B2 Prologue: Message

System booting up.



Ready for Use.

Good. Time to go.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

By the way, for future reference, I am on a mission and where I am is a little…complicated. I can’t say the name because I don’t want the enemy an easy target if this message does get intercepted. Let’s just say that I’m in an amazing city. Amazing scenery. Amazing mountains to the North. Just pure awesomeness. Anyway, I’m sidetracking a bit, but I guess that’s not a problem when I’m travelling and want to waste some time.

Basically, out of the 3 rings of water and 2 of land, I’m on the bridge connecting all of them and about to reach the inner island that’s dead centre of it all. I’ve already dealt with the other places, so that’s all that’s left to purge. Also, probably the riskiest.

I arrived at my first destination: a house two blocks from the right of the temple/spire thingy for your information. In it, I find another one of those people. It’s a shame because I knew who he was before he got taken. He still had the dark mane of a hair. He still wore the same clothes, albeit a bit torn. He still is my friend, just lacking any knowledge of who I am or any humanity for that matter atm. Oh, well. I’ll put him to rest. It’s not him anymore anyway.

I extend my right arm, typed the commands and unsheathed a whip-blade from my belt. I put it in spear mode, allowing the weapon to extend and give me a medium-range advantage. Back against the walls, I shuffled into the stone home, hidden from the moaning human who struggled in walking, needing to drag his feet along the way.

When I got into position, behind the counter on the north-west side of the house, I pulled my arm back, drawing out maximum power, then hurled the spear at the man. The good thing about the whip-blade’s spear mode is that I keep hold off the hilt while serrated metallic parts fly towards my target, piercing through their body. The best part? These parts always fly back into their position like a boomerang, so I don’t have to go pick the pieces after each throw. Talk about efficiency!

Anyway, back to the zombie I just killed. Of course, it wasn’t really dead. The person died ages ago when it was taken over. No, my true target was what slithered out of the nostrils of the body: a white eyeless worm. Now it’s easy pickings.

I extended my right arm once more. A hole opened up. I aimed it at the parasitical entity and launched a stream of fire at the worm. Luckily, I don’t feel anything, otherwise I would of (or is it “have”? I never really did get the fundamentals of language. Sorry Liz!) hated to use my flamethrower every single time. Can’t say the same for the line of ash that belonged to the worm.

‘Hmm. Wonder if there’s anybody else here?’

Woah. Forgot I implemented the voice recording a while ago haha. Enjoy my luscious deep voice ^.^

‘Helloooooo ~ Anybody here?’

Nothing. Where are these zombies coming from anyway? Too bad I don’t the answer. They just sort of appeared when I returned to this city. I would have put it down to the mages, but this just seemed too surreal to be the case. A zombie apocalypse? Reminds me of a book I read to my son once. Boy, was that not a good idea. He had nightmares for weeks afterwards. Wontiferus didn’t help either though…

Suddenly, I hear a rumbling. From where? I don’t know. I readied my whip-blade for another round. I searched the place, wary of any avenue the zombies could come from. What I didn’t expect was them to come from below. The ground erupted with several zombies grabbing hold onto my limbs. These zombies didn’t look like the typical human ones I faced before. No, these people were tall like the mages. Some had fur while others were hairless. But they weren’t really mages. They still looked lifeless. You could tell in their eyes. Didn’t know the white worm thingies can also invade mages. Fascinating!

‘You look surprisingly calm for someone held down by my children.’

That wasn’t me by the way. That voice belonged to a midget, even by manush standards, who just entered the room. His back arched in a hunchback and skin was peeling off of him. Talk about a nasty leper! Mage or manush? That’s what I’d like to know. Well, judging by how he described the monsters holding me down as “children”, he was probably a mage that produced these parasites. I found the cause, guys! Would explain how these particular zombies are so well coordinated.

‘What are you doing with your hand?’ the leper said.

He was referring to the way I typed with my left hand, recording this message in the systems for you to read from. To be fair, it did look weird having a hand floating mid-air with the fingers going in archaic motions.

‘Nothing special,’ I said.

The man looked at my hand with disapproving eyes. Looks like I’m annoying him as I type.

‘Stop that!’

Yep. Definitely annoying him.

‘Tsk. Take it off, my children.’

Oh no. I don’t like the sound of thawjkfjaejvioadioaohoacoiaclancanffioafnasnclanwlfnalclanajnajlknscjancjaclalcalcaklsjfkajwlkjwahwihalclasncalncaljwajwaoiclaj.

‘Wonder if the voice recording still works, I said with my left arm lying on the floor.’

‘You’re lucky I need a new host.’

‘Said the leper, I said.’

Only allowed on Creativenovels.com


‘Questioned the midget, I said, grinning at how annoyed the man looked.’

‘Shut him up!’

‘The zombies wrapped their mmph. Mmm. Mm!’

‘Finally. Though you are a complete annoyance, you have the pleasure of becoming part of me, “The leper said, edging closer to this nuisance’s face as his eyes opened wide at what he’s about to experience”. Was this what you wanted to say?’

- my thoughts:
I'll keep this up for the public as a sort of teaser. Main chapters will be locked until I finish writing the whole novel. Then, I'll release it free to the public. So, if you want to wait, go ahead and support me and enjoy the chapters.
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