Chapter 83:Held by the little finger

“If I’m not wrong, it’s our turn to stay on guard. Don’t you dare do something to him on my watch, lizard-man.” → Bururiba

The young man was infuriated but everyone knew just how powerful that gun was. Making a hole through a Saint’s head was no easy matter, but that gun would do so in a fraction of a second without the slightest difficutly, killing anyone with ease.

“So now we know why the captive had his hands free. Everyone, please return to what you were supposed to do.” → Sofia

Sofia said in a calm voice while retracting her chain back around her wrist.

“Eh? But look at this chain, doesn’t it seem a little off-?”

Number 5 saw one of the chains looking as if it were cut by a sharp weapon. She approached and wanted to grab the chain but Shen retracted his hand, hiding the chain behind his back. With a disgusted face he made a distance between him and the wildcat woman and said;

“You smell, get lost fish-woman.” → Shen

He tried to anger her so she’ll forget the original goal and his intentions worked perfectly.

“You asshole! I’ll be sure to take out that rib of yours this time!”

The woman snapped and she reached out to his ribs. However, not even close to touching him and a huge fang struck the boulder between Shen and number 5, shattering it completely.

“I said you’re free to go. Don’t make me repeat myself.” → Sofia


Everyone knew just how terrifying Sofia truly was when angered so nobody dared to go against them any longer.

Everyone left, except for Number 4, Bururiba, Sofia and Haidao.

“Haidao is mentally unstable. I propose to have him out from the guarding duty.” → Sofia

Sofia said to Number 4 in a calm manner while glancing at Haidao.

They all had close to the same power level, but the one that was the leader was Number 4 because he had the most knowledge in being a leader.

“Then I propose Bururiba to also be excluded from guarding. He might try to free that brat if we’re not careful.” → Haidao

Haidao glared at Sofia then smiled and said his thoughts.

“If you think I’ll help him then feel free to simply come with me. Like this, we’ll keep an eye on each other in case something might happen, no?” → Bururiba

Bururiba said after thinking for a while.

“I agree with Bururiba. From now on, the two of you will guard together. Once when is Haidao’s turn and once when is Bururiba’s turn.”

Number 4 agreed with a nod, keeping his appearance of a noble and righteous man.


Shen looked at them with a mocking smile, barely able to hold a laugh. He was wearing only his pants, which now were bloody and filthy, while sitting down, leaning his back on one of the boulders.

“Is there something funny?”

I really wish to gouge his eyes out right now…

Number 4 felt annoyed by Shen’s behavior and asked while trying to pressure him with his aura.

“Full of demons inside, yet such a noble face on the outside. From the eight bastards that I’ve met so far, you’re the most disgusting one.” → Shen

Shen grinned while glancing at the captain with deep eyes.

“You! What makes me worse in comparison to others?! I can say I was the kindest to you so far! Wasn’t I telling you of my glorious stories, washed you and fed you? Which part you didn’t like?!” → Number 4
“Just the fact that you thought I’d find enjoyable those disgusting stories of you torturing innocents and raping children, the cold water thrown on me every time I was dozing off or the trash you tried to feed me, makes one think that something’s wrong with your head. Seeing you with such a noble-like aura makes me vomit. At least the others were trash even on the outside.” → Shen

Shen said with a laugh, shaking his head at Number 4’s ridiculity. The old man then made a twisted smile and asked with mad eyes at Shen, finding his filthy appearance quite funny.

“Oh~? My mistake then, I was sure you’d appreciate it. Next time, should I simply whip you as Number 7 did?” → Number 4
“There won’t be a ‘next time’, full-of-s*** old man.” → Shen
“Enough!” → Bururiba

Bururiba shouted in anger, unable to listen to the old man’s maddening words. He looked at Haidao and Number 4 then shouted sternly, clenching his gun, ready to aim and shot at any moment now.

“Get lost or I’ll make new holes in both of you!” → Bururiba

Bururiba clenched his gun, ready to use it at any moment.

“Oh, my~ but how sentimental. Don’t forget that after 10 hours and a half, you’ll stay with me next~.” → Haidao


Sofia, Bururiba, and Shen looked at the leaving captains in silence then Bururiba sighed and said with some guilt in his voice.

“… I’m sorry Shen. You had to go through all of this just because of me…” → Bururiba

He never expected Haidao would use such a strategy and get the others to turn against him.

“… I blame no one, why blame yourself now?” → Shen

Shen asked with a tired voice. He couldn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes for the past 3 days. He was dizzy, hungry, thirsty, sleepy and weak. He couldn’t even feel pain all that well anymore.

If I wouldn’t have taken a sip from that potion I think this body would’ve broken down completely the next day. Maybe like this, I could go on until the end. → Shen

Shen observed his raghed body while feeling hopeless then thought again, seeing that it was Sofia’s turn to guard him.

So… one more day till I’ll get out I suppose? → Shen

As for how the top 10 dogs changed their guarding shifts, Shen was able to understand that each of them had around ten hours of guarding. Seeing how Fiora, who was on the second place on the Dog’s list, he understood that there must be around 20 more hours or so until the Ship-Battle.

I need to converse with as many slaves as possible. I can’t let my chances slip by. → Shen

“Thanks, man… I’ll release you right now.” → Bururiba

Bururiba smiled weakly and wanted to release Shen but right at that moment, Sofia stepped in between both of them.

“Sofia?” → Bururiba

Bururiba was confused as for why she got in his way, looking at her a little bit shocked.

“I’m sorry captain Bururiba… I can’t let you free the captive on my watch.” → Sofia

Sofia said with a firm voice and quite saddened eyes.

“Eh? Wait, what does that mean? Miss Sofia, I can’t really joke about this.” → Bururiba

Bururiba looked with incredulous eyes at Sofia. He felt like what she just said was just another joke. He waited for her to change back on the frivolous character and just laugh at him, but her serious face was unchanging.

“You’re kidding… So all this time you played around with me so you could laugh at me like the others, huh?” → Bururiba

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Bururiba’s smile faded and a cold look replaced it.

“Please understand, captain Bururiba. I have no choice, my-” → Sofia

When she wanted to explain herself, a strong gust of wind appeared from outside, attracting their attention.

“Ahahaha~ Well done, Miss Sofia! You mustn’t let the rat go till this bastard loses in his match of Ship-Battle!”

A huge bald man with a red beard appeared, flying from outside the lighthouse with an imposing air. He landed inside and started to walk toward Sofia, his aura was making the air vibrate.

“Why are you here?” → Sofia

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Sofia looked coldly at the man that was walking toward her, making him stop his steps mid-way

“Is that how you talk to the Pirate’s King? Well, I’m already used to your temper.”

The man smiled then looked with hate at Bururiba.

“Oy brat, hurry and disappear from here, or I’ll take it as you’re trying to free the captive and run away.”
“Idiot King! If I leave, then you come with me! There is no reason for a retard like you to be here!“
“Bloody rat! Very well, I’ll leave but only after I have a talk with Miss Sofia. Good enough for you?!”

Babo Wang smiled then turned toward Sofia.

“Be quick, fat-ass.” → Sofia

She said in a harsh tone while glancing at him with disgust.

“Hmph!” → Bururiba

Bururiba turned around and walked down the stairs, he felt disgusted and betrayed, not able to even look at Sofia because of the rules, he couldn’t give any food or water to Shen or he won’t be able to guard him anymore, having to leave without even being able to help Shen in any way.

After Bururiba left, the king said to Sofia in an amused tone.

“You better keep your words, miss Sofia. We don’t wish for something to happen to the little angel, do we~?” → Pirate King

The king made a sinister smile, his eyes shining with lust.

“It’s alright. I will keep my word, but-” → Sofia

She took the fang with chain and warped it around the king’s neck, squeezing strongly, almost making him choke. Her eyes shone with killing intent while her deep voice made even Shen feel like the cold wind became even colder.

“If you touch even a strand of hair from her head, I swear I’ll go through hell and back only to kill you off together with your entire pitiful crew.” → Sofia
“Of… course…” → Pirate King

The king answered in a hurry then she released his neck and turned around. With disgust and antipathy, she spat out at him without even looking.

“Get lost.” → Sofia
“Tsk. Damn bitch.” → Pirate King

The king left by jumping off then flew away, feeling irritated while caressing his reddened neck.

How laughable. A king being threatened by his subjects. No wonder Bururiba was able to take the throne from him. → Shen

Shen thought while shaking his head while being amused.

Sigh…→ Sofia

Sofia sighed with a sad face, and then she turned toward Shen, looking at him intently.

He is the one that started all this commotion? How did just a cripple make so many people move around him? And how can he still be amused when he supported so much until now? → Sofia

She looked curiously at Shen while feeling conflicted on the inside.

“Hm? Don’t look at me like that. I simply wanted to meditate a little more. Who would’ve thought I’ll get in this mess just by trying to repair my meridians.” → Shen

Shen said with a helpless look.

“… How can you be so carefree? You’ve been tortured, humiliated and mocked day and night for 3 days straight. A normal man would’ve had his soul filled with either rage or hopelessness, wishing for revenge or to die.” → Sofia
“What’s the use of wanting revenge on a bunch of dead people?” → Shen

Shen asked with a plain face.

“Dead? What do you mean by that?” → Sofia
“They are warriors, but they are sinking themselves in sin and pleasure. They aren’t even practicing dark arts to say that they’ll grow stronger by using negative energies on their favor.” → Shen

Shen said with a mocking smile.

“The biggest enemy of a warrior is himself. If he’s unable to control the earthly desires then he’ll get controlled by his own mental and internal demons, going toward auto-destruction.” → Shen

Just like with Kundalini, in the arts of martial arts, magic, and cultivation, there are two paths;

[The Path of Creation]

This path uses the power of elements which is accordingly with the laws of the universe, mostly using neutral and rarely good elements or spirits. The good elements are only used on healing and exorcizing bad spirits, while the neutral elements are used on the defensive, offensive and sometimes functional spells, skills or abilities. The functional skills are mostly used for daily usages like making a book levitate in front of you, flying, super-sight, and so on.

And, [The Path of Chaos]

This path uses the power of all and every negative element or bad spirits. The spells or skills which go on this path go against the laws of the universe and some of such abilities can bring fear even inside the highest Heavens or the deepest parts of Hell. These spells are thought by High spiritual Demons or fallen Angels. Even so, most of them are forbidden spells even between the worst demons from the underworld, Shen’s Spear of Nothingness is also one of such forbidden spells.

Dark arts or Black magic uses parts from the Creation Path and parts from the Chaos Path, pure Chaos meaning self-destruction. They use negative feelings and energies by using their body desires to cultivate their chi and mana, throwing self-control out of the window because pure energy is rarer than an evil one, such a cultivation style can bring a faster growth speed. If the warrior can’t control these energies and cultivation style, he’ll get controlled by his own power and desires, becoming the slave of the elements or spirits he used to gain power and in the worst case, he’ll end in a berserk-state and burn his own life-essence on massacring the living till he dies.

For the ones who cultivate only the path of creation, drowning in their own desires and sins could bring chi and mana deviations and losing themselves to their own desires. Shen said that everyone was already dead because he saw them having at most 1 year to 10 more years to live.

I never heard of this before! → Sofia

Sofia was shocked but didn’t say anything.

“By the look of your face, I can tell you actually didn’t know of that, right?” → Shen

Sofia said nothing but looked at Shen intently, waiting for an explanation.

“Well, for pirates like yourselves, not knowing such basic knowledge isn’t that surprising. You only searched for strong spells and deadly abilities while the basics were left for the fire in the furnace, am I right?” → Shen

Shen asked while looking at her with plain eyes.


Sofia felt like as if his every word were like a sharp knife, stabbing her with no mercy.

“And how do you know all of this? I heard you’re also a player, no? Aren’t the players just a bunch of idiots from another world which are drunk in their own powers? I saw quite some of them. They thought they’re the big boys around but ended up getting killed and sold for parts to some Black Mages around these parts.” → Shen

Sofia said with a sinister smile trying to surprise Shen with the news.

Even so, the two empires have quite the thought time against them, I heard that one Kingdom already fell from the most Nordic parts of Vestria’s Continent… I think it was Thanao… → Sofia

“Bururiba is also a player. Don’t you have something to say about him?” → Shen

Shen smiled back. He couldn’t explain himself about how he knows all of this when he was reading about such stuff as a child. All he knows are from either vision or from his great grandmother’s library. Explaining this to an outsider would be just a waste of time.

“Captain Bururiba was able to win against anyone who confronted him. Even though he never knew how to fully use his skills, he was able to win. Also, his character is so weird, even though he loves power, he’d rather not use something beyond him. It’s like he instinctively knows what he can use and what he’s unable to control.” → Sofia

Sofia said with some admiration in her eyes while licking her lips, a little fire burning in her chest.

“Hm?” → Shen

Shen was surprised for a moment and then he asked still unsure.

“Don’t tell me… You’re Bururiba’s lover?” → Shen
“Fufufu~ don’t joke around.” → Sofia

Sofia laughed then made a sad smile.

“There’s no way he’ll even look my way now. The only reason I can think of why he’ll look after me would be to kill me for betraying his trust.” → Sofia
“If the reason is a noble one, then even the worst sin can become an honorable move.” → Shen

Shen said, closing his eyes and trying to keep his blood circulation going. He couldn’t lose consciousness now or he might wake up with another kick in his broken ribs.

“… Feel free to sleep. I won’t do anything.” → Sofia

Sofia was able to see Shen’s sorry state pretty clearly so she simply gave him her furry coat. Shen grabbed it and placed it right over his frozen body.

“Ah, I thank you for this… Also, is that idiot keeping a loved one as a hostage to use you?” → Shen

Shen asked, looking at Sofia with dizzy eyes, barely able to stay awake.

“…You don’t need to know.“ → Sofia

Sofia said while showing her back to him.

“Heh. As a thank you for helping Bururiba, once I’m out, I’ll help you rescue that person…” → Shen

Shen said the last words in a hushed tone then fell asleep, completely knocked out.


Sofia glanced back only to see Shen completely engulfed in the world of dreams.

“As if a cripple like you can help me…” → Sofia

The day passed immediately and right after Bururiba and Haidao’s turn on guard finished, Shen was placed inside an iron cage and brought toward the shore. There, two huge ships were anchored while the other ships that normally anchored in that region, were moved to another port on the peninsula.

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