Book I – Legend, Chapter 26 – Partners

Taking note of the change in the now tiny wolf boy, Jodye Trill’s emotional guard was also lowered. He crossed his arms, becoming serious for maybe the first time in this life, “I am willing…uh, what should I call you? Your majesty? No, this seems slightly inappropriate.”

“I am prince Sylvester Sylknarious Tricko, heir to the Sephiroth of the Anubis Great World. It will be fine if you call me Sylvester. I originate from a time long after your own,” said Sylvester sighing once more.

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He then proceeded to tell Jodye Trill about his past. Sylvester and Xavier Tricko were two princes from a place they called the Anubis Great World, in a star system called the Legendary Star System. They were both variant god beasts from the ancient fey race, born of different mothers, but the same father. Apparently, it’s challenging for god beasts to have children. Jodye Trill wasn’t skeptical about this as they had the word “god” in their name. Would the birth of a god be a simple matter?

This being said, the birth of these two geniuses within 200 years of each other caused an intergalactic stir. They were incredibly rare because they both perfectly inherited both their bloodlines. This was supposedly more impressive for Xavier than anyone else, as he had a half-hero bloodline.

However, the importance of this ultimately escaped Jodye. Their father was a World Devouring Sky Jackal42World Devouring Sky JackalOne of the most powerful True Pharaoh Beast in the Divine Universe45Divine UniverseUniverse created by the True Pharaohs Eternal War and Infinite Peace.d , born with the power to devour entire worlds., and the great monarch of their world. Jodye Trill couldn’t begin to imagine how strong one must be to rule a great world of the Legendary Star System.

Of course, he didn’t actually know what the Legendary Star System was. However, he wouldn’t interrupt someone’s life story monologue just to ask such a question. Sylvester said that he grew up as a real phenomenon, the most genius descendant in centuries, and heir to the throne. Jodye Trill found this to be arrogance until Sylvester commented that his own fame could only be eclipsed by his younger brothers sudden and dramatic increase in prowess.

Sylvester’s mother was an Infinity Black Phoenix41Infinity Black Phoenixthought to be one of the original Origin God Beasts and the most powerful True Pharaoh Beast., and one of the most influential members of the ancient Origin Beast race. Xavier’s mother, on the other hand, was from the Hero race3Hero racethe hero race is considered a holy race since they were descendants of the God Race created by the Nova. Specifically, Rah of the Nova race25Nova racethe first race to exist in this universe, said to have played the primary role in its creation. They are the strongest race throughout the history of the universe, with unparalleled Might and wisdom. Every high level race aspires to be like the Nova. The strongest clan of the Nova race are the Draconians, also referred to as the Nova Draco. The Volos are descendants of this clan.. The hero race look like mortal versions of the god race. Heroes physical bodies are really weak but their souls have wondrous potential. The descendants of the Hero Race are mostly known as humankind. There is also the Negus clan, the White elves, the Dark Elves, the Warlock clan, the Beast Man clan, and the Avalon clan. The strongest clan of the Hero Race are the Negus, who later split to become the Battle Saint clan and the Immortal Sage clan. Battle Saint clan, who are famed across the galaxy for creating the Saint Essence Production law system, studied by all humans who cultivate worldly true essence, are progenitors of martial artists who walk the path of the Saints. The Immortal Sage clan are similar in fame for their creation of the Sage Origin Immortal Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.. system, which gave rise to the Sages across all the races.. Jodye inherited the memories of a Titan, so he had some fundamental knowledge of these two races. From the hero race came the human clan. So Xavier’s mother was basically the same race as Jodye.

Sylvester was plotted against by a powerful immortal king, because he injured her famous disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master. in a galactic competition, winning endless glory. Until this immortal king ended his glory ruthlessly. However, due to the interference of his younger brother Xavier, they somehow escaped being fully sealed at the crucial moment.

Only, the two brother’s souls were still afflicted with a powerful voodoo curse seal and cast into the void. By the end of his tale, Sylvester had once again put on his usual mask of indifference, “This is the part of the story where I met you, in the river of time. However, at that time, you were sealed as well.”

“Since we were both sealed, why do you have memories of that time while I don’t?” Jodye Trill did not actually doubt anything Sylvester told him, as he had experienced having his soul sealed and being launched into the void personally. This was something he could never forget.

Sylvester indicated the green and black flames dancing a few meters away with his eyes, “My mother is an Infinity Black Phoenix. I have inherited the flames of her nirvana. Due to this, I was somehow able to regain my consciousness, and eventually facilitate our escape. Thanks to my Sky Fall Flame43Sky Fall Flamethe nirvanic flame of Sylvester Tricko, inherited from his mother who is an Infinity Black Phoenix. This nirvana flame has perfect yin and yang harmony and is fused with Sylvester's soul., we can all return to our homes one day, but I will need your help. What do you say?”

“But why me? Why did you choose to save me specifically?” Asked Jodye Trill. This was the part that confused him the most. Where would he have time to help another random soul while trying to free himself? It was illogical.

“Why indeed. The answer is actually quite simple. I did not need to try and save you. You followed me on your own. Bringing you, or not bringing you, I did almost nothing to decide,” Sylvester landed on the only mid-sized asteroid in this space, where Xavier Tricko was last seen burning. Sylvester very casually walked over to the nirvana flames and absorbed them all into his maw. The fire vanished revealing a sleeping Xavier, who was curled into a little ball. After the fire retreated, Xavier woke up and stretched his little body.

“Good nap. Sly, why’d you ruin the coup? That’s lame bro,” asked Xavier seriously.

“Be serious for a moment, X.” Sylvester bit Xavier on the butt, who yelped as he was scolded at, “Xavier Grindarios Tricko, this is Jodye Trill. He is our new partner.”

Jodye still had his head lowered in deep thought. Before long he said, “Is it truly possible to return? Are you certain of this?”

“I cannot answer you. What I know is this: We may not be able to return to the exact same time and place, and we may not ever be able to become the same people we were before; However, as long as we possess enough strength, we can certainly return to seek our answers,” said Sylvester.

“How would you know what answers I seek?” asked Jodye Trill, unconvinced that any of this was in consideration of himself.

“You dummy. You are a host soul who has retained memories, yes. But more importantly, you are also the Main Soul of our new life. This is the space within your mind, it can be considered your consciousness. You are us, and we are you. Technically. This is the only way we could so easily co-exist here. In such a situation, why would we be unaware of your thoughts and feelings?” This time it was Xavier who answered him, and eloquently, catching Jodye Trill slightly off guard. Jodye did feel a bit silly, as after Xavier said it aloud he now felt this to be rather obvious.

However, Xavier’s next words made him genuinely embarrassed, “we know all about LuLu and your obsession with her. Did you seriously get a female subordinate to record it whenever Lulu put on her makeup, or cooked, or even masturbated while you were gone? That’s a little weird bro. Are you a closet pervert? They don’t have stalking laws where you’re from?”

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“What!? I did no such…I mean look I was only curious…life was quite hard at the time, you ever been in a trench hole surrounded by men for weeks on end? …look, whatever, what would a brat like you know about love?” Jodye Trill harrumphed after stumbling through his words. Sly had told Jodye Trill that Xavier Tricko was at the age equivalent to eight years old at the time of his demise and sealing, while Sylvester himself was eleven.

“Brat? This ancestor has spent 857 years on my great world. This is not something you, little chump, can fathom,” said Xavier haughtily. However, his wolf-like ears suddenly drooped, and his expression sunk almost imperceptibly. “In fact, I do understand loneliness and love. All too well.

“….” Jodye Trill was flabbergasted by this inordinate number and looked to Sylvester Tricko for confirmation.

“In fact, god beasts age at a rate 100 times slower than that of you an inferior hero,” Sylvester Tricko sneered as he glanced at his sad puppy of a little brother, “At any rate, less of this, yeah?”

Jodye Trill was, in fact, eager to change the dialogue, “What kind of strength are we talking here? How powerful do we need to be?”

“More powerful then you can currently fathom. Reach the fourth zone of the eighth layer of the sky, and we will finish this conversation,” Sylvester Tricko casually gave Jodye Trill a goal that he could not see clearly.

Jodye Trill grimaced, but Sylvester continued while looking at the dragon egg on the other side, “I must say, I am quite surprised you were capable of making that guy submit to you entirely. He was quite arrogant and unruly. I feared he would scatter your soul into dust. Perhaps, even the great I, could not hope to defeat him in real life. However, as a soul, he is not my match.

“Unfortunately, you are pathetically weak. Therefore, before you leave we have gifts for you,” said Sylvester in his signature cold and indifferent drawl. Jodye was excited instantly, but he regained his composure. It seemed being a kid had affected his temperament a bit.

“Just summon the grimoire on the outside, and you will receive them naturally. The same can be said for your fusion, merely summon your artifact and you will simultaneously unlock its first feature and receive the gift from your Fused Soul.”

Xavier Tricko’s scarlet pupils then looked Jodye Trill deep in his eyes, “thanks for choosing the grimoire, Temp Host. I know you’re aware of who it actually benefits the most. But make no mistake, it’s still no loss for you, though. Fusing with three god level existences is incomparably dangerous, and who knows when you would’ve woke up? That’s if you even woke up, at all.

“After all, we would not have been willing. Unless you have a divine power that could counter our own, you would have been annihilated. Mn, I truly agree with myself, synchronization will serve us all far better. Plus you never have to be alone! We will help you with all our strength, and you’ll find a grimoire can be the most powerful artifact. Especially this weird joint you’ve got. How many tools do you know that can grant mere souls a corporeal form? Well, I guess a bumpkin like you wouldn’t know. Anyway, this thing is like a cheat code already.”

Jodye Trill smirked at Xavier and nodded. Honestly, he had quite a good impression of these two brothers. Plus, he was pretty confident that he and the dragon had somehow switched roles, and that Sylvester was somehow the cause. This meant that Jodye would have ended up as a mere combat soul had things gone down their natural course. Jodye shivered at the thought of this.

However, Jodye Trill relaxed a lot after considering the circumstances. It was true that they were all in the same boat, and he was chosen to take the helm as the captain. For this he was grateful, “Strength has always been my greatest desire! I will continue to rise until I topple the heavens and tear down the sky!”

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