Chapter 236

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“Why are you back this late in the night, Maru?” Olivia asked her son. She noticed the fat boy beside Maru but chose to ignore the stranger at the moment.

Her eyes was especially directed at the little boy before her.

“The elders had some emergency inside the sect, mom. They were so busy that I thought it was better to spend the night here than stay in that noisy place.

And I also want to introduce my new friend, Tiny Slim.” Maru smiled and lied at his mother’s face. This was nothing new to him anymore.

“This lowly one greets the mother of the Supreme Elder!” Tiny Slim kowtowed in place.

“You may rise.” Olivia said afterwards. She was used to various honorifics she was unknowably given.

Some would even call her Matriarch while others would go so far as address her as a goddess.

“Hehehe. And even the daring men who wanted to win my heart would oftentimes call me Mistress.

Quite bold of them.” She remembered fondly but quickly dismissed the stray thoughts from her mind.

“Have you two eaten?” Olivia asked afterwards.

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“We are starving, mom. Is Uwyn asleep already?” Maru said and wanted to know where his sister was.

In times of loneliness and struggles, only his family could suffice to give him a little bit of courage to face the challenges of tomorrow.

“Just like old times.” He thought bitterly. But outside, his happy face was openly presented before his mother. Lie, cheat and smile. This is who I am now, Maru added.

“I think so, Maru. She’s in her room already. Shall I have someone call her for you?” Olivia queried.

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She knew how close her children had become to one another especially after the hardships they went through in the past.

And they’d even become closer after all the trips they took in their free time.

“Should I go with them also on one of these days?” Olivia thought because she also wanted to see what was outside this little pond she was in.

But in truth, the attention and adulation she was getting from the crowd of men was taking much of her time.

There were times she had wanted to give in already. The Almighty Celestial knows how long she had taken a bite at the pleasures of the flesh but she kept her impulses at bay.

Because of how powerful her son had become, she also wanted a father figure to match Maru’s status.

“I want a hero to take me.” She muttered in silence and sighed after she noticed that her nipples hardened under the fabric of her dress and her p***y clenched at the thing that it has been missing for such a long long time.

The fact that the men around her were mostly very handsome gentlemen themselves didn’t help matters.

“But will a hero fall in love with such an ugly woman like me?” she asked herself but found so answer.

Olivia closed her eyes and breathed deep and hoped for her arousal to subside. I think it’s going to be another one of those cold nights later on, she concluded.

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