Chapter 238

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Although Maru can never return the lives of the fallen but he can seek justice for their demise. This has become one of his obsessions in life.

And he will not stop until all the blood that has been spilt in his name shall be accounted in full. Someday. In another glimpse of time. They will all pay, Maru vowed.

“Affirmative, Maru.” The system responded and in an instant, a path was mirrored before his eyes.

“Let’s go, Ash. Be fast.” Maru whispered to the magical beast below them.

“BOOM!” the air crackled after the surging winds that paved the path of the mighty Ruler of the Sky.

“Hmmm… Are you sure we are in the right place, Maru?” Tiny Slim asked after they arrived at their destination in only ten minutes of travel.

His eyes wandered and all he saw were many people with shaved heads. May they be man or woman and even the children sported no hairs on top.

Tiny Slim was dumbfounded by it all because this was the first time he’d ever seen this kind of fashion in this world.

Where he came from, everyone took pride in their long mane especially as it waved in battle along their flashy movements.

It gave a picturesque atmosphere and lent a very impressive scene to witness.

And in addition to the glaring contrast was how this area appeared like a collection of small towns that were interconnected to each other.

No walls marked their territories and nothing divided the lands in between. It gave off a warm welcoming first impression to anyone who visited this peculiar abode.

“This is the spot, Tiny Slim. Let go.” Maru descended from the back of his magical beast and Tiny Slim mirrored his actions hurriedly.

The fat boy was still not at ease being alone with the gigantic being that was considered an adorable pet by the family of Maru.

“Can’t they see how horrifying their family pet was?!” Tiny Slim thought and shivered ever slightly after he recalled the battle Ash had partaken the two nights before.

“AMITABHA!” an old man chanted once and his thin figure barred the path of the two boys.

He may seem weak outside but when one looked at his stance, that assumption would be gone in but an instance.

Two hands were put between his chests as if in prayer and a gigantic representation of an armored Buddha was fully materialized into creation behind him.

The large avatar encapsulated the area behind him until the simple towns along its countless citizens and disciples completely disappeared from view.

“Why have you come, Fellow Daoist?” the old Buddhist monk asked. His eyes were particularly drawn on the smaller one of the two boys.

“I want to become a disciple of your sect.” Maru replied. He wondered why this man would know of him. He had never seen this old grandfather before in his life.

“Your hands are stained in blood, Fellow Daoist. And among those you’ve slain is one of us. Please go back.” The old Buddhist monk said.

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He only passively stood there and did not throw any move or attack.

He fully understood that he was outmatched and did not want to follow the steps of his friend who was decapitated after only one move.

All he could do now was pray that this murderous boy hasn’t come here to erase his enemies to the root.

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“AMITABHA!” the old Buddhist monk recited once more to calm the brewing storm in his heart.

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