Book I – Legend, Chapter 20 – Can you teach me?

“In this world, strength is represented by what is known as power points. Whenever a Sage class expert released their strength and energy, they would stir the reaction of a natural phenomenon of the heaven and earth primary forces,” Lady Isis was wearing a stunning azure dress as she coached her son and two of her disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master.s, Kamila and a boy named Hendrick. “This phenomenon is called the battle force and appears in the form of motes of light. Each of these lights is measured in power points.

“The color and size of the light determine the type of strength and the power tier of its battle force. The number of lights represents the number of power points. Being able to see this phenomenon is an ability almost exclusive to Sages. Their powerful souls give them augmented senses, especially in their eyes. The ability to see to understand and communicate with the energies in the different planes of existence was one of the reasons that Sage class experts are thought to be more powerful then Saint class experts of the same level.”

It was not that Saint class experts didn’t have any means to see and communicate with these energies. In fact, a Celestial Essence Body could do so even more naturally than a Sage could. As for ordinary Saints, they had to first refine their eyes with true essence, followed by origin energy and soul force, or else they could not see the phenomenon of the primary forces of heaven and earth.

Since his host soul was now awake, Jodye’s mother had attempted to show him this phenomenon frequently. When she released her aura, Jodye could faintly see nine fist-sized shadows full of mystic symbols in the sky behind his mother, but his eyes would start to burn before he could see it clearly. His mother told him that this was because he had yet to refine a source artifact, officially becoming a Sage class cultivator.

Nonetheless, how many power points one had, as well as the rank of power, could be calculated by observing these motes of light. The lowest level of force was known as just battle power, or bp, and those lights should be the size of a marble. Even though he couldn’t see it clearly, Jodye was confident that the lights that his mother’s energy made condense were the size of fists!

This meant his mother had a higher tier of power! Unfortunately, Jodye was currently unable to fathom how strong his mother really was.

The strength of Jodye Trill’s physique in top form was in fact only equal to 6.5 bp. This was indeed the bottom of the barrel. Unless he comprehended how to release his aura force and make it tangible, or in other words discovered his battle force, then his physical strength could never damage someone whose battle power was supported by the primary heaven and earth forces. Of course, that was if he wasn’t using astral might.

Even then, the damage would be reduced without the battle force. This is part of what made the experts of this world so scary, their battle force’s momentum could protect them from damage and even boost their own strength!

However, Jodye was still terribly excited. After all, before this he couldn’t be considered to be inside the barrel at all, being merely a speck of dust underneath it. Unfortunately, even with his current strength, the best Jodye Trill could do in a fight would be to annoy a sage who reached the Freshmen Rank, but was only at the beginner stage. An intermediate stage Freshmen Rank sage with 5 bp could maybe slap little Jodye to his death unless he used his astral might.

The Dao of Sage had seven realms, and various ranks in-between the realms. So far, Jodye had learned about the first two realms, the Scholar Realm, and the Earth Science Realm. The Scholar Realm and the Earth Science Realm were both separated into two ranks, but the ranks didn’t necessarily have the same requirements for advancement.

Jodye didn’t understand much about Saint cultivation at this time, but he was sure he was far weaker than them as well. He still had a long road ahead of himself! For now, he needed to focus on stepping into the Awakened Freshman rank of the Scholar Realm.

“It is indeed more difficult to focus solely on body tempering, even more so in a world where people have control over the world’s natural forces.” Jodye Trill knew from the memories of the ancient Titan that the first two stages of the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.. were all about setting a foundation. They were incredibly difficult to master. The real cosmic strength would only come afterward.

Merely, how old was the current Jodye?

With that, on top of living the pampered life of a young lord, he was not overly concerned or rushed.

Time continued to pass.

“The third young master is headed to the library today as well. Such a studious young man. The First Lady must feel so proud. It’s truly a wonder that he can read so well at this age. He read me an article the other day, and boy was I impressed.”

“It’s a real miracle that such an intelligent child was born to our house. Maybe he’ll lead us to a great future?”

“That’s if he survives that long. The heavens hate the talented, you know, geniuses often fall. Don’t forget that we almost lost him at House Shu.”

“Be silent, scourge, are you trying to get us all killed?”

These last few days the servants of the House Trilleck saw how their third young master Joseph Trilleck would always follow his mother around the estate, as she brought him and their second young miss, Kamila Trilleck, to the House library. Two toddlers being so interested in education were downright strange. To the servants, these noble children were born scholars, with immeasurable futures.

Everyday Jodye Trill would ask to read higher, and higher level books. At first, his mother rejected his requests and made him start with two books of her choosing. The first was an ancient tome titled ‘Sage Art Volume I: The Host Awakened,’ and the other was a more modern styled book called ‘Magic: The Science.’ Jodye Trill finished both ancient tomes in their entirety in merely fours hours, with various questions for his mother.

Three hours later, he had finished the third book, ‘Magic force and Me’ as well. This speed was comparable to lady Isis’ own reading speed when she didn’t use her spirit! One had to know these books were huge. Not only that, Jodye’s questions were all organized and logical, and once answered he had made several new deductions! Some of which Isis, herself, hadn’t even considered. The same thing happened with every book she put in front of him. She had no choice but to start letting him choose his own material to expand his knowledge.

What managed to leave Isis Trilleck far more speechless, however, was the fact that most of these books would have information about the geographical features of the continent, and its history. He would also request books about advanced cultivation and cosmic force theory. These were complicated magical tomes and magic scrolls that even the lady herself would not be delighted to have as a reading task.

“What an abnormal child…” Jodye’s second mother, Omotolani, marveled out loud while drinking tea with the First Lady of the House, Isis. She was wearing transparent green garments that barely covered her private areas. Coincidentally, lady Isis had just thought these words to herself, while she was reviewing letters with Kamila Trilleck, who was in her mother’s lap.

“It’s as if he was born in the Scholar Realm.”

Jodye was painfully aware that his mother wanted him to enjoy more of his youth. She expressed this unceasingly. He had read in ‘Sage Art Volume I: The Host Awakened’ that the process of refining a source artifact could take anywhere from a couple of months, to multiple years, depending on the destiny and talent of the individual. The more the individual possessed, the longer he might take. His mother simply felt Jodye was too young, and shouldn’t have started this process until he had more time to play.

However, the one in question had no interest in that. Things couldn’t always be this peaceful. One day he would need to be his own man, and fight for his own place in this world! Through his constant reading, Jodye Trill had come to truly understand more of this world! He couldn’t help but draw many parallels, although this world was so different from his old home.

The planet was named Gaea, and it was separated into two supercontinents. The two continents are so far away from each other that no one on this continent knows the name of the other side. The ancient records just refer to them as the Far West Netherlands.

The remaining supercontinent was known as the Great East Motherlands and was made up of Rodinia to the south, and Pangaea, the continent where the Saint Anubis City was located. Jodye’s country was known as the Anubis Dynasty. The dynasty was made up of 33 empires, and four mighty Noble Sage Houses of the four major Sage families. Apparently, any family clan lead by Mage rank Sages is known as an Aristocratic Clan. However, only those families with a Pharaoh rank Sage could be recognized as a Noble Sage Household, and its members were called nobles. Since Sages weren’t born very often, Noble Sage Houses were typically comprised of multiple clans.

The ruling family of the dynasty was House Congo, and they were considered royalty by everyone but the four Sage Houses who were allowed independence. The Pharaoh Anubis of House Congo had been ruling over this dynasty for the last 860 years! How wild was that? However, while House Congo was the ruling house of the Dynasty, their overall strength was only equal with the other four families, at best. In this world, might was right. Whatever the force of the experts in an organization, that will decide the organization’s rank.

The Pangaea continent was divided into five regions labeled Origin Wards. There were powerful natural energy barriers made of dense, stable energy that the people of the continent called barrier energy. The barrier energy was separating the different wards. No records were indicating where this energy originated from or why it was there, nor was his mother able to explain this phenomenon to him. However, due to the memories he inherited from the ancient Titan, Jodye instinctively knew this energy was most likely from somewhere in the eighth layer of the sky, similar to the destiny platform.

Each outer ward covered an area of 9,000,000 sq.miles, with the powerful dynasties or other powerful civilizations as the center. To little Jodye from Earth, this was insane. 9,000,000 sq.miles was basically the size of North America! This news scared Jodye silly. How big was this planet? All thoughts of this world and his own being similar flew out of his head just like that.

He would have to completely start over.

Saint Anubis City was located a little to the east of the center of the West Ward. To the northeast of Saint Anubis City was the Eastern Badlands which stretched for thousands of kilometers in the east, past the central barrier, and beyond sight. To the southwest of the city were the various empires and lands of the West Ward.

“Mother, can you teach me how to freeze frame people like you did with Ke Si?” Jodye Trill suddenly found his mother with a request.

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“It’s Head Butler Ke Si, Joseph, mind your manners,” said Lady Isis glaring at her son. Whenever they were alone this child would use all types of loose terms and slang, forcing her to discipline him, “and what kind of language have you learned? Less of this nonsense or you will only be reading books of my choosing.”

“Yes, mother dearest, of course, it is Head Butler Ke Si. But less of that, can you teach me how to turn people into ice sculptures as well? Please ma, aren’t you an Ice Goddess?” said Jodye Trill, with his pleading blue eyes. The sincerity in his childish voice made lady Isis feel worshipped.

“I will teach you,” Isis Trilleck flicked Jodye Trill’s forehead, as her heart melted against her will. “However, you must be careful of who you ask to teach you in the future. These are powerful words.”

“Awesome! Okay, Ma!” said Jodye Trill with a radiant wicked smile, like he just hit the lottery.

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“Joseph, what did I JUST say?!” Shouted his mother in anger.

“Yes, excellent mother, this third young master is truly grateful,” Joseph Trilleck bowed meekly, with an adorable countenance. Lady Isis almost fainted in frustration.

“So can we learn now ma? I just read…” suddenly Jodye Trill completely paused, before his eyes seemed to lose focus, becoming vacant. The sapphire blue magical gem that was floating calmly behind Jodye suddenly released a dazzling light before it disappearing the center of hiss brow like it was a lake. Then, a mysterious and ancient chant was heard in the space around him. Isis Trilleck stiffened initially, before relaxing again when she listened to the song beginning.

“Has it finally started…” said lady Isis Trilleck, as a hint worry appeared between her brows.


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