Chapter 60: A Start Filled with Obstacles

The next day in the morning, Sylvia got contacted by Ryu through telepathy.

The seal almost broke?! → Ryu

Ryu’s mind was trembling, barely holding the connection stable.

Yes. But it’s alright now, Shen was able to repair the seal and stopped the Godly war from taking place. → Sylvia

Sylvia answered, trying to calm Ryu. But he was only more surprised.


Ryu was completely baffled. He didn’t know what to say about that and he couldn’t imagine how that happened either.

Isn’t the seal made by the World Tree itself? How in the world he repaired it back?! → Ryu
Well… A lot happened. → Sylvia

Sylvia then narrated everything that happened, making Ryu drop the connection from the shock a couple of times.

Oh my~? It seems Shen reached another level of ridiculousness. Sacrificing himself like that, was he trying to be some lame hero~? And you too Sylvia, taking after some idiot and blow yourself is no good~. → Ryu

Ryu was furious at Shen’s and Sylvia’s recklessness, making his voice turn playful. Then he remembered something else from the story.

And what about that bratty 3rd prince? He had the power to control Nidhoggur? What happened to him? And what in the world were the elves doing when Shen was repairing the damn seal? Looked at the show with some popcorn in hand? Good thing I wasn’t there or I would’ve burned that magical tree down together with that stupid parrot and worm. → Ryu

Ryu only became more irritated, massaging his throbbing temples. After hearing him, Sylvia laughed wryly then explained.

Ahaha~ the queen said that Shen was able to injure the prince before he ran away with a teleportation item. Also, the elves tried to repair the seal in one go but they overlooked the possibility of the prince being able to cut through space, making the idea of defeating him much more difficult. Besides, if you were to burn the World Tree, the seal would only open again. → Sylvia

Sylvia said with a weak smile. She understood Ryu’s indignation but he had to be reasonable. The elves did all they could, the only mistake was their stubbornness with their traditions which, again, she was able to understand. Being a priest, something like tradition was a norm for her.

Well, as I said, it’s alright now. How are things on your part? → Sylvia

Ryu exclaimed with an irritated voice right after hearing the question.

Yesterday, the sky turned black and huge humanoid figures flashed every time that weird golden lightning flashed, while the ground shook and cracked. From inside the cracks, horrible noises were resounded everywhere. The demonic beasts were scared by the unnatural disasters, coming for the other continent in waves. We had 10 damn waves one after the other in just this one day and night! And because of that, the only place from which the beasts couldn’t attack the other 2 continents was the valley in which we’re residing, making the neighbor kingdoms curious as to why no demonic beast came from these places… Haah… Right now we’re waiting for searching parties from the 2 kingdoms, The Victoria Kingdom from Vestria and the Urius Kingdom from Nostrung. We’ve sent some mice beast-men who can transform in other races to hear the news from other kingdoms. We want to infiltrate spies inside the superior ranks. But for now, which such few people, we could only send one spy in the capitals of the two kingdoms besides us. → Ryu
The effects from the broken seal were visible even there? → Sylvia

Sylvia was shocked, they were almost on the other side of the continent.

It was more like the border of the disaster. It seems that only the Eihwaz continent was affected by it… What a calamity the world dodged and nobody even knows that. → Ryu

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Ryu said bitterly. His friend almost sacrificed himself for the world and nobody even knew about what just happened.

Anyway… It seems the other borders were close to being completely destroyed. The waves were as strong and even worse than what happened here. I heard that one kingdom from Vestria almost got destroyed. → Ryu
How is your place then? → Sylvia
Shen really didn’t know what he’s carrying around. We used some weapons from his armory. There was even a legendary sword from inside the game which is able to call the thunder then release it at the place the sword is pointed: Thunder King’s Sword. Haha~ that duo of Shu and Gabriel that Shen met was not simple at all. His golems were especially useful in defending. The 20 iron armor golems fought like crazy while Kenaz3KenazAn Elder Futharks rune which, in this novel represents only \"torch\" and \"vision\". Appearance: Looks like a < and is normally written on stone, wood or even bone. and Isa were on a whole new level. They blew hundreds of beasts with one move. We were able to build a little fortress from stone and wood in 2 days. Magic is really convenient what can I say. We prepared beforehand traps for the beast waves by digging holes filled with stone spears or filled with acidic fluid from the pig’s tribesmen’s alchemy. The demons used some magic circles which exploded once the enemy stepped on them while the others created some other traps I still don’t understand how they made them. What I can tell is that they’re using Energy Stones to blow up the monsters when activated. → Ryu

Ryu described to Sylvia about the traps and buildings afterward, he talked about the individual combat power.

Everyone studied Shen’s martial arts and magic, being able to defend the fortress. All in all, we had close to 200 injuries but no deaths. → Ryu
That’s good then. Shen was right, you can be a good leader. → Sylvia
Haah… Anyway. When Shen wakes up, please contact me. I’m curious to know how he feels. He said he’ll heal up but… If what you told me is true, then he’ll remain crippled for a while. Ah…what misfortune. → Ryu
Yes… I’ll contact you, please don’t worry. → Sylvia

Sylvia said with a little sadness in her voice. She felt bad for Shen’s more than anyone else.


Thank you. → Ryu

Ryu closed the connection then looked downwards at the others.

“Anymore waves?!” → Ryu

Ryu shouted from the top of the middle-tower at a harpy which was scouting above the fortress. Harpies had the best sight from all the beast-men, they were able to see 7 kilometers away without a problem while flying around in the sky.

“Another wave of around 4.000 beasts is coming from South-East!”

The harpy reported back with tiredness in her voice. Everyone was tired beyond words. They fought like crazy for one day and night with barely any time to sleep.

“From what are they running now?! The sky and the Earth are back to normal for goodness sake! Damn stupid beasts! See how I’ll turn them into minced-meat!” → Ronald

Ronald shouted irritated beyond words. He had dark circles under his blood-shot eyes. He volunteered to fight in the front lines but while fighting he became more and more irritated, ending up throwing defense outside the window, stacking up with a lot of small injuries while fighting low-ranked beasts, because of [Iron Body] and [Wind’s Blessing] from the dark double sword set, he was able to evade severe injuries but he was still full of scratches.

“Ronald. You’re too tired. Go to sleep, you’re becoming rasher after every fight.” → Gregor

Gregor rebuked Ronald with a strict tone.

“Grrr…Hmph!” → Ronald

Ronald looked with some irritation at Gregor then turned around to leave. However much he hated the idea, he really was too tired. He left to sleep without talking anymore. Marina was already deep to sleep, just like Ronald, she fought in front lines without stopping.

“Haah… These children are too impulsive. They rush head-on without even thinking about strategy or something like that.” → Gregor
“He’s still young, of course he’s like this. Weren’t you impulsive when young?” → Lissa

Lissa asked while supporting herself on the wall of the fortress. She too was tired but things like staying awake nights with no sleep was something normal for her.

“Besides, I can see you rushing in just like them most of the times.” → Lissa

She giggled then jumped on top of the wall, where Gregor was looking in the direction where the wave of demon beasts was spotted.

“That’s only so I can push as many of them as possible inside the traps. I have a strategy in my head when I do so.” → Gregor
“Is that so~?” → Lissa

Seeing his confident little face, Lissa felt like teasing him. poking his whiskers and making them twitch.

“Argh! Stop playing with my whiskers!” → Gregor

Gregor reddened and grabbed her hand while growling at her. Lissa giggled and had some fun with teasing him a little more.

“These two are like the cat and the mouse, Gregor being the mouse here, though.” → Ryu

Bonny walked beside Ryu on the tallest tower of the Fortress and giggled at the view. After a while, her eyes became filled with worry and asked.

“How is Master Shen…? We haven’t heard from him for almost 5 days or so. That weird disaster from yesterday was it the sign of Ragnarok breaking out..?” → Bonny
“Yes… The seal almost broke down but Shen was able to repair it just in time. Haah… This idiot is something else alright…” → Ryu
“R-repair? Wasn’t that seal made by the World Tree? How did he do that?” → Bonny

Behind Bonny, Tara was walking up the stairs with heavy breathing.

“…He almost sacrificed himself…” → Ryu
“What?! Is he alright now?!” → Bonny

Bonny looked with anxiety at Ryu’s dark and sorrowful face.

“S-sir Shen did? Is he alright?” → Tara

Tara asked while grabbing her hands at the chest with worry in her eyes. Shen saved her brother and also took out the bombs from inside her head. She was feeling gratified to him and Ryu so she couldn’t help but feel saddened by the sacrifice of her saviors.

“Heh. Look at this. How much love can Shen gather in not even half a year in another world.” → Ryu

Ryu laughed then patted the head of both of them.

“Shen is fine. His external injuries were healed while right now he’s recovering the internal ones. He said he’ll need to sleep for a while to completely recover.” → Ryu

The one woman and little girl calmed down a little.

“Sir Ryu. Will there be another demonic wave…?” → Tara

Tara asked a little tired. She, Ryu and Bonny took out most of the demonic beasts. Ryu went rampant inside the waves, killing everything around him with his monstrous power and brutal skills. Bonny burned everything with her huge fire-balls and a huge amount of ranged skills while Tara would create hundreds of light balls around her which would shoot beams at the beasts. Every single one of them killed hundreds of beasts while the rest were dealt with by Gregor’s group, the golems commanded by Isa and Kenaz, and the 10 leaders and 500 people who could fight. The ones who were too injured, too young or too old to be able to fight were taking care of the food-making or the injured while the waves were taken care off.

“Tara, you did enough. I can see you used most of the mana your body is able to handle. Bonny, you still haven’t recovered from the last wave so both of you, go to sleep. This might be the last wave, I can handle with the help of others.” → Ryu

“I refuse.” → Bonny
“I can’t!” → Tara

Both of them refused, making Ryu look at them with wide-open eyes in shock.

“How can I fall asleep when I know you’re fighting on your own in the middle of the demonic waves? However sturdy you might be, I won’t be able to not worry about you suddenly falling, tired from using the Primordial energy too much.” → Bonny

Bonny said with a serious face while Tara nodded feverishly, approving of what Bonny said.

But I won’t be alone, though. → Ryu

Ryu smiled bitterly then sighed.

Haah…Alright, just don’t overdo it.” → Ryu
“That’s my line.” → Bonny

Bonny grabs Ryu’s face and she gives him a light kiss on the lips.

Tara covers her eyes, starting blushing. She never experienced love and she barely knew about it from the one year of school she had, hearing from other girls about things like kissing or such.

“Haha~ understood.” → Ryu

Ryu embraces Bonny then looks at Tara

“Tara. Sylvia said that Shen gave your brother a name, do you wish to use it as a family name together with him?” → Ryu
“A name?!” → Tara

Both Tara and Bonny asked surprised.

“Haha~ yup. Shen thought that the name of “Ashura” is not quite right for your brother who has a “white” soul, or that’s what he said. He said he’ll give him a new name and Ashura accepted. The name is “Dhavala”, do you wish to use it?” → Ryu
“Dhavala…?” → Tara

Tara looked with confused eyes, she didn’t know what it means.

“Dhavala? Sounds like Sanskrit from Earth. What does it mean?” → Bonny

Bonny asked with big eyes. She was at the literature faculty back on Earth so she heard about this writing. Even though it’s known as only around 3600 years old, it’s a style of writing said to be one of the oldest forms of writing, meet in India and other Southern countries on the Asiatic continent used in Buddhism and also called the “Holy Language”.

“Yeah. Shen said it means “white and shining”, befitting his appearance of shining like the sun and being white like snow. Well, right now your brother became a “Semi-God” and his horns with the base of his hair turned red, showing that he overcame the statute of ‘experiment’.” → Ryu
“He’s a Semi-God now?!” → Tara

Tara exclaimed with shining eyes.

“Amazing! I’ll try to do the same! And about the name, I’ll use it!” → Tara

She said with happiness in her eyes while smiling brilliantly.

“Then from now on, you’re Tara Dhavala. Congratulation for your new name, Tara Dhavala.” → Ryu

Bonny and Ryu congratulated Tara for her new name then felt a light wind going around them.

“Thank you!” → Tara

Suddenly from her body, white, shining dots covered her body, looking like a divine being. After a while, everything looked normal but the trio was shocked beyond words.

“…That Shen! Even the names he gives must be some kind of epic spell!… At least nothing exploded.” → Ryu

Ryu sighed while feeling at ease for once.

After some time, the wave of more than 4.000 beasts appeared at a distance of 1 kilometer, being visible for everyone. The wave took a roundabout way and from the South-East, coming directly from the East.

Why did this happen? They could’ve simply evaded us and go on their way. Is there some kind of demonic beast commander which wishes to make this place his nest? What beast is that smart?! Makes no sense… → Ryu

Ryu felt his head hurt. He couldn’t understand why the beast suddenly took a 30 degrees turn to go for their fortress.

The fortress had stone spikes on the wall made with magic and on top of every tower, demons or fox-men were shooting spells like lightning, fireballs, ice arrows, wind-blades and stone boulders. When they had to kill stronger beasts they would use wind-blades tornadoes, ice-needle rain, fire tornado, thunder-clap, seismic wave, and much more area-of-effect magic. The other races with ready warriors would take a weapon, which could be a national treasure inside a small kingdom, and would kill dozens of beasts: small, big, strong or weak in just a few strikes.

Isa and Kenaz would split the groups of golems, defending the East and West parts respectively. They were placed like this so they won’t get into a fight for some random reasons Every monster was of the same level in front of such weapons handled by warriors with experience in their backs and in front of the golems adept in martial arts. This made for the ultimate army of only 500 or so men and women together with the 22 golems. The fortress looked fragile and easy to conquer from a distance but once someone tried, they’ll return with their tail between the legs, running for their lives.


“Hm? It’s that little stronghold what stopped the beasts for coming this way? It doesn’t look like much at all.”

A young wolf-man with knives in his hands said while concealing himself behind some bushes. The stronghold was made on a valley between two chains of mountains, making it the only way for the beasts to invade if they wished to go through the middle of the intersection of the 3 continents, this valley is also one of the few points through which the 3 continents were able to meet.

“It looks as if it were hurriedly built and it has no flag, it’s not from the Victoria or Urius Kingdom. Who are they?”

Another thief said, this time a young woman with cat-like ears.

“Hmm…We better not underestimate them, I can see a strong wave of mana coming from it.”

A Soul Seer said while having his bright yellow eyes shine. He was an elemental fairy of the element of light and gazed with shocked eyes at the stronghold in the distance.

“There is an army of more than 4.000 beasts in the distance! Mostly are of Rank-E and Rank-D but I can see hundreds of Rank-C and a huge wyvern is flying over them. I think the wyvern is the commander, it’s abnormally huge! I bet it’s of rank A or even S!”

“S?! Isn’t that a field-boss from the higher maps already? Why is it in this border place?”

The young wolf asked with curiosity.

“Hmm, I heard that black clouds with golden thunder suddenly appeared from the Eihwaz continent. A lot of people say that’s the cause of the sudden waves of beasts. I wonder what those weird phenomena were about.”

The female wildcat asked with questioning eyes.

“Anyway. Shouldn’t we help them? The army of beasts is closing in!”

The fairy asked worried.

“I think we should wait a little more, let’s wait till they’re attacked then while they’re fighting for their lives, we rush in and save everyone. Like this, we might get some rewards. What do you guys say?”

The wolf said with some greed in his eyes.

“You want to let people die only to get some little money? Are you insane?!”

The fairy asked in annoyance, disappointed by his companion.

“I’m with him, we can’t let people die only for one more gold coin.”

The wild cat said, looking with scorn at the wolf young man.

“Kidding, kidding! Of course we’ll go! We better rush, the beasts are already at their doorsteps!”

The wolf boy ran without daring to continue his proposal, rushing outside the bushes’ cover.

Hmph. That two faced dog.”

The wild cat woman said with scorn then she followed behind, same did the fairy. The trio rushed through the woods then they entered the valley.

“Alright! Let’s go through the left wing–”

The wolf boy wanted to enter the fight but was left surprised when he saw around 400 people with ragged clothes but epic weapons, killing dozens of beasts with one swing and golems in iron armor using martial arts in a very efficient mode. The most amazing was the dragonic ice-golem that would rush into the army of beasts and with a swing of his claws, he would generate huge icy sonic-waves, killing any monster in front.

“W-what are these people?! And from where have they got such weapons?”

The wild cat woman was flabbergasted. Those people used the weapons very skillfully together with weird martial arts skills they never saw before, making for the most powerful 400 man army they ever saw.

And those moving armors. Are those golems? I never saw mechanical dolls so strong in-game before! And so swift, too.

“And what’s up with those shining golems?! They fight like masters in martial arts! Especially that half dragon ice-golem, so cool!”

The male wolf was dazed by the golems, his eyes sparkling.

“Incredible… And they’re not of only the 4 races! Look! That guy has different horns and wings! And that one has fox tails and ears?!”

The fairy looked on top of the towers and saw demons and fox-men shooting powerful magic repeatedly as if their mana were infinite.

In his researching, Shen discovered a way to use the mana around him, taking control over it with his own, making the consumption from magic 95% lower, being able to use high ranked magic more than 10 times without having even half the mana consumed. Even more, he found out a way to use chant-less magic. What the trio saw was every mage using [Flame Tower] which made a huge flame pillar in a place where more than 100 beasts ranked C tried to destroy the wall. The chain of towers suddenly appeared and killed every beast that rushed to the walls, making only ash hit the wall full of bloody spikes.

“T-they activated [Flame Tower] so fast?”

The fairy was baffled.

“Seriously now… From where did these people come from?”

The wolf asked dazed, he looked up and saw a dragoon with wings and black scales fighting the wyvern in the air.


The Dragoon shot a frost breath, freezing one wing of the wyvern and smashing it into pieces..


The wyvern while falling shot a fire breath, trying to burn the dragoon, sending forth a beam of fire strong enough to melt iron in seconds..


The dragoon simply blocked with one wing then pouched at the wyvern with fury. Both of them crashed on the ground right in the middle of the demonic beast’s wave, killing the ones in the 5 meter radius and throwing in the air the other beasts inside the 10 meter radius.

The dragoon flapped his wings to throw away the dust, making for a clear view of the wyvern with its chest smashed in and blood flowing from inside its mouth. It was an instant-kill. The dragoon then started to massacre the other beasts by punching them to death, forming energy-beams with his palms then blasting their heads off, squashing them by using [Anti-Gravitational Push] from above and other skills used in a more brutal way which only Ryu could think off.

On top of the front wall, a girl in a blue dress surrounded herself with hundreds of blue energy balls. From those energy balls, blue beams shot out accurately making a hole in every beast’s head that was targeted. Besides her, another dragoon was creating huge fire-balls which looked more like a burning meteorite, then threw them right at the beasts, exploding and burning all and everything in front. She would create around 4 at the same time, blowing everything in front and making for an apocalyptic view.

“T-this is more like a massacre, rather than a fight for defense…”

The wolf said looking dumbfounded, he didn’t know what to do or if it were even needed anymore.

“Hey, let’s help now. We might lose our chance and they might think that we’re up to no-good in coming right after they were attacked.”

The wild cat said, rushing after some beasts which struck the walls, trying to get inside.


The fairy ran right after.

“Ah! Wait for me!”

The wolf then rushed after them.

[Do you brats need something?]

Suddenly, the trio hears a deep voice and a wave of heat hit’s their backs.


The trio starts to sweat. They slowly turned around with pale faces, while covering their eyes from the sudden blinding heat.

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Behind them, Kenaz was staring at them with burning eyes while holding in his claws the head of a demonic monkey, burning it to a crisp.

[You’re not demonic beasts so I won’t kill you instantly. Turn back or face the consequences.]

The burning tiger-golem growled and said while emanating a threateningly hot aura.

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