Chapter 92: Sleeping with a God

“F-Fifty five years?!” → Bururiba

Bururiba asked while feeling wronged.

“HAH?! Do you have something against my words, bastard?!” → Shen

Shen’s veins started to pop and his eyes shone with malice, looking like a demon.

Come on, say it. Say your complaint, I dare you, I double dare you.  → Shen

His eyes said more than words and Bururiba got the message loud and clear.

“Y-yesh…” → Bururiba

Bururiba felt as if his soul left his body at the thought of having to work under someone for the upcoming 55 years.


While Bururiba was being comforted by the other souls, Ashura looked at the little girl with complicated feelings. He didn’t know what to do now that the souls forgave Bururiba.

“Also, Bururiba. Apologize to the ones you killed.” → Shen

Seeing Ashura’s complicated face, Shen knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Eh?” → Bururiba

Bururiba was confused at first, then he understood what he meant.

“What? You got something to say?!” → Shen

Go on, I’m all ears. Bring it, you bastard. Say your damn complaint. → Shen

Shen snapped again and stabbed Bururiba with his eyes while sending telepathic messages, making him sweat from the pressure.

“N-no! I’ll apologize!” → Bururiba

Bururiba walked with his head lowered toward the five souls that stood beside Ashura. He looked at them with an apologetic gaze then he fell on his knees, his head still lowered.

“I’m sorry… I- I was too blinded by rage… I ask for forgiveness…” → Bururiba

Bururiba lowered his head to the ground and stood there unmoving.

[… Brother. We forghib, right?]

The little girl held her brother’s hand and asked with a naïve look.

[Haha~, of course, we forgive him. Why wouldn’t we?]

The brother and the three other people laughed together while patting Bururiba’s back. The only souls that held resentments are the ones who died with regrets or with their hearts filled with negativity. Souls that had a sudden death like the five of them have no such thing, making it easy for them to forgive and pass on, even more about the fact that they had no longer lingering feelings in this world.

“Good for you, fool.” → Shen

Shen said while sighing calmly.

“T-thank you!” → Bururiba

Bururiba held his head down and cried tears of relief.

[Boss. I think you better pay good money back to God Shen. We saw him as a spirit, this dude is no joke, I’m telling you!]

A little fairy got closer to Bururiba’s ear and tried to whisper, thinking Shen heard nothing of what he said.

“I have money. What I need is manpower. If you think you’ll get away so easily then you better think twice.” → Shen

Shen heard and replied instantly, his eyes shining like a predator’s.

“HIII~!” → Bururiba


Both Bururiba and the spirits panicked after hearing him and hugged each other.


Shen then frowned and looked toward the spirits with a concerning gaze.

[Ahaha~. No need to still have such conflicted feelings now, God Shen. You already talked with the guards of the gates to let us go to the higher levels, didn’t you?]

Seeing Shen’s downed face, the fairy was able to read his mind and understand his feelings.

[That’s right, you already have done more than enough for us. There’s nothing for you to still feel indebted for. In contrary, we are indebted to you now.]

It said that after death, the soul must go through 24 gates to reach the higher realms and evolve faster as a spirit. The gates are guarded by demons or fallen angels and the guards become stronger the further one reaches. After going through a gate, one is able to access a higher realm. There are three ways to go past the guards;

  1. Some souls after death are gifted with a key that will give them a straight path toward the last gate. Such souls are the ones that offered their everything for the ones they loved. People like the altruists would normally recieve them from the higher spirits. Even so, the ones who actually get the key are extremely rare and far in between.
  2. Have your family give free gifts to anyone or everyone at your funeral, the gifts are normally foods and drinks. It said that these gifts are sent to the guards of the gates when the food is given, as payment for the deceased soul to get through as many gates as possible. These gifts are also called offerings.
  3. The third option is for the soul to engage in fights with the guards and try to get through the gates on his own. The power of the soul is comparable with the power of ‘will’ or ‘spirit’ the living person possessed when he/she was alive. This power of the soul is normally the strength of the heart and the mental stability one has. Defeating the guardians strictly depends on the strength of the soul.

If the souls won’t be able to get past all the gates from that one push, then they will remain on that level and retry again after their next reincarnation. Shen was able to use his authority as someone who already passed through the gates to help the souls to reach a point befitting them. Even though he wasn’t able to make them pass all the gates, he was still given permission to have them at a higher level than they were before.

“… Yeah.” → Shen

Shen made a little smile, trying to at least forgive himself for his mistakes.

I’ve been told I’m too harsh with me… maybe I should try to be more flexible with myself… → Shen

Sylvia stood quietly beside the bed and seeing how everything turned for the better, she walked with lights steps toward Shen.


Feeling someone get closer to him, Shen turned around, only to be greeted by a mana-imbued palm right in his face.


“Guh?!”  Shen

A strong slap sent Shen flying on top of the neighboring bed, inside the room where nobody was living in. Shen, together with the three spirits that united with him, felt the slap in full.


The slap made him spit some blood, making some bloody injuries inside his mouth. He was no longer a cripple but he was still at level 1.

Even though his body was immortal and he was able to heal his own injuries as fast as Ashura, he would still feel the pain with no change from before.



Everyone, even the spirits quieted down completely. Nobody dared to say a word, Only Sofia giggled amused.

My oh my~. How fierce. That Shen will have it hard now~. → Sofia

Sylvia walked with rushed steps toward Shen, a dark shadow over her entire face.


Shen saw Sylvia walking toward him and didn’t even know what to say. His brain’s grinds started to spin and search for a way to resolve this problem. All three spirits thought together, searching for an answer inside Shen’s head, showing more emotions at this fraction of a second than they did the entire week Shen was inside the Sun’s Judging Hall. After a titanic brainstorming, Shen sighed with sharp eyes.

If I tell her to calm down, I’m dead. If I say ‘let’s talk about this’, I’m also dead… Sigh~ well, I already know that death isn’t that bad. → Shen

Shen then got up from the bed and stood tall in front of Sylvia, expecting for her to beat him black and blue. He knew that whatever he said wouldn’t work at all so he might as well wait for her to get tired, then start talking. Sylvia then grabbed his collar, rose him from the ground and places him in front of her face. Her silvery eyes were already red from the tears, together with her face from the tension and emotions.

“YOU BASTARD!” → Sylvia

That was the first thing she said to him from the moment he revived. Everyone was stunned and didn’t know how to react, except for Sofia that was holding her stomach from laughing.

“You promised me you’ll return unharmed! You dork! Liar! Bastard! Enemy to all women!” → Sylvia

Sylvia cursed him and while doing so, tears started to fall down her cheeks while she was shaking him in the air like a broken doll. After more than 5 minutes of shaking Shen in the air, her hands trembled and her entire body started to shake.

“You- sob promise breaker! sob Waaah~!” → Sylvia

She then fell on her knees and started to cry uncontrollably like a little girl, her shoulders trembling from the pain in her heart.


Seeing her like this, Shen didn’t know what to do so he could apologize properly, he could only hug her tightly and whisper at her hear;

“I’m sorry… I tried for as much as possible to not leave you behind…” → Shen

“This was- sob the second time! Waaah~! How am I supposed to- sob trust you from now on? Sob!” → Sylvia

Her sorrowful cries resounded inside the rooms and no one knew what to do or say.

[I think we stayed here more than necessary.]

The bigger brother said with a knowing smile. He held his sister in his arms and turned around.

[We will take our leave toward the path of rebirth. See you maybe in the next life, everyone.]

“Yeah… Live a better and longer life next time.” → Ashura

Ashura said with a sad smile at the departing souls, feeling both saddness and happiness for them.

[We will.]

The spirits said goodbyes to everyone then disappeared in a pillar of light toward the path of rebirth.


Shen stood beside the bed with Sylvia in his arms, waiting until she calmed down.


Tian, Ashura, and Bururiba looked at them with complicated, almost envious gazes, until Sofia grabbed Bururiba by the hand and dragged him outside the room.

“What are you guys looking at? Let’s go! You will have to clean and repair this place later. But let’s wait till they leave on their own.” → Sofia
“Wha-? Why should I?” → Bururiba

Bururiba was revolted by what Sofia said and almost tried to disturb Shen ans Sylvia. However, Sofia didn’t let go but stared at him like at an idiot, not knowing how to describe his idiocity.

“Are you seriously asking that?” → Sofia
“N-never mind…” → Bururiba

Shen waited until everyone left then he got a hold of Sylvia and said in an urgent tone. He wished to tell her this much sooner, but everyone else was pressent and he couldn’t take the risck of letting them hear him.

“Sylvia. I don’t have enough time. Right now I still have some knowledge from when I became a spirit. I will send them to you but please don’t tell them to anyone, especially not to me. Understood?” → Shen

Shen said with a distressed face.

“W-what do you mean?” → Sylvia

Sylvia was still emotionally unstable so she couldn’t understand what Shen was saying, asking again somewhat perturbed

“When I was only a soul I combined with three personal spirits, spirits that are holding all the knowledge I have as a complete spirit because of the huge amount of knowledge the spirits weren’t able to leave completely, as for yet I still have knowledge inside my consciousness.” → Shen

Shen blurted out an explanation in a hurry that only made Sylvia more confused.

“W-wait. I don’t think I understand.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said while feeling a little bit dizzy.

“There is no time! I will give you knowledge about what happened up there and together with it, the most important thing I know. But you must promise me you won’t tell me about it! If I’m not prepared and this kind of information is found out by me, I might destroy this world and not only this world but others as well! Please promise me!” → Shen

Shen said with an urgent tone. He felt how his memories are being whipped one after the other.

The superior spirit is leaving first! I need to hurry. → Shen

“A-alright but… why do you trust me with this when you don’t even trust yourself? And why are you giving it to me?” → Sylvia

“Because I can tell you’re wise enough to understand and even control your own powers while I’m not because I’m not even from this dimension. Now I will send it to you, sorry but I’ll have to be a little bit more forceful until you’ll understand all the memories you received it might take some time.” → Shen

Shen said while he held Sylvia’s chin, closening his face to hers.

“W-what kind of transfer is this-mmh!?” → Sylvia

Sylvia was shocked when Shen suddenly kissed her on the mouth. She started to feel her blood rush then the Chakra inside her head to spin wildly. Her spine was as hot as the energy circulated from the base of her spine to her head.

To send her this huge amount of information I first need to activate her head-chakra, the crown. This chakra is normally activated by inducing some kind of stimulus. This is the reason why people redden when they get aroused, is because a huge amount of energy and blood is rushing toward the head, activating the chakra then suddenly releasing all that energy through it. I’ll try to keep her energy in the crown chakra for as much as possible without making her release it. Right now, this is the fastest way to activate and strengthen her crown chakra so she could handle the amount of information. → Shen

“Mh~ Ah!” → Sylvia

Sylvia’s cheeks reddened and her body started to feel weak.

T-this… Why do I feel like this only from a kiss? And why is he so forceful? Not even once has he kissed me with so much fervor. Ah~ I’m melting! From where did he learn to kiss like this? → Sylvia

Let’s not forget that Shen regained all his memories, meaning even the ones from past lives. Having such experience at kissing was a given.

Wow, this is extremely effective! Thank you, Copper armored Spirit! → Shen

Shen felt like giving a thumbs up but he refrained for doing such.

Shen’s forehead shone and a spiritual eye appeared. The eye looked at Sylvia’s forehead and sent forward a sudden beam of light.

He started the transfer of information while still kissing Sylvia passionately because she was too dizzy at the moment she wasn’t able to comprehend all the images and information she got, but such things will order in her head later in time.

After the transfer was done Shen still continued to kiss her, he couldn’t let this chance slip by. He had knowledge of hundreds of thousands of lives and information about the best ways to pleasure his partner worth hundreds of millions of years.

“S-Shen, we can’t! Look around you!” → Sylvia

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Sylvia reddened and covered her eyes while trying to at least make him aware of his surroundings.

“Hm?” → Shen

Shen looked around and saw the walls destroyed together with many cracks and even some stains of blood. This kind of environment would make anyone who wished to make love to change their minds.

[Time Magic: Reset]

Shen’s eyes shone with a golden hue and his aura flashed for a second.

“Alright, is it better now?” → Shen

Shen asked while smiling.

He could’ve used word magic but by resetting time he was able to repair even the bodies of the deceased, which will later be given a proper burial. The walls became as they were before, the bodies completely restored inside their own beds while the stains of blood the pieces of metal and wood, they all disappeared while the room was completely repaired, looking as before the fight.

“Huh?…!?” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked around and was shocked to see everything look just as it was before.

“W-what? How?!” → Sylvia

Sylvia was shocked. She couldn’t comprehend how Shen was able to do such a thing but before she could ask more, Shen caressed her hair and explained.

“Just some time magic, it’s all about gravitation power. Now, from where we left just now…” → Shen

Shen revealed a grin and got closer to Sylvia, kissing her neck slowly. While doing so, he carried her to the bed without letting her make any sudden moves.


He’s so aggressive today! Last time it was because he simply wished to learn something, but this time is for real! Argh! This guy! → Sylvia

“Shen! You wolf!” → Sylvia

Sylvia hit Shen lightly, but because of his hand and tongue technique, she wasn’t able to muster any strength, feeling weak in his arms.

“Wolf? Oh girly, you don’t even know what I’m doing to you up in heavens.” → Shen

Shen smiled and looked at Sylvia like at a prey.

“Eh?” → Sylvia

Sylvia reddened and felt something like joy in her heart.

“Y-you mean we’re…” → Sylvia
“Indeed~. We are engaged even in heavens. But because I failed my God’s path: Sura test, for sometimes, you became a God ranked entity before me, making me a little bit inferior to you in spiritual ranks.” → Shen

Then his eyes shone like those of a predator.

Even so, rank is nothing when we’re in bed together~. → Shen

“T-then the hearts connections? Can you tell me what does it represent?” → Sylvia

Sylvia hastily asked with a blush on her surprised face.

So I was destined to be with Shen from the very beginning. Ah, I’m so happy now~. → Sylvia

Sylvia couldn’t hold a smile so she covered it with her hands, a slight tear shining at the corner of her eye.

“Ah, that magic was created by you so our souls would stay close even when we’re far away from each other. You made it so it would activate every time we fall in love during our reincarnations. You’re really so-…” → Shen

Shen wanted to continue but after seeing her beautiful and shy appearance, he forgot what he wished to say and simply continued to kiss her.

Well, I still have one more hour before the inferior dimensional spirit disappears completely. At such moments I’m happy that they disappear from superior to inferior. I will try to use as many techniques now so I can remember them instinctively. → Shen

The three spirits have knowledge of everything known from the lives Shen lived. This knowledge is separated between body, spirit, and mind. The lower dimensions spirit is focused on information about the body. It records knowledge about movements, weak or strong points, blood and chi circulations, DNA, etc. It’s good for studying dancing, martial arts and everything that’s related to body movements.

The middle dimensions spirit is for emotions, the spirit and the connection the soul has with the spiritual world. Everything that’s on a spiritual level is recorded inside this spirit, together with anything that might have connections with the heart.

The higher dimensions spirit has knowledge about all the other spirits and about the world, space, the universe itself. This spirit holds the most knowledge from all the other spirits, the reason why is also called “Superior Spirit”.

These three spirits hold knowledge Shen gathered through his life as a soul, from the moment he was created by the All-Father until now, still continuing to gather information and knowledge now and in the future.

“W-wait! Shen! Hau~!” → Sylvia

She tried to stop him but his skilled hands made her moan aloud, feeling more sluggish and embarrassed. Shen used his skillful hands and tongue to make Sylvia feel as if every nook and cranny of her body was actually a weak spot. He used magic to make the clothes disappear then reappear on the floor.  Both of them were now naked inside a room locked with a powerful seal that was even soundproof.

“Hah~! No, aah~!” → Sylvia

She instinctively tried to resist but at the same time, she didn’t want for Shen to stop anymore, leaving him do as he pleased with her body, kissing her on her soft, plump chest and touching her round but firm buttocks, in such ways that seemed as if he wasn’t truly touching her, just going his arms around her body. The nuance of white with a slight pink on her skin made her look like a Goddess from fairy tales and bring anyone to lust for her. Her fragrance made Shen’s cool mind slowly drift to carnal desires while her moans ignited, even more, the already burning fire inside his chest.

“In this entire universe, just your existence can drive me so crazy.” → Shen

Shen was enchanted by her body and mesmerized by her voice.

I might as well just go for it. → Shen

Shen then got above Sylvia and with confidence, he started to double cultivate a technique that evolved from Kundalini. Spiritual Double Cultivation, it’s when not just the bodies but even the souls are connecting and becoming one, making the exchange of Yin and Yang a few times stronger than before.

Shen combined with Sylvia slowly then started to circulate his chi with incredible speed while slowly moving along her body, both united and growing in power.

Haah, haah~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia’s breath deepened but slowed down while her body started to sweat, her chest slowly waving up and down.

It feels, euphoric. Ah~ I want to stay like this forever~. → Sylvia

“Focus on the circulation… Feel the energies around and let them flow through you.” → Shen

Shen whispered in her ear with a seductive voice while she touched his chest and hugged his neck, wishing to feel him better in her arms.

“Mmh~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia embraced him tighter and did as she was told. The feeling of euphoria became stronger and stronger until she started to feel as if her body was melting, leaving behind only her spiritual self.

“Good. Now leave everything into my hands.” → Shen

Shen whispered and started to connect with Sylvia, moving slower and slower, until letting the vibrations created by the circulations of their overflowing energies to continue to stimulate their Chakras. Even though their movements were minimal and barely visible, their tactile senses now were completely stimulated, feeling as if the tiniest touch resembling a stimulating weak point. Shen used this risen sensibility and slowly moved around, making Sylvia twitch every time they moved.

They continued to cultivate the technique Shen found in his memories from the past lives until the next day in the morning. They both didn’t need to sleep because they were charging with energy even while doing that. When morning came, Shen already forgot everything that happened when he was a spirit, the only reason being alive is because he set his body to keep on absorbing Prana unconsciously and have his entire body function like normal and maybe even better.

Oh! I feel great! I wonder what my spiritual self has done? I feel like the first time I appeared in this world. → Shen

Shen stretched in bed and felt his muscles relaxed and pulsate with power.

Well, it seems one memory I still have about that time… → Shen

Shen frowned. When he was still a spirit, he met with a God of Sario. Their conversation evolved in a way that made things only more difficult for Shen.

Good thing I didn’t send this to Sylvia. She’d only get more worried… → Shen

Shen sighed and then he heard a sweet voice right beside him.

“Morning~.” → Sylvia
“Hm?” → Shen

Shen looked beside him and was surprised to see an enchanting smile of a white, naked Goddess, the first thing in the morning.


Shen was dazed for a second then regained his composure… more or less.

“M-morn.. ing.” → Shen

He couldn’t help himself to not stutter. He was able to remember what he did to Sylvia for the first part of the night and was incredibly embarrassed.

I got damn huge guts as a complete spirit, that’s for sure… → Shen

He reddened and tried to control his heart-rate.

“Hm~? Are we shy now?” → Sylvia

Sylvia hugged him from the back, touching him with her enchanting chest and kissing his neck.

“I was able to understand this new double cultivation. Now let’s use this one from now on~, my powers grow much faster than if we use the other one and I can tell you grew stronger as well.” → Sylvia

Sylvia whispered in his ear then she laid down on his lap.

She’s really fierce now. → Shen

Shen was red all over while trying to control himself when he opened his status and looked for himself.

It’s true! My level grew to 10 in just one night! B-but how- wait… → Shen

At this moment, Shen’s status as such:


« General Information »

Name:          Shen

Sex:          Male

Class:          Spirit Fighter

Primary Element:  Earth

« Skill Points »

Health:    123,000

Mana:    1,000

STR:    240

AGI:    300

DEF:    300

VIT:    320

INT:    250

Avg Attack Power: 790 (AP)

« Status »

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Soul’s Rank: Golden (Awoken)

Pride’s Might (Awoken) – One of the Seven Deadly Sins. Essence used by Gods against Gods

Feeding on Prana – Regenerate 100,000 HP per second. In the case of instant death, the body will be completely rebuilt in 100 seconds.

Curse of Vepar (Weakened) – Strengthens inner demons and Rosabhi’s awakening power.

Rosabhi’s Wrath (Inactive) – Former Golden Soul, now a devil after failing the last test as a Creator. Locked by the host’s I.T. he swore to break free and destroy the host’s destiny of aquiring the Soul Rank: God.

Rosabhi’s Curse (Active) – The destiny is changing, going after the words of the devil: “I curse thee! Omisus! I curse thee so thy loved ones will betray and turn against thee!”



The last part was written with a deep red as if telling Shen about the dangers about to come.

Rosabhi…? Is it the devil’s name? Ugh, it gives off an omnious feeling only thinking about his name. So destiny is already changing because of his curse…? I remember it not showing before, did Vepar’s curse now activated it? Or did something else happened while I was dead… Anyway, I mustn’t think about this right now. I can’t do a think about it either way.  → Shen

He then continued to look at his own stats and made a wry smile after reading the first parts.

To think I’ll have more INT points than STR as a Spirit Fighter… I’ve turned into an oddity all right. → Shen

Shen massaged his temples and looked some more.

Because I still have such ridiculous stats for only a level 10, that means my items of level 60 have really combined with this body… Seeing how my spiritual self didn’t investigate this means that it isn’t such a big of a deal. → Shen

Shen thought of simply accepting the fact that he was as strong as a Master ranked warrior and let it be. Then he looked at his HP and mana.

Now I remember I would get points for leveling up after I pass the 25 levels. You would be able to place them on HP, Mana or AP. I remember using almost half for HP and Mana with the rest on AP. Now, should I focus more on HP and Mana? The AP can’t be as accurate as in a game so I don’t think this one will matter that much from now on… Wait, will I even get the points now? → Shen

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