.

“S-Shen! You’re bleeding! What happened?…!” → Sylvia

Behind her, she finally detected a demonic presence with incredible mana and magic power, wielding a Legendary magic sword.
When Sylvia stepped back, from behind, a long sword chi appeared and almost stabbed her back. Shen reacted just in time to slap away the sword, ending up with a cut on his hand instead.

“Oh my. What nice reflexes you got there, I thought I hid my presence perfectly.” → Demon’s Prince

The blonde demon said with a slight grin on his face. Beside him, another 3 demons appeared. A huge demon with a staff on his back and a huge horn on his forehead. A cold demoness with wings and 2 horns from her forehead. Lastly, a demon that Shen already knew about, having a gentleman-like figure but cruel and cold eyes.

“Nothing can hide from ‘space’ itself.” → Shen

Shen said with a deep voice while looking with his shining green eyes. He then looked at the red-eyed demon and thought to himself.

He’s the retard that tried to destroy my magic but got a backlash instead. A Diablo member, huh? This is the one I told Ashura to be wary about, he’s no joke. And the blonde one, he looks like Theo!! Ah… That would explain the huge mana-pool inside the brat… → Shen

When Shen had a bad premonition, Theo appeared beside him and said.

“Master! I took out the wyverns and demons that tried to fly around your barrier. The air is conquered, we can send a counter-attack now.” → Theodore

Theo said with cold eyes, his demonic elements being more evident after killing so much in the battlefield. His horns were longer, his eyes sharper while his aura more demonic and wild.

“Hmm?” → Demon’s Prince

The blonde demon was shocked for a second after seeing Theo, then he smiled brightly with a mocking gaze.

“Oh my~? If it isn’t my long lost brother? How you do, little one?” → Demon’s Prince
“…” → Shen

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Shen wasn’t surprised, he already suspected the connection between Theo and the demon lord’s family.

[Theo, go and get Melinda, you two will have to fight the strongest enemy you faced until now…You need a strong mind and spirit barrier, don’t get controlled by your emotions, understood?] → Shen

Shen said with a firm voice while using ‘One with the Universe.’ He weakened the connection with the universe to preserve some conscience but still kept it so he can enter in that meditative state at any moment. This was the first part from the ‘One with the Universe.’

“Yes.” → Theo

Theo said while looking coldly at the blonde demon. He had a familiar feeling from him, but it wasn’t a good one, it felt like hostility and hate, no love at all.

“You’re not my family.” → Theo

After saying such, Theo turned and fled to Melinda without looking a second time.

“Hooh? He has guts, but are you sure you want to make him fight me? He’s too weak for me and I might kill him in one blow by mistake.” → Demon’s Prince

[I know. I’ll never make Theo fight his family members, however much of trash they are. Theo must not raise his hand at a family member, ever.] → Shen

Afterwards, Shen’s aura exploded with a threatening feeling.

[That’s why I will do it in his stead.] → Shen

Shen then commanded to Ashura, Sylvia, Theo and Melinda through telepathy

I’ll take this piece of s***. Ashura, you fight the Diablo person, be sure to be careful, I’ll give you a skill which might help you in catching him. Sylvia, I can trust you with that demon woman, please be careful, she seems ridiculously powerful. And Theo with Melinda, the fat-ass is yours, he might be the weakest from the group but he’s much stronger than any enemy you faced till now. Everyone, last order; be careful and run in case of danger. → Shen


Everyone answered and stood in front of their opponent. The first to move was Ashura. After getting the skill from Shen, he felt a slight pain in his head but then information flowed inside his mind, telling him what to do to the tiniest detail. He leaped upwards at the flying Diablo and wanted to grab his ankle when.

“Hmph! Such trash wishes to touch me?!” → Servius

The Diablo named Servius stepped hard on Ashura’s hand, breaking it and making him crash back on the ground.

“Grrr! [Heavenly Pull!]” → Ashura

Ashura activated the skill Shen just showed him through mental connection. He wasn’t able to show the full power of it, but it was enough to make Diablo fall from the sky towards him.

“Ugh! What’s this weird skill? It’s not even magic!” → Servius

Servius fell from the sky right on top of Ashura, breaking his chest-bone with his knees and making him spit blood.

“You fool, what were you thinking?” → Servius

Servius then threw a punch filled with black mana and chi to destroy Ashura’s head, but the fist was stopped by Ashura with his other hand.

“I finally got you, damn fly.” → Ashura

Ashura smiled and punched back with his other hand that was almost fully healed

“[Nova Fist]” → Ashura

The huge beam launched Servius 10 meters away from Ashura, breaking the ground after him from the pressure. He was able to block the punch, but the sleeves of his clothes were burnt completely.

”Heh, only his clothes? He might be much more fun to play with than that Lupy guy.” → Ashura
“You trash, see if I won’t tear you limb by limb.” → Servius

Servius said coldly and leaped at Ashura, starting a fist fight with him. Servius blocked while Ashura let them inside his guard, focusing more on counter-attacks.

Every blow destroyed the terrain, the shockwaves cracked the ground while their heavy steps created craters at every step. They jumped and leaped around, sending each-other flying or bouncing on the ground, creating more craters or cracks around the terrain. The yellow and blood-red lights interconnected looking as if a fight between the gods was taking place. None of them wished to overuse their own energies against the other one, so they choose to go for a fist-fight. Ashura’s vitality was close to limitless, while Servius every hit landed on his opponent would give him blood-energy, which at the same time will recharge his powers. In the end, both of them fought on a stalemate in an endurance fight.

The two armies long retreated from the battlefield, leaving the two mighty champs to take over the stage-lights. When Gods clashed, mere beings stood on sides. The next was Sylvia, she created a beam in her hand and launched it towards the demoness.

“Hah!” → Demoness

The demoness cut the beam in two with her sword then she looked coldly at Sylvia.

“A failed product wishes to fight me? Are you insulting me?” → Demoness
“How about you bark less and fight more. You know? Talking too much isn’t that lady-like, the men won’t like you if you keep on flapping your gums like that~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said while a vein appeared on her forehead. By talking like this, she tried to provoke the demoness a little to relieve some anger. And those words were a critical hit.

“You trash! I’ll show you what happens if you talk too much rubbish!” → Demoness

She reddened from the anger while her powers almost doubled. She was told before how unladylike she was, making her feel annoyed every time she heard that, lashing at anyone who said such words about her.

The demoness cut in front with a speed of sound, making sword-wave after the other, cutting faster and stronger. At the sight of the sword-waves storm in front of her, Sylvia relaxed her body and started to move fluidly and elegantly. It was the dance of the wind that helped her evade any attacks from the front, dodging the sword-waves like a leaf that flew around the wooden sword which failed to cut it.

Even though the speed was incredible, before the waves could even touch her, she moved alongside the space around the waves that was bending because of the pressure. She didn’t move fast, every move was fluid and slow but incredibly precise, evading every sword-wave by the skin of the teeth and looking elegant till the end, all of this while using minimum effort. Parts of her skirt and shirt were cut but her skin was undamaged because the speed of the sword-waves was still too much for the wind dance, she also used her [Seer Eyes] to peek at the circulation of the wind and find out the best route of dodging.

“What is that? How in the world did she evade the Wind Storm?” → Demoness

The demoness was shocked and annoyed at the gracious moves displayed by Sylvia.

“Trying to look good in front of me? Take this!” → Demoness

The demoness leaped toward her and cut downwards with a normal slash. Sylvia redirected the slash with her left hand that was covered in a thin barrier, then she activated [Breath of Flames]. The huge breath enveloped the demoness and everything behind her for another few dozens of meters.

“Kyaa!” → Demoness

She shouted and swung her sword to destroy the breath of flames before the burning fire could harm her any longer. Her clothes were burnt in some places while she was completely fine, except her face, she looked extremely annoyed.

“A fire breath? Are you a dragon? And how was that ladylike from you?” → Demoness

She said with some contempt while waiting for an explanation.

“What do you even mean? This is a battlefield. We don’t have time to be ladies now, you know?” → Sylvia

Sylvia said while looking at the demoness like at an idiot. She was influenced by Shen’s character to ridicule the enemy and feign ignorance when things turned upside down. And at this moment, it worked perfectly.

“YOU!” → Demoness

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The demoness was completely angered. She leaped at Sylvia and started to slash and stab in a fury of bladestorms. She activated different kinds of spells like [Bind], [Earth Spears], [Sword Waves] and so on, but Sylvia was able to dodge and counter-attack with [Laser Beam], [Lighting Ball], [Summon the Sun] and brute force from the Kundalini. Even though she seemed to have the advantage, the battle was in a stalemate.

“Hmm. They already started. Oy 7th Prince, show me what you got. I heard the Demon King had a seventh son but he was discarded inside some woods at the border of the continent. Some idiot wished to take care of him but failed, being killed by the demonic beasts. Woahahaha! I wonder how you lived till now, thinking about how your family wished to get rid of you like a piece of trash! Hahaha!” → 3rd General

The huge demon took out his huge staff which was grabbed by only one hand. He pointed the staff and Theo and started to talk and ridicule Theo.

“…” → Theodore

Theo looked at him with cold and indifferent eyes. He couldn’t care less about his real family. His master and Melinda were enough and he felt more love from them and Old Shu than his real family could ever show. When he wanted to start the fight, he felt Melinda’s hand shaking while holding him tightly. He thought she was scared but he was dumbfounded to see rage and sadness in her eyes. Melinda then hugged Theo’s head and screamed at the huge demon with rage in her voice.

“Woah?” → Theodore

Theo wasn’t prepared and was a little bit dazed by the sudden tight hug.

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