Book I – Legend, Chapter 30 – Let’s leave now!

— Joseph’s Host Space

“Well, that didn’t work. We almost lost you there, little buddy,” Xavier Tricko was currently on top of Sylvester Tricko’s back, as they floated in the void space before Jodye Trill. This looked odd as chibi Xavier was still much bigger than the puppy Sylvester. Xavier had a mocking smile on his face as he poked Jodye’s wounds.

“Perhaps not,” said Sylvester, slightly shifting his body, which caused Xavier to fall down below, through the nimbus cloud, where he landed on the dragon egg. Sylvester then continued, “I’m not sure what happened, but if we can make it happen one more time the refining of your eye should be completed.”

Jodye Trill was currently chanting in that strange language once more, refining the energies running rampant in his head. After thirty minutes passed, he spoke to Sylvester, “Actually, I think you’re right. The refining of my right eye is about 60% complete. Merely, I’m temporarily unable to see out of it at all. I’m going to wait for my vision to return first.”

“That is fine, as long as you truly relax. It would not do you any good to have your physical strength outpace your origin and soul by too much. They will benefit each other more if they are of similar strength.”

Sylvester had lectured Jodye like this countless times already. Ever since Jodye’s father discovered that he owned a dragon force genesis, he tasked Lylian Barong with giving the youth suitable medicinal herbs to cultivate his physique. As a result, Jodye was able to use the medicinal strength in the herbs to purify two more astral points over the last three months. Now he had a total of five.

Jodye Trill’s physical body alone was able to exert the strength to eject a 200-pound boulder at 90 mph! This was already twice as strong as the current strength of his origin energy, which was only at 1 bp. Of course, since Jodye couldn’t produce any battle force on his own yet, the power of 1 bp was still enough to hurt him critically, and his 2p strength may not be enough to beat any Sage at his level very severely.

However, once Jodye unleashed his astral might, in which case his power could climb up to the level where he could launch a 1,500-pound anvil at 90 mph! This was the equivalent of 15 bp! Therefore, his body cultivation was far more advanced than his origin.

The reason for that was simple.

The truth was that, while it was quite easy for Jodye Trill to extract the astral might from the spiritual energies of heaven and earth, he did not have the same knowledge of origin energy.

It could be said that no matter how outstanding his talent was, he honestly had to start from scratch with his origin energy cultivation. He didn’t have a miraculous sage art cultivation method that could make this process simple. He had no clue why his father had yet to provide one for him, nor was he allowed to take one from the library. Jodye felt oppressed and neglected. Thus, he just focused on training his physique. This was simple as he possessed the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.., and could be considered a powerhouse within his realm. In spite of his realm being pathetic at this time.

After all, level five was close to the limit for Wimpy Man Realm specialists, as the ceiling was the seventh level. Not that Jodye intended to stop at level seven. Unfortunately, there were no young titans around for Jodye to fight or spar against. He would probably have to settle for picking on these saint kids.

“I mean for crying out loud, you haven’t even stepped into the beginner level of the Awakening Freshman Rank. You’re still at the orientation rank! While your younger brother awakened a month after you but seems to have already broken through to the intermediate level. This kid is a talent, you know,” Sylvester would spend half of every day trying to convince Jodye to try harder in his origin energy cultivation, “You have to increase your efforts.”

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“Then provide for me a suitable cultivation technique. And how can you be so sure that Jumoke has reached the intermediate level?” asked Jodye incredulously.

“When you saw him yesterday, his breathing was different. Stable, almost like that of an expert. Definitely above the rookie level. He should have gotten stronger,” Sylvester was currently harassing Xavier with flames. Frustrated, Xavier’s form changed into that of the golden sword with a flash of golden light, which just floated in place ignoring the fire.

“If I use my astral might then his breakthrough wouldn’t even matter. He wouldn’t put a scratch on me!” scoffed Jodye Trill in disdain.

“Oh yeah, using cheat codes to win in a fair competition. Real mature. At least Jumoke can connect to his spiritual meridians on his own, you wimp. What right do you have to be so arrogant? When he reaches sophomore rank and can augment his strength with his Combat Seed, let me see how you will fight them.”

Sylvester’s berating words sent a shiver down Jodye’s spine. In the Dao of the Sage, the Scholar Realm had two ranks. The Freshman rank was known as the awakening rank for two reasons. The first was, of course, the refining of a source artifact, which would suspend the consciousness during the process. The second reason was that to advance one had to “awaken” their sage body, or in other words, they had to connect the origin vein pathways to the twelve spiritual meridians. The spiritual meridians were in twelve vital organs.

As for the Sophomore rank, it was known as the soul rank. This was because a Sophomore rank Sage’s combat soul could augment the strength of its host via the combat seed in the force genesis. The type and amount of augmentation would vary depending on the grade of the combat seed.

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The idea of this did made Jodye sweat a little, but just a bit. Sophomore rank Sage’s were much more potent than their Freshman rank counterparts because they could borrow strength from their Combat Souls, on top of their already superior strength. The current Jodye Trill wasn’t much weaker than a sophomore rank fighter, but only if they didn’t draw upon any extra force.

“Well…perhaps I should try and find my mother. Today’s training has already ended at any rate.”

Jodye Trill exited his meditation and soon realized the vision of his right eye was excessively blurry. To rectify this, Jodye fashioned himself an eye patch made of grass, leaves, and string.

“Are you injured, little third?” asked Ke Si who appeared out of nowhere with little bell chimes.

Jodye was not surprised as he had already noticed Ke Si since long ago, and he quickly fabricated a response, “I made a mistake while trying to understand my legacy, and have temporarily lost visibility in my right eye.”

This was not false.

As T’Zhane had taken it upon himself to name Jodye as his first disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., the memories he imparted to Jodye were a legacy in and of itself.

Taking out an icy blue pill, Ke Si nodded his head, as if this response was within his calculations. Jodye’s eyes immediately shifted to the pill, as wafts of medicinal fragrance invaded the atmosphere, “Remember Young Lord, you must prioritize your safety when practicing. Haste makes waste, after all. It would seem that I need to inform our Lord that he will need to expedite the process of finding you a suitable technique a little. Here, young lord, swallow this origin convergence pill. It will help stabilize your energy.”

“My father is looking for a mental cultivation technique for me?” asked Jodye Trill, as he directly swallowed the pill. He didn’t believe Ke Si would harm him, and plus the medicinal fragrance from the pill was hypnotic to his nose. So instead of questioning the medicine, Jodye directly asked about the matter he was most concerned with.

Meanwhile, seeing the boy instantly take the pill, Ke Si felt speechless. This brat was fearless.

“Young Lord allow this one too…” worried, Ke Si wanted to help Jodye Trill refine the pill.

“Less of that, I’m fine. Quickly, tell me about my old man,” interrupted Jodye Trill, with undisguised impatience. Would he need help with this when Sylvester was conscious? The answer was no.

“You seem to have inherited your mother’s unbridled personality,” Ke Si let out a dramatic sigh, further wasting Jodye Trill’s precious time, “The House Lord and his First Lady are indeed out searching auction houses for a suitable cultivation method for you. They are looking for a rare Dragon-type cultivation manual.”

“Summon them back at once,” demanded little Jodye Trill. He just didn’t believe he needed whatever dog s*** dragon type cultivation manual. He just needed a pretty decent one so that he could understand the process! Origin Beasts didn’t need to cultivate, they just needed to grow and appreciate their bloodline limits. They refined the energy within by obeying the different laws in their blood. Therefore, Sylvester couldn’t help him, and it seemed that Xavier only knew about the Saint path.

“This…” Ke Si was momentarily stunned. “It is not convenient to summon them back from their current location. What is…”

“Then you will take me to them. Mn, let’s leave now.” Jodye Trill walked to Ke Si’s side and held his sleeve. Ke Si looked down at the almost four-feet-tall child, whose head came up to around his waist. He remembered barely being able to deal with Jodye when he was but a baby. Thus, he chose not to argue and directly brought Jodye into the shadows, moving at rapid speeds to a distant location.

Jodye felt like he was on the most advanced roller coaster of all time, as Ke Si zoomed through the darkness with him in tow. Suddenly, Ke Si came to an abrupt stop 15 minutes later. Merely, this half a 15 minutes felt like an eternity to Jodye. Ke Si walked out of Lord Osiris’ shadow with Jodye at his sleeve. Jodye Trill reflexively cast out his spiritual sense to probe the surrounding area. Jodye was shocked to discover that his spiritual sense’s range had doubled at some point! He could see a maximum of twenty meters around himself.

‘So this is the might of the Spirit Source.’

Jodye Trill was currently in what first appeared to be a cave but now seemed like it was more of an underground city. There were hundreds, maybe thousands upon thousands of people bustling about and various stalls rendering services. There were multiple caves with magnificent doorways and decorations made of magic gemstones.

In Jodye’s immediate vicinity he was surrounded by ten adults and two children. The adults were the two older men that Jodye didn’t recognize but looked like totally normal men in their late forties. They were both looking at Jodye with bright eyes that seemed pleasantly surprised, and had been doing so since the moment he released his perception. There were also the elders of the Five Element Wolf Pack, Lord Osiris, Lady Isis, and Ke Si.

The two youths were a tall, beautiful child and a short, excessively plain dressed and dull looking child. The tall child had dark skin with flowing inky black hair, about the same height as Jodye Trill, wearing all black tights and dark leather armor, like a ninja.

‘What a good looking kid!’ thought Jodye secretly.

The tall and beautiful child had deep eyes that looked like a bottomless abyss, and long wavy hair running down his back in a ponytail. The ninja boy looked just as shocked to see Jodye as Jodye himself felt at being here.

However, the dull looking child was just there. He lacked presence and seemed to almost blend in with the surroundings. He had a dumb look on his face as he stared at nothing with his mouth slightly agape. His left eye was not looking in the same direction as his right. His presence was so lacking that Jodye kept forgetting he was there until he noticed him again, and this was truly strange.

However, if Jodye Trill was forced, to be honest, this kid was a tragedy.

The contrast between these two was a bit much, no?

The crowd was initially shocked to see Ke Si appear out of nowhere with Jodye in tow, however, it turned into bewilderment as the temperature around them rapidly plummeted. Even a few people in the surroundings had their attention drawn over when they felt that chilling cold.

Lady Isis allowed her aura to blow Ke Si out of the way as she appeared directly in front of Jodye Trill’s face like a ghost, cupping his face in her hands. As her voice was shaking in pure rage and trepidation. “Little Jo, are you okay? Who did this to you? Tell me this instant! No, no, does it hurt babe? What happened to your eye, are you okay?”

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