Chapter 64: Kingdom of Lost Souls (Part 1)

“Uh, Haha~.” → Sara

Sara laughed drily while feeling her own face burning. She knew what everyone was thinking and she was a little bit embarrassed seeing everyone staring at them like that.

“Dear sirs, may I ask for a rhythmic song? Something not too energetic. Just good for a dance for two.” → Andrew

Andrew ignored everyone and asked the players which were singing in a light voice. They too were dumbfounded by his warm smile.

“Eh? Ah! Yes! Of course, Sir Andrew. Did you hear that, guys? Nice and easy now.”

The players regained their consciousness and started singing a calm and rhythmic song, calming the spirits and letting even the older ones to take part in the party.

The song started playing, being a rhythmic one, from the calm start it got to a more dancing one, making everyone feel like moving. Everyone cheered and danced, with or without a partner.

“Kya?!” → Sara

Andrew suddenly pulled Sara in his arms and started dancing something like an energetic waltz. He controlled every move as if he were dancing for both of them while Sara only needing to let Andrew do his job. Andrew made Sara spin then turn, ending up in his embrace once again.

“A-amazing! From where did you learn to dance so well?” → Sara

They were spinning and dancing together, making the others do the same thing or at least to try. Sara was surprised to find out about Andrew being such a good dancer.

“In my younger days, I would always go to parties and banquets. Even if it were of a higher class than what I was allowed to take part onto. I would just steal some nice clothes and return them after the banquet was over, sneaking out the same way I entered.” → Andrew

Andrew said, a little bit embarrassed by his rebellious younger self.

“Ohh~? So you were another kind of “player”~?” → Sara

Sara asked with a laugh, making Andrew feel a little bit ashamed.

“I’m no more than a worthless man… At least I’ll be sure to change.” → Andrew

Andrew said with a serious face, his voice firm while holding Sara’s subtle hips with care in his rough hand.

“I know. No need to be so serious now, it’s time to have some fun, no?” → Sara

Sara said with a beautiful smile while letting Andrew take the lead. She was happy for finally making Andrew open up to her and being able to get past his grievances.

“Understood.” → Andrew

Andrew smiled back after spinning her again and catching her from the back. He continued to dance like this and for the next songs. Be them calm or energetic, he would continue to dance together with Sara until the next day.

The torches were illuminating, the crystals were shining and the camp-fire from the middle of the fortress was burning strongly.

“Hahaha~ It’s so good to see the young ones so happy. Thank you for assisting me in this, Miss Tama.” → Gerome

Gerome said being amused while touching Tama’s shoulder with a gratified face.

“I should say thank you for letting me help. Thank you, Mister Gerome.” → Tama

Tama smiled, touching his hand from her shoulder. She looked up to him with a sweet grin.

Suddenly, the rhythmic song changed to a calmer one, making everyone grab the shoulders or hips of their partners and dancing slowly under the moon. Gerome, seeing the sudden change in the atmosphere, he bowed his waist to Tama and said with a smiling face.

“Would miss Tama accept this old man’s invitation to a dance?” → Gerome

Tama was a little bit surprised, then she smiled sweetly. She touched Gerome’s stretched hand and said.

“That would be an honor, general Gerome.” → Tama
“Former general, hohoho~.” → Gerome

Gerome laughed then held gently Tama’s waist who was now flying to his height.

She grabbed his shoulder gently and they started dancing. Tama used levitation magic so she could be on the same level as Gerome who was more than 2 meters tall. She glowed with an earthen color, together with her eyes, hair and wings, looking divine. Gerome looked at Tama with a smile and said.

“I’m so envious of you fairies, looking so beautiful till you become elders. If it weren’t for your wisdom, I would’ve thought you’re still a little beautiful fairy.” → Gerome
“We look like this because however old we are, we still wish for someone to stay with us and take care of us.” → Tama

Tama said with a beautiful smile.

“The first fairies wished to remain forever young so the other races would love them and spoil them every time they met. We are a childish race. With the exception of the dark fairies, no one can survive for more than a few years without some kind of affection.” → Tama

Tama shook her head with a small smile.

“Is that so? I won’t mind taking care of a little fairy in my last moments of life to be honest, hohoho~. I always wished for a grandchild. Even though it might be of more than 150 years old, I’ll still love her like one of my own.” → Gerome

Gerome laughed while patting her head, looking at her like a grandfather at his grandchildren.

“R-really?” → Tama

After having her village destroyed, Tama always tried to think in a mature way, but her fairy instincts would always make her look around for someone to take care of her. Fairies would always take care of each other, and if they have no one of their kin around them, they’ll search for someone else, just like how little puppies go around from a person to another.

“Would you do that…?” → Tama

Tama’s fairy instincts started to take control, making her look incredibly adorable, even though she was past 100 years old.

“Hohoho~. If you’re alright with this old fool, it would be my pleasure, little Tama.” → Gerome

Gerome caressed her head, making her feel a familiar affection from him, something she almost forgot about.

“Ya~!” → Tama

She exclaimed happily and jumped in his embrace, laughing like a child.

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“Oh? Hohoho~!” → Gerome

At first he was surprised, then he laughed and hugged her back. He always wished for a grandchild, but taking care of this wise fairy wouldn’t be much of a difference to him. The fairy and dragoon continued to dance on top of the wall, listening to the rhythm and talking with each other, happily smiling at each other.

In the middle of the stronghold, on top of the tallest point where the flag was placed, Ryu stood beside the pole while looking at everyone with a calm smile on his face. Bonny was having fun with Shiroko, Lissa, Tara and other female players from her former-clan while everyone else was either eating, dancing, drinking or telling stories in front of the camp-fire. Marina was teaching Ronald how to dance, making him show the most serious face he ever had, while Gregor shocked everyone with his talent in singing, making even Lissa open her eyes wide in surprise.

“Do you see this, Shen? Is this the [Home Aura] you told me about?” → Ryu

Ryu asked with a happy smile on his face. He felt relaxed and calm as if he were home for the first time after getting in this world. He saw Gerome and Tama dancing on the wall, he also saw their little plan to bring Andrew and Sara together, shaking his own head with a slight smile.

Those two… However old they are, they’re still like brats, trying to get everyone together, haha~. → Ryu

[Yes. Isn’t it beautiful? Everyone who accepted this place as their new home was invaded by an aura which made them feel as if they already lived here their entire lives. It gave the feeling of a familiar place, a place where warmth and security were present, a place where they could call “home”, making everyone’s hearts relaxed and filled with peace. These once Lost Souls now have their own place where they can start from zero. I’m happy it had the expected result. I was afraid that it would just make the terrain more fertile and the buildings sturdier.] → Shen

A materialized Shen made from gas suddenly appeared beside Ryu, sitting with him beside the pole of the flag.

“I say that would’ve been enough, to be honest.” → Ryu

Ryu smiled awkwardly, unable to understand of how many wonders this word already made.

“The purple aura is amazing. I never expected for it to be so powerful.” → Ryu

[Yeah. It was supposed to be of an earthen color but some feelings from the residents of this fortress got entangled with the connection that was forming between the power-zone and the kingdom.] → Shen

“Huh? Feelings?” → Ryu

[Yes. And from the color, I can say the feelings of affection especially, were the strongest.] → Shen

“Why affection?” → Ryu

Ryu asked puzzled.

[Ask your people.] → Shen

Shen answered with a grin.

[It’s pretty visible, you know? A lot of ex-slaves already found their soulmates and because we had more females than males, the players that came afterward seem to get in good touch with the residents. For some reason, this power-zone strengthened the feelings of ‘love’ and affection they actually felt before. It must be some kind of side-effect.] → Shen

Shen smiled wryly.

“Is that so? Then I won’t have to worry about not having a flourishing population in the future. Hahaha~.” → Ryu

[Let’s wish they won’t go over-the-top… I’ll have to find more teachers so they can teach the new generations.] → Shen

Shen said while feeling like a huge headache was coming his way. Ryu grinned then he looked with some sadness at Shen.

“Man… Isn’t it sad?” → Ryu

[… About this kingdom?] → Shen

“About everything… We’re in another world entirely, which is the same as dying in our own. We have no roots here; no family, no history, no name… Ryu, Shen, Bonny and other such names are just creations of our own consciousness, nothing that has a familiar bond to it. Man, we’re but just some wandering ghosts screaming for a warm place for our own. But such a thing… how will we find it in an entirely foreign place like this? Shen, you might know and that’s why I’m asking you: when will be able to go home?” → Ryu

A sad smile appeared on his face while a tear shone in his eye, staring at the blue moon which shone so beautifully, yet so strange to him.

We’re truly… lost in space. → Ryu

Seeing him like this, Shen made a light grin and patted his shoulder with a materialized palm.

[To be honest, maybe never. However, the home is where your heart is. Do you remember that phrase? We found it on the internet back on Earth. Ryu, you might have no name now, but nobody said you can’t make one for yourself. You might have no history, but right now we’re rewriting this world’s destiny! As for family… at the right moment, we will be able to finally have our own, isn’t this the reason why we’re struggling like this?] → Shen

“What are you trying to say?” → Ryu

[Ryu. This place, our kingdom, was created exactly for such a reason. To foster the wandering ghosts like us. To hold and protect the ones who lost everything. This kingdom has the name of Supreme Soul exactly because it will have the power to warm the thousands of souls which will come under it. This kingdom was not made to grow more and more powerful, but to shield the lost. This is a Kingdom of Lost Souls. And we number between them. Man, this is our home now and we must do anything in our powers to protect it.] → Shen

Shen said with a saddened smile. He was also missing his family, his wise mother and his strong father. He wished to feel their warmth again and to have a place to return to, again. But now, all of this he’ll need to forget and start anew into this world.

“So we made this place not just for the slaves… But for us as well. We can’t return to our own nest, so we have to build one from scratch, is it?” → Ryu

[Exactly that.] → Shen

Sigh~… We’ll have a long way to go.” → Ryu

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[However much, it will be worth it.] → Shen

“True…” → Shen

After staying silent for another moment while gazing with a smile upon the dancing players and residents, Ryu asked again with some difficulty.

“So… the reason why you appeared before me in this form… have you died for real…?” → Ryu

He felt his heart go in his neck, not being able to talk more than this.

[…] → Shen

Shen looked with a smiling face at Ryu, he was able to see through his heart and mind.

[I won’t die. I’ll wake up tomorrow at night. I was able to find ways of repairing the spiritual circulation.] → Shen

“Then?” → Ryu

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