Chapter 90: Condemning Evil

Shen felt nervous and waited for his judgment.

[You used your powers to help the weak and rescue the ones who were forced to sin. You used the forbidden essence in this world and dimension, a fact that can or cannot be seen as a sin. Your actions did not prove to a sin. The reason why their lives ended soon was that of their own foolishness. However, the root cause was you. As such, GUILTY is what I see you as.]

I know I’m strict with myself, but still! This is too much! → Shen

Shen felt extremely depressed. The votes were 2 for 0. If the next spirit were to say he’s guilty, the next millions of interstellar years would be lived inside Tartarus.

[Next. Spirit of the higher realms. It’s your turn.][Yes]

The golden plated spirit stepped forward and looked at Shen with his shining but neutral eyes like the others.

[Even though you used forbidden magic numerous times, nobody died from it and the death of these pirates is their own fault. The fire from purgatory only burns the souls inside the planetary field which still has a consciousness and can lie. They lied to themselves and denied their own sins. Because of the rough field of the planet, their egos have been awakened, making them able to think, judge and sin.  They made their own end with full awareness and liberty, as the All-Father left them. I redeem INNOCENT.]

“Damn right!” → Shen

Uoooh! I dodged not a bullet, but a damn thank-projectile! → Shen

Shen jumped from happiness and waited for the next judgment.

[The votes are two for guilty, one for innocent. We will have to ask the more superior spirits for guidance.]

The golden plated spirit suddenly disappeared and in not even after one second, he reappeared again, together with him, the sunny sky is completely covered by something.


An even stronger and God-like voice resounded from all around the space. One would have a hard time identifying from where the voice is coming after feeling the space itself vibrating.


Shen looked upwards and was dumbfounded to see three huge faces of the same elder. The Three faces covered the sky-high ceiling of the hall and shadowed everyone who was present.


The spirit from the left talked and looked at Shen

From his eyes, a huge beam of light shot out right above Shen, engulfing him entirely. That light was a form of examination of the soul and of the sins it created.


The spirit said without giving a reason.

The higher spirits can give their answers but without necessarily giving an explanation together with it.


The middle head did the exact same thing then closed his eyes. A minute, ten minutes, one hour, one day. Time passed until the head elaborated a reason suitable for Shen’s actions. After 6 days have passed, the head finally opened his eyes and answered.


“God damn it! That almost gave me a heart attack!” → Shen

Shen erupted in frustration. The tension he had to endure for 6 days was deadly, even though he is a soul.

[He cursed the God! He’s guilty!][He must be burnt in the fires of Hell!][Give him to me! I want to eat him as a punishment for his sins!]

The demons erupted with commentaries after Shen’s cursing, making him snap at them in irritation.

“Ah quiet! Like hell, I’ll get punished for cursing. Right?!” → Shen


The middle giant looked with neutral eyes then took out a list on which the word KARMA was written. He takes then a pen and writes down: For cursing aloud against God → Get slapped hard.


I’m actually getting punished! Wow! So strict! → Shen

Shen felt like facepalming but he controlled his mouth from erupting again.


The demons started to smirk and jeer at him, forming a vein pop of Shen’s spiritual form.

“You all… Wait until I get out from here. I’ll be sure to hunt every single one of you!”


Eh? They’re actually afraid? → Shen

The demons started to panic. Even though most of them were as big as half of the three giant spirits or even taller, they knew well how dangerous Shen was in the form of a complete spirit.

After this little discussion, the last head shone a light over Shen and started to analyze his soul and actions. After a while, he looked with a complicated face.


The last head sighed out while shaking his head helplessly.

“I know, right?! Thank you!” → Shen

Shen said with exasperation then he looked at his spiritual trinity.

“We’re clear? What will you do now?” → Shen

[Three votes for INNOCENT, zero for GUILTY. The one who asks what he has, Omisus, you will continue your test and will choose if to return to your current life or start anew. I hereby declare you as INNOCENT!]

The silver armored spirit knocked on the table with the hammer and the table turned to dust. Again, the boom was so loud even mountains wouldn’t be able to remain standing.

[We thank senior for assisting us today.]

The three giants slightly bowed their heads to the three faces.


The faces smiled together, then disappeared in a cloud of dust,

[We will remember the senior’s wise words.]

“By the way, who were they?” → Shen

[The spirits of a distant Sun.]


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Shen was muted. He had to ask help from a stellar spirit, a spirit that might as well be in the truest sense of the word called God.

“W-why didn’t we ask one from Sario itself?” → Shen

[Because the rank is the same as us. Sario is only with three steps higher than you are. It’s necessary for a spirit within the next ranks to help.]

“T-then what about our Sun’s spirit?” → Shen

[He was busy at the moment.]

“Understood… Kinda.” → Shen

Holy shi-er… wow. I’m quite high in the ranks, aren’t I? → Shen

“Now I’m free, right?” → Shen

[Yes. You are able to return to your spiritual form and get out from the planetary field.]

“But I wish to return to my body.” → Shen

[You can do such, but if you wish to get rid of them you’ll have to temporary leave the planetary field.]

The three spirits looked annoyed at the demons, showing emotion for the first time now. Even though they’re of a higher level, even a Buddha statue would frown when hearing so many screams, complains and jeerings while they tried to do their work.

At first, Shen was stunned, but then he smiled like a devil.

“Oh right~. I almost forgot about that~ I did promise them, didn’t I? I ask to get out from the Planetary field temporary then return when I wish.” → Shen

[Permission granted.]

The three spirits said in unison and everyone teleported outside the Hall of Judgement and outside the Sun, reappearing in the outer space. The six pirates were sent in Hell to burn until they accepted their own sins, while the elemental spirits returned on their respective dimensions and planets. Only Shen together with the army of more than a few thousands of demons of all sizes reappeared right outside the Solar System. Some of the spatial demons were as small as a mosquito while most of them were even bigger than Shen’s complete spirit.

When he reappeared, Shen was as huge as the three spirits put together and the armor he wore was of a purple golden.

[I, the one who asks only what he has, the King over the Eleventh Sky of Heaven and ruler over ten millions of warring souls, I, the warring God who fought other Gods and Devils, some weaker, but mostly stronger, I who fought the DARKNESS that wishes to devour the All-Father’s creations. I, Omisus, with my two hands, condemn you foul-mouthed demons to Thousands of years in Tartarus!]

After Shen left the planetary field, all his memories as a soul revived, together with his true power of a High Golden soul, he is no longer ‘Shen’, but ‘Omisus’.

[A-Attack! He’s alone! He can’t take on us 7.000 strong armies! GO!]

The biggest demon who was two times Omisus’ size shouted with a fear-stricken voice then led the others toward the fight.

[FOOLS!] → Omisus

Omisus shouted out and in his right hand, a Huge halberd appeared while in his left hand a thin sword materialized. Over his head, a helmet with two huge horns and a golden ring over it appeared, it has the same golden purple color like the armor. The halberd was two times Omisus’s height and on the golden blade flames burned and flickered, looking as if they would burn the entire world. The sword was as long as his arm and thin like two of his fingers, looking closely like a katana. The sword was entirely sky-blue with white and just the blade had a golden nuance, looking as if it was made to be preserved into a museum and not for battle.

Omisus then swung his halberd and created a huge fire-wave that engulfed three of the biggest demons in one go.


If a living being was present at this fight, it would die the next second from the ultrasonic attacks made by the shrieks of the demons. Such screams would even injury the soul itself. However, Omisus was unperturbed while he slashed with his halberd and cut with his sword, his armor being enchanted to protect him even from such strikes.


Omisus roared out and created a shockwave that made every demon stunned. The shockwave grazed even the Moon of Sario that was inside the planetary field, making for sand-storms to appear atop the Moon.

After making an opening, with lightning speed, he dashed at the demons and slashed left and right, burning or turning them into mincemeat.


A huge troll-type spatial demon slammed his huge metallic club into Omisus’s head, sending him flying and breaking one of the horns.

Omisus flew through space until he crashed through an asteroid bigger than the moon.


Omisus roared and destroyed the asteroid into tiny pieces. He looked with coldness at the wave of demons that rushed at him with crazed and monstrous faces.


A huge monster with the head of a pig, body of a fat man and limbs of a spider crawled through space toward Omisus with wild eyes and drool around his wide open mouth.

Suddenly, the head of the monster who just talked exploded in tiny pieces from a flying punch.


The demons looked at the demon from the back, then turned to look at Omisus who had his fist aimed at them.

[If you wish for freedom, then you had better come with all you have.]

His wild green eyes shone from inside the helmet. He then rushed out and grabbed the head of the first demon in front of him. He impaled it with his sword then he re-summoned his halberd on his other hand, cutting dozens of demons in one swing.

Omisus fought like this for almost an entire planetary day. When in the end, only an Umbra-type demon remained, both of them levitating in the space while dark smoke enveloped them, the smoke being the demons in a state of animation, not awake but not asleep either.

These Umbra type of spatial demons are the kind which would enter inside the humans’ dreams and give them nightmares, absorbing their fears and becoming stronger every night. The stronger this type of demon is, the bigger his spiritual body and right now, this demon was taller than Omisus. If the demon is strong enough, they can give the victim insomnia or even turn them insane.

[I left you the last intentionally.] → Omisus

Omisus said with coldness in his voice.

[The times you gave me nightmares when I was but a child can be numbered in years! Because of every single one of you, but most of you, I was unable to have a normal childhood in this life… I will be sure to lock you in the deepest parts of Hell.] → Omisus

Omisus then crossed his weapons and prepared to strike again.

It says that the soulfully enters the body at the age of seven when the body is mature enough to support the soul. Till then, the soul will have its spiritual defenses lowered and would be possible for other spirits to either help directly or harass the soul because Omisus’s soul is this huge, his body accepted the soul only at the age of 12 when he also lost his power to see the unseen and hear the unheard. The reason why he, as a child, negated the world of spirits was exactly that of demons like Umbra who harassed him night and day, giving him nightmares, brutal memories and sudden visions which would turn even normal grownups into clueless idiots. For example, not once had the young boy saw inside the dark shadows which talked to him and transformed into incredibly ugly monsters as a child. The shadows laughed and jeered at him, making him unable to sleep for numerous nights while in the moments he was finally able to do so, they would grab him by the still-not-protected part of the soul and throw him around in the room. Numerous times he was sent flying from his bed on the floor, on the table or even on the walls, making him end up with dozens of bruises and cuts every night.

In the end, Omisus as a mortal, was able to subconsciously lock his consciousness till the age of 12, forgetting everything and living the life like through a trance so he could remain sane and at the same time, wasting moments of his supposed-to-be happiest part of life,  the childhood.

The higher the soul, the more demons will attack it, trying to make it fall into deprivation or insanity, making it pile up sins so it won’t be able to evolve into a God. Such a soul was Shen, at the moment Omisus, and all that army of demons was just a little part of what haunted him through his entire life.

[N-No… NO!]

The Umbra shrieked and tried to escape by teleporting into another dimension, turning more and more transparent.


Omisus interfered with the demon’s teleportation and made him stuck into dimensions.


The demon let out a deafening shriek caused by the pain of being torn apart by the distortions of space. Being stuck between dimensions for a spirit was like having your body twist and tear from inside out as a human, incredibly painful.

Even after it was torn apart by the space, the demon would still be able to recreate its spirit-form after a few years, but Omisus didn’t wish for that.

[Go shriek in Hell!][Open Gates!]

Omisus cut with his sword and halberd right where the Umbra was being torn apart and another space opened right behind it, making for the pain even more insupportable.

Space was cut open and from the other side, black flames gushed out like from a fountain, threatening to burn the entire space in which Omisus was residing.

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The Umbra was being sucked in by the dark flames and started to burn little by little, it tried to hold onto space itself so it won’t fall inside the deepest parts of Hell but to no avail. The pain was millions of times harder to endure than the one made by normal flames and this made the Umbra more desperate.


The Umbra tried to use Omisus’ pity as a way to salvation.


But it got the wrong person for this.

With cold eyes and an even colder aura, Omisus kicked the Umbra right in the face. The kick was strong enough to form ripples in space and it kicked the Umbra right in the fangs of Hell’s fire.

[Go and burn for thousands of years, you trash of a spirit.] → Omisus

Omisus said with disgust then closed the dimensional rift with a wave of his hand.

[You love so much to look down on other spirits. You demon.]

Suddenly, Omisus hears a hateful and hoarse voice from behind. He calmly turns around, his eyes tranquil.

[Ho~? Did you absorb enough of my memories and energy to talk normally now? Do you need to tell me something? Rosabhi.] → Omisus

Omisus asked while looking at the little doll-type devil that was as tall as his breastplate, making him able to simply grab the devil and squish him easily.

Around Omisus’ ankle, a chain appeared which was connected to the one around the devil’s neck.

[You will fail this test, Omisus! I will be sure to exact my revenge for turning me into what I am right now!] → Rosabhi

The devil named Rosabhi shouted while looking at Omisus with his one eye filled with hate and darkness.

[… I remember I already paid for that mistake, Rosabhi-] → Omisus


The devil shouted hoarsely. His body was trembling from rage while his breath was rough.

[That name. Don’t you. Ever. Pronounce it. AGAIN!] → Rosabhi
[It is your name.] → Omisus
[It’s your name exactly because you are like this. So filled with fear and rage.] → Omisus

Omisus said while looking with a calm and a slight frown at the devil.

[The fact that I still let you be bound by me is because I know we still have karma together. But in this life, it will end and you’ll regain your freedom. What else do you want?] → Rosabhi
[I am like this because of you…] → Omisus

The devil’s eyes shone with malice.

[Very well. Before I regain my freedom, I’ll be sure to make your life a nightmare. I will make you feel how you made me, when I was still human, WHEN I STILL WAS YOUR BROTHER!] → Rosabhi

Every word was spat out with disgust and fury, tears of blood rushing down the devil’s cheeks.

[… Continue to loathe me without forgiving and you’ll only turn more and more into a devil. I already paid for my sins, you’re the only one who is still locked in the past.] → Omisus

Omisus smiled mockingly then continued.

[Do you expect for me to still beg for forgiveness? I already asked you numerous years, I’m already sick of you, my true brother would never be such a weakling. After this bond is cut and done with, see how I’ll cut you in pieces, Rosabhi.] → Omisus

Omisus explained while pointing his sword at the devil with cold eyes.

[YOU DEMON! I’ll be sure you’ll fail the test and become a devil! JUST LIKE I DID!] → Rosabhi

Rosabhi then shot out and entered inside Omisus’s chest, not getting out from there again.

[… Sigh~, what a pain. And I already know that I will fail at one point inside this devil’s trap… Well, anyway now, even I can’t tell what will happen from now on.] → Omisus

Omisus shook his head and then he looked at Sario. Using his eyesight of a spirit, he saw inside the cruise ship how Sylvia was prostrating herself in front of a furious Bururiba.

[… I’m late. I must hurry.] → Omisus

He said with a serious face then shot out toward the planet and reentered the planetary field like a shooting star.

The halberd and the sword disappeared, together with his armor. His size compressed back to human-like and his memories started to get blurry. Even so, he knew exactly what he has to do.

“Hm?” → Omisus

From the corner of his eye, he saw 23 souls flying upward, trying to leave the planetary field and reach the Sun.

…I might still need them. Can’t let them leave just yet. → Omisus

Omisus made a sudden turn and flew toward the red and blue souls.


Back on the ship where the tension was at its highest;

“The only thing I regret is my partnership with Shen, other than that, nothing is resting on my consciousness.” → Bururiba

He aimed his gun at Sylvia and was ready to shoot when he felt a weird wind coming from the door.

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