Chapter 86: Outpowered

“Eh?” → Bururiba

Bururiba was dumbfounded. He never expected an answer, and what’s more, a negative one.

Suddenly a thundering explosion resounded from the flying warship on which Shen was captive. The engines exploded out of nowhere and the cage in which Shen was chained blew up completely.

[You better take care of your own people, Bururiba.] → Shen

Shen said with a neutral voice. His eyes dark but still shining like the sun, the air around him vibrating as if he were scorching hot and the rain-drops evaded him as if they were of the same magnetic poles.

“M-monster!” → Pirate King

The pirate king shouted and got up from the ground. The shockwave from the blow made him and Sofia to be sent flying 10 meters on the decks.

[Nobody must die on my watch anymore.] → Shen

Shen reached his hand toward the falling ship and made it levitate again.

“What?! What kind of ridiculous power is this?! Not even a Great Saint would be able to show such power with only a wave of the hand!”

The top sea-dogs shouted, completely stunned.

Shen made the ship fly toward his warship, making it stay afloat right beside it.

[Change ships. I won’t be able to keep it floating for too long.] → Shen

Everyone changed ships in a hurry, not daring to stall for time anymore.

Shen then flew toward the vortex and made a move as if grabbing something. After this, he pulled hard as if pulling at some kind of ropes.


A dozen people Haidao’s ship resurfaced from inside the waters enveloped in a golden aura. They looked as if they were held with a rope around their chests.

“W-what?! How are we still alive?” → Cy

A fairy asked dumbfounded. He was Cy and he was sure he’ll drown after he reached the bottom of the sea. Right beside him, Ay another such crewman who was turned into a slave was looking dumbfounded around, then upwards at Shen’s mighty figure.

[Remember. To those I felt they don’t belong here I said: “If, even a little, you still wish and have some hope for freedom, then please resist till the end of the last battle. Spread my words and I promise you freedom.” The ones who believed even for a second were able to form a bond with me. See how strong this bond is that I’m able to hold you and save your lives from the teeth of death.] → Shen

Shen said with a deep voice. His voice resounded everywhere on and around the island, making every slave or crew-man that was told such by Shen, to tremble and have their hearts beat wildly from inside the crew of the top dogs.

“Haah?! What kinda joke is that?!” → Number 9

Number 6 felt annoyed by Shen’s words and roared at him with an angry tone.

“What do you mean ‘Save’?! They are my men and ain’t nobody gonna steal them from me, got it?!” → Number 6

[From you I got quite the amount of bonds.] → Shen

Shen said then pulled hard again, this time from the young dragoon’s direction.

The ship left out breaking noises from the inside then more and more globs of light appeared, flying toward Shen and going through any kind of material like it was paper. Inside the flying orbs, silhouettes were visible.

“Ouch! Oy bastard!” → Number 6

Such a glowing orb hit the head of Number 6, making him furious. Even so.

“Eh? Is that my pet?!” → Number 6

The young captain was able to see inside the orb that just hit him a beautiful female human slave with a pet collar around her neck and ragged clothes, flying toward Shen with wide-open eyes. She had the same eyes as the rest, of complete shock and hope.

“You bastard! Don’t you dare take away my pet!” → Number 6

He jumped in the air and with his scimitar, he tried to cut the orb open.


The woman screamed in fear and covered her eyes, her entire body trembling pitifully.

“What…?” → Number 6

Number 6 slashed toward the orb but the attack was reflected in full, appearing on his chest a bloody oblique cut.

“Damn… It… !” → Number 6

Number 6 fell back on his deck, unable to get up.


Everyone was surprised by the representation of power, unable to understand what just happened. More orbs appeared, smashing through the walls of the ships of the other 7 great pirates.

“Wah?! My subjects!” → Number 5

Number 5’s tail started to become bushy and she tried to grab hold of the orbs with her claws, only to have them repelled.

“Nya! My claws!” → Number 5

She looked at her hands and saw blood flowing out from around her broken nails.

“Damn! My dear children are running away!” → Number 4

Number 4 felt his soul leaving. Tens of orbs with children inside them flew toward Shen, leaving his ship deserted.

He was known to be a pedophile now that I remember… → Tian

Tian thought with some disgust after seeing dozens of miserable children, most of them asleep while the rest looking around with wide-open eyes of shock and wonder.

“No, no, no! Why are you taking my friends away?!” → Number 9

Number 9 cried after seeing the orbs flying toward Shen, leaving him helpless atop his own ship.

This brat… Calling them ‘friends’ but keeping them in dark rooms, with the only minimum of food and water so they won’t have the power to revolt.  → Bururiba

Bururiba thought with annoyance while starring at the skinny slaves that are finally able to see the light again.

“Ah! You fiend! How dare you steal someone else’s dogs?!” → Number 7

Number 7 lashed out but couldn’t do anything. She watched with irritation how her slaves left her ship, making hole after hole.

“Bastard!” → Number 8
“Oy oy OY! They are my punching-bags! Who told you to take them away?!” → Number 8

Number 8 was idiotic enough to try and smash one of the orbs with his fists, having the punch reflected and making him crash on his deck, just like Number 6.

“Damn it!..” → Number 8
“AAh! Woaaargh!” → Number 10

Number 10 started to shout unintelligible words and tried to smash the orbs with a club, only to be smashed back on the deck. Even so, every time he got repelled he would stand back up and pouch at them again, trying to destroy the orbs. Of course, such brute force wasn’t bound to work on Shen’s barriers.

“That idiot looks big and tough, but in truth, his mentality stopped growing when he was only 7 months old. Don’t know who taught him, but his hobby would be dissecting living beings, curious about how they look from inside.” → Bururiba

Bururiba said with a mocking smile after seeing the huge demon butting heads with the protective barrier around the slaves.

“Argh! No! My ship! My slaves! You bastard! So that’s why you wanted to talk with my night toy!” → Pirate King

The king looked with animosity at Shen while seeing his own ship being filled with holes of around one meter and the half, especially from inside his room from where five sex-slaves inside golden orbs, flew through the roof, breaking it completely.


Sofia looked with shining eyes at the orbs, flying around Shen like 300 little suns.

Once I’m out, I’ll help you rescue that person…

“Ah.” → Sofia

Sofia remembered the words Shen told her while she was on guard. At that time, she couldn’t believe him but now, after such a show of power and might, she would be an idiot to not believe him anymore.

Can I ask him to do it now? Do I still have the right to ask him to save my little sister? → Sofia

Sofia felt like someone looked at her so she woke up from her thoughts and glanced up. When she looked up, she saw Shen staring at her intently. Feeling the cold yet warm eyes made her flinch for a moment. Shen then opened his mouth and said.

[I did not forget. Your loved one is safe.] → Sofia

Sofia looked with big eyes at Shen, when she wanted to say something, a loud shout boomed behind her.

“Summon the sacred beast!” → Pirate King

The pirate king shouted then with his sword unsheathed, he slashed at Sofia.

“You!” → Sofia

Sofia was attacked by surprise but even so, she was able to block the attack with her chain around her wrist. She was able to block it, but some parts of her clothes were still cut.

“Bastard! You dare strike from the back?!” → Sofia

She wanted to attack back when the pirate-king retreated and flew toward Number 4’s ship. When she reached to her breasts, she realized that the scale was missing.

“D-don’t tell me…” → Sofia
“Everyone! Gather the materials and summon the sacred beast!” → Pirate King

The king ordered again, and the 8 sea-dogs gathered the materials, Haidao was no exception.

The pirate-king created a magic circle on the deck of the ship, around 7-8 feet in circumference then gathered the materials and placed them inside a black box. The pirate king created a ball of fire which was flying over the magic circle, and he threw the box inside the fire, making it burn and levitate over the circle.

[I DO invocate and conjure thee, O Spirit Vepar, duke over 29 legions of spirits and being with power armed from the SUPREME MAJESTY OF SARIO, I do strongly command thee, by all spirits, good, bad and neutral of Sario, I do invoke thee, and by invocating I conjure thee. And being armed with power from the SUPREME MAJESTY OF SARIO, I do strongly command thee, by Him Who spoke, and it was done, and unto whom all creatures be obedient. Also, I, being made after the image of GOD, endued with power from GOD and created according to unto His will, do exorcize thee by that most mighty and powerful name of GOD, strong and wonderful; O thou Spirit Vepar, duke over 29 legions of spirits. And I command thee, thus appear before I and listeth to every command…] → Pirate King

Everyone looked with wide eyes as the king was chanting from an old book he got out from inside his clothing. The sky darkened while the sea was whirling, together with a terrifying aura that was freezing the blood inside the veins.

“W-what is happening?! S***! Everyone, toward the island!”

The crews that didn’t land on the island felt how their ships were swirling and turning. Of the smaller ships, most of them were already close to being overturned by the wild waves.

“W-what is that?” → Sylvia

Sylvia saw with her Soul Eyes that how a bluish black smoke was summoned from inside the circle. It made her terrified and alarmed as shadowy eyes gazed back at her, making her blood freeze.

“Shen! We must leave this place! That’s a spiritual demon! Not a deity beast!” → Sylvia

After seeing the terrifying smoke, Sylvia knew exactly what it was and shouted at Shen who was carrying all the slaves toward the ships.

Spiritual demons were being on the same level as divine beasts (Sacred/deity Beasts), planetary spirits (Natural spirits, like the spirit of fire, wind, earth, etc) and sometimes even to Gods. Even though they were weaker, their knowledge and wisdom, however, rivaled that of gods.


Shen levitated in his [One with the Universe] form, making the 362 orbs to land on the cruise ship where everyone looked with big eyes at him. The ship was already mostly full so he had to put the rest inside the warship. After this, he commanded;

[Leave this place and go toward the peninsula. You won’t be able to help here.] → Shen

Shen said with a rare frown on his face while transformed.

Why is this demon here? What kind of people were summoned in this world before our generation? That magic circle is from Ars Goetia. A Grimoire from my world! And the normal hexagon now is filled with the Tetragrammaton inside the array but there are fewer details with unknown names on it. Possible of the spirits of Sario. It was made to work inside this world. Someone with a lot of knowledge in occultism must’ve created it. → Shen

A grimoire was a book of spells and magic. Mostly the grimoires had summoning spells registered inside them, and Goetia was one of the 5 books of Solomon in which the 72 demons, King Solomon, summoned and controlled, are registered together with their physical characteristics, abilities, how to be summoned controlled, while also giving sometimes information about their mentality or characters.

The knowledge of the 5 books is also known as the lesser key of Solomon which will make whoever acquires such knowledge will acquire Solomon’s wisdom before he lost if after betraying God because of his most uncontrollable sin, Lust.

Shen frowned then asked pirate king with a grave tone.

[King of pirates. Why do you know of demons from my world? Such beings should not be summoned into this world.] → Shen

“Hah! Are you afraid now? Well is too late now!” → Pirate King

The pirate king took out a bronze medallion from under his shirt with a huge seal inscribed on it. Around the seal, the name V.E.P.A.R. was written while on the other part a pentagram with the word TE-TRA-GRA-MMA-TON surrounded it like a cage around a beast.

Vepar’s seal… Someone must’ve taught them. I need to remember the name of the angel that sealed Vepar. It was written in that book. → Shen

Shen felt agitated. Even in this form which showed powers comparable to a Spiritual ranked warrior, he didn’t feel like he was able to kill a Demon of ‘duke’ rank from Tartarus.

From strongest to weakest, the ranks of demons are such:

King → Duke → Prince → Prelate → Marquises → Presidents → Earls → Counts → Knight

These are the ranks of the demons inside the Tartarus, with Lucifer as the mighty King above them all then Beelzebub following right after.


Vepar finally materialized into the world and took the form of a mermaid with the top of a beautiful woman and the bottom of a fish. On her head, the crown of a duke was shining with a dark luster.


As per instructions that he memorized already, The pirate king asked in a grave tone, trying to keep his calm from the terrifying aura.

“Are thou Vepar?” → Pirate King

[I am. What thou command?] → Vepar

Vepar saw the seal inside pirate king’s hand and asked with a neutral look but a hoarse voice.

“Kill him and his allies and you shall take their souls as offerings!” → Pirate King

The pirate king said everything that was written on the ancient book he was reading after becoming king.

How cunning! Was that also taught to him? → Shen

Shen was surprised by how shrewd the Idiot King suddenly became. He never expected for him to be so smart as to think of such a strategy.

[As thou command… What a rich soul.] → Vepar

The demoness Vepar looked at Shen and her eyes turned sharp. She licked her blue lips and jumped inside the water.

A huge wave suddenly appeared and pouched after Shen like a tsunami.

[You demon! Dare to strike the sons of God?!] → Shen

Shen shouted then in his hands two black and ghostly spears materialized, flickering with black flames.

[Corroding spears!] → Shen

The spears were shot out toward the huge wave and then exploded at contact. The part of the wave that was close to hitting Shen disappeared, making for a hole in which Shen was able to fly through.

[Mortal. Don’t think you escaped from us demons just because you traveled through another dimension. You’ll come back on your own.] → Vepar

Vepar’s voice resounded from the sea, sounding as if the ocean was talking with Shen.


Shen was startled by her words.

What does that mean? I’ve been attacked by demons before?… Now that I think about it, I don’t really remember most of the things that happened in my childhood before I lost those abilities… I need to focus… A way to stop the demon… I can simply ask, most of them answer such questions by themselves. → Shen

He knew of demons to tell the truth most of the time, so he asked;

[What angel sealed you?] → Shen

Suddenly, a huge tornado appeared before Shen, almost sucking him inside and bringing him inside the ocean.

[If thou do not have the seal of mine, then do not ask such.] → Vepar

Damn. Let’s see then… → Shen

[Form, Black Hole!] → Shen

Space suddenly tore apart right above the sea and a huge black hole formed. All the water was engulfed by the tear in space and it didn’t seem to stop.

[Interesting magic, but too mediocre] → Vepar

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Vepar appeared then with a flick of her finger, she broke the connection between Shen and the black hole and made it close up because it had nothing to sustain it any longer.

She can do that?! → Shen

Shen was perturbed but hastily regained his focus. To stay in the form of [One with the Universe], one needs to be all-time focused and let the elements of the universe flow through him.

… I can’t summon high-rank energies of the space because of my crippled state. I need to circulate it through my body but right now I would simply kill myself… again. → Shen

Shen started to think while he evaded or destroyed waves or tornadoes that tried to crash on him.

If only I studied magic seals more properly when I was in my world… Damn! → Shen

Shen continued to fight with the demoness while at the same time dodging waves and tornadoes that were spontaneously summoned from behind or above him. He would summon huge fireballs by using word power, create black-holes, corroding spears or enchant his physical powers to simply destroy whatever was coming his way with brute force.

[Ajna!] → Shen

Shen suddenly shouted and on his forehead, a third eye appeared.

[Forcing illumination may bring only the destruction.] → Vepar

Vepar laughed then she shot condensed water bullets, strong enough to penetrate any kind of metal.

[Halt!] → Shen

Shen commanded and the eye on his forehead looked at all the water-bullets, making them stop mid-air.


From his nose, drops of blood started to fall but he simply whipped it as if nothing happened.

[Thou will kill thy self.] → Vepar

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Vepar made a sinister smile and pouched at him.

[You don’t need to worry about me.] → Shen

Shen reached out his hands and returned the bullets in full.

Four out of seven bullets struck Vepar and made bloody holes in her body, only to be healed right after. She sunk back in the water with a laugh, and then with her tail, she made a huge water blade-wave. The wave disappeared right before it cut Shen and in exchange, a huge fire-wave appeared, going for Vepar.

[Changing the elements with an opposite one even to a molecular level… how much energy hast thou wasted for that?] → Vepar

Vepar asked while licking her lips. She was sure that once she was able to consume his soul, her powers will grow and her road to the next rank of King will prove to be much easier.

[Less than you think.] → Shen

He used none of his energy but a huge amount from around him. If he continued to fight in such a rash manner, Shen was bound to consume the energy from around him in a faster way than the universe could ever fill back. It was as if he was sucking water from a hole that was connected to the ocean, but his sucking speed was faster than the time needed for the hole to be filled back up by the ocean.

Most of their strikes were comparable with smaller atomic bombs, sending huge waves around and summoning more black clouds which would strike at Shen with lightning. Shen would create around himself barriers to reflect or ricochet the lightning at the demon or just around.

Ugh. Even if I drop an asteroid, I won’t be able to do anything to her… I either remember the name of that angel I read before or steal the seal. → Shen

Shen flew like a bullet toward the pirate king with the thoughts of snatching the seal away, but it wouldn’t be so easy.

“V-Vepar! Protect me!” → Shen

Seeing Shen looking at him, made the idiot king have a bad premonition. He shouted right when Shen dashed toward him, giving her enough time to react. A huge water-wall appeared in front of the ship, where the Idiot King was hiding behind the seal.

[Tsk!] → Shen

Shen clicked his tongue and stopped right before going inside the wave, forming a huge shockwave from the sudden stop.

[Come into mine arms~] → Vepar

Vepar suddenly shot out from inside the wave and tried to grab Shen inside the wave.

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