Chapter 186




The revving of the engine from the vehicle of Maru signaled the race that was wordlessly decided by the siblings.

They had this competitive habit of besting each other towards the spot that they were going to visit next.

“Are you ready, Uwyn?” Maru asked after he had started the car.

“Hehehe. You’ll never beat me, brother. Here I go!” Uwyn replied.

“BOOM!” the horse flew into the skyline and vanished within a breath after it launched.

“Cheater as ever. Hahaha.” Maru noted and smiled at his sister’s antics.

“BROOM!” the earth shook and dusts flew like the parting of waves with the departure of the boy.



The soldiers that guarded the city entrance panicked at the rapidly approaching rectangular object.

Everyone judged that they would not be able to do the task on time because of how fast the strange wagon was coming.

“ATTENTION!” a shout of command reached the ears of every soldier in the city.

No matter where they were, this call of salutations escaped no man from its highest officers down to the lowest initiates of the city guards. Only the citizens were spared of this audible sound.




The echoes of feet crushing grounds on reply to that single word reverberated to every ear of the people of Antavale.

All guards knew where that voice originated from.  It belonged to their one and only Division Captain.

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“HAPPY HUNTING, NOBLE HERO!” one lone sound started the chant.

“HAPPY HUNTING, NOBLE HERO!” and the collection of the guards that populated the city in scattered masses mirrored the words that seemed more like a war cry more than any kind of greeting.

Even off duty guards were not saved from this stunning display of respect.  

“WHOOSH!” the circling round items on the carriage that the noble hero rode folded unto itself and shortly after that,

the unusual mode of transportation pierced the vista above in a speed that defied understanding.

The noble hero was just here a moment but after only a breath, only the riven clouds marked the path that he took on the sky.

“Good morning, Sir Evan. I leave the city’s safety in your hands while I’m away. See you later.”

A lingering speech touched the ears of one person after the noble hero had long been gone in the distance.

“You can count on me, noble hero.” Evan murmured in reply and he believed that someone heard him said these words.

In his mind, there was nothing that the seemingly frail looking boy cannot do. Even a mere gift from him had completely saved his life.

And after that, it ultimately altered his existence. From a lowly mortal, he had been able to gain power that was beyond his imagination in the past.

Even now, Evan was convinced that he barely scratched the surface of what this little item on his fingers was capable of achieving.  

“Status.” He silently uttered.

Name: Evan Ridley

Class: Warrior

Experience: 100/1000

Level: 1

Cultivation Techniques: None

Life: 100

Strength: 98

Agility: 45

Intelligence: 3

Only allowed on

Defense: 79

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