Chapter 386

She observed the two with curious eyes and if the hands were held were of any indication, then she realized that her intuition had been correct indeed. Mistress Ais actually has had hot desires for Maru.

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She was only glad for it to happen this soon in their relationship. A strong capable man having ten wives was the norm even in her time.

Though some societies scoffed at such ideas but nevertheless, they remained as one of the universal truths, especially in the war torn lands of the Seven Shores.

Where strength was key in everything one ever wanted to achieve and when blood was a price many were willing to pay, the weak certainly had no choice but to climb on the thick thighs of the fiercest.

It was that or be killed. A simple reality in most places. Ezperanza wondered what kind of hierarchy existed in this new world.

But she doubted that it would be much different than her the lands of her forebears.

“Good morning, Ezperanza. Did you have a good sleep?” Maru turned around to greet the lovely woman. Though she never really needed much rest and sleep in the first place but Ezperanza did.

Did she perhaps foresee that this would happen? Maru asked himself.

“Yes. You were a beast last night, Maru.” Ezperanza teased and gave a wink at the man. She wanted to get a reaction out of the normal static woman beside Maru and her expectation did not fail her.

Mistress Ais released her grip on Maru’s hands and proceeded to hugged his arms instead. Big bouncing breasts jumped in joy before it was flattened unevenly on the muscled limb of Maru.

“At least you are beginning to show some emotions, Mistress Ais.” Ezperanza thought within. She merely smiled and was content on looking at the pair.

There was no jealousy in her heart because she accepted this kind of situation to begin with. Maru was there for her and no amount of women could change her place in Maru’s heart.

She wouldn’t be diminished at all but would only grow taller and sturdier together with time. Mistress Ais on the other hand was comfortable in this position.

She remained silent as usual because talking was in fact not her forte.

Aside from the past naughty scenes where she was bold and free to do her wishes but out here in the open, her analytical mind resumed in taking over her mental faculties.

She loved numbers and detecting the different variance in the world as even now, a part of her system even counted the breaths and rhythm of Maru’s heartbeat.

“Lyra is here, Maru! Wait for me to…” the voice stopped in mid speech.

“HEY! What are you doing going near Maru’s body?” Lyra asked and took the other side of Maru’s arms. She looked at Mistress Ais with a frown but the latter just gazed at the wood nymph with calm eyes.

Her hands snaked around and instantly after, Maru felt another pair of soft boobs tempted the lower portion of his body to life.

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