Important Tidbit

The chapters labeled in (RE) are the canonical plot at the moment. The titled chapters are considered LEGACY and will be a “preview” for what’s to come. If the story feels disjointed at a certain point, that’s the reason.

EDIT: I’ve deleted the legacy chapters due to the confusion.

Aside from the format, this note is for new potential readers. As you might’ve guessed, I don’t post often. In fact, I haven’t even finished the first full part of the series, due to constant backtracking, writer’s block, and of course real life. Expect not a consistent weekly release due to the previous reasons AND the fact I usually go with quality over quantity (the reason why I constantly backtrack).

I’m sorry for my loyal viewers who stick around for this series. Even though I gave the reasons before, I literally have no excuse for the poor release schedule. It’s understandable that people would drop this story due to it. However, I would say I am slowly getting back to it, but no promises.

At the time posting this, I will release chapters all the way up to 17.2. Doesn’t seem a lot but there’s a lot of “mini-chapters” in between the main ones. Hopefully it will suffice for now.

Thank you.

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