Book i – Legend, Chapter 44 – Peak Freshman

Right before the two hours and thirty-minute mark, Jodye Trill’s entire body shuddered, and his aura erupted outwards involuntarily. A silver atmosphere burst out his body as the force phenomenon manifested in the air above him. Nine white spheres of light, the size of marbles, floated in the air like little star dots.

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“Peak Freshman rank! The absolute peak at that! Not bad, kid,” Sylvester sounded drowsy, as he slowly descended towards the grimoire. He left one last line before vanishing within the grimoire’s second page, “Don’t stop training while I’m gone, kiddo. Don’t waste our potential.”

Jodye Trill nodded. With a flash of purple light, Sylvester disappeared into the second page of the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire]. Jodye wondered what his current compatibility rating with Sylvester was, and the answer appeared in his mind instantly.

[Guardian 1: Cosmos Devouring Sky Wolf47Cosmos Devouring Sky WolfCombat soul of Jodye Trill. True soul of Sylvester Sylknarius Tricko, heir to the great Sephiroth of Anubis Great World. Consciousness and true form unlocked., compatibility rating: 47%]

“Holy crap… down a full 13%? Wow, how much strain does this cause him exactly?”

Jodye shook his head, then withdrew his consciousness from the host space. Opening his eyes and glancing above, he boisterously laughed out loud.

“Hahaha, Peak Freshman rank, and now I have 9 bp! I’m one step closer to ranking up! I wonder what level that little brother of mine had reached in this time,” Jodye was suddenly concerned about his young half brother Jumoke Trilleck. What level had he reached? Advanced Freshman rank? Maybe the Peak? Jodye felt that he likely didn’t have more than 8 bp even if he attained Peak Freshman rank. Jodye wouldn’t even feel threatened if the kid broke through to the Sophomore rank.

Though the force of 9 bp was insignificant to the current Jodye Trill, he knew his mother’s training would be centered around either the Saint or Sage path of cultivation. Plus, it was always good to hide a few cards. If possible, there was no need to display his physical strength or astral might, it was better to stay low profile. He couldn’t be sure which path he would learn, as his mother cultivated in both. He was unaware of how strong she was on either path.

Standing up to stretch, Jodye Trill almost gagged! His body was covered in filth, and he smelled abhorrent. Frowning, Jodye decided to first take another bath with his mother’s maidservants. In his mother’s absence, the maidservants always washed him entirely in the nude, giggling and playing in the water among themselves. This was naturally because their defenses against him were nonexistent. After all, he was only five years old. Should they be wary?

In reality, this was indeed an enjoyable time for Jodye. His mother’s maidservants weren’t on a level that would bring ruin and destruction to a country, but they were all gorgeous with magnificent bodies.


After enjoying a bath full of spring scenery, Jodye Trill released his source artifact, the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire], and tried to summon Eureka again.

“Summon Twilight Sphinx!” the Cosmos Revolving Grimoire flipped open to the fourth page and release and blinding purple violet light, and a kitten jumped out of the page and into Jodye’s embrace. The kitten had fur that look like pure gold, and a little tuft of three-colored fire on top of its head, burning in purple, silver, and golden radiance.

To his surprise, summoning his Twilight Sphinx this time cost him a mere 35% of his body’s total origin energy, while maintaining the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] was only taking up 1% of energy every 5 seconds. This was about 30% lower than the first time he summoned the sphinx kitten, making it far more practical to do. As opposed to before, when it’s utility was purely for novelty.

“Trippy,” Jodye was surprised to see that Eureka seemed slightly bigger. Though she was still small enough to fit in both his hands, she could no longer fit in one. Suddenly, a thought occurred to Jodye, “Could it be that you grow up as I grow in strength?”

“Ding ding! We’ve got a winner folks, show him what he’s won.” Xavier commented via telepathy.

“Responding to host: This Twilight Sphinx is spirit bound. The growth of your soul directly affects the growth of the beasts and vice versa,” said Trippy, although Jodye wasn’t actually speaking to the artifact spirit.

Jodye Trill exited the tent with Eureka on his head and was greeted with hundreds of excited or scared eyes staring directly at him. They looked as if they were a mob waiting to see bigfoot, who had finally arrived. Before Jodye had a second to think the crowd erupted in deafening cheers!

“Young master Joseph that’s amazing! Congratulations on your breakthrough!”

“Did the young master really only awaken a few months or so ago? He’s already of the top of his rank!”

“They say the fourth young master is a natural cultivation pro, what does that make the third young master? A cultivation maniac? This is too outrageous!”

“Young master, my sister works as the Mistress’ maidservant. How old are you this year, young master, seven years old? Eight? Say…do you happen to like girls yet?”

“Long live the young master of the mist! Long live Frozen Mist! Long live the Frozen Night!”

“Long live the Frozen Night!”

“Long live the Frozen Night!”


Jodye Trill was slightly overwhelmed with all this attention. Clearing his throat lightly he asked, “Ahem, excuse me. Make way for me please, I have to meet with my mother.”

As soon as Jodye Trill said the word “mother,” the temperature in the surroundings begin to decline. Instantly the faces of all the warriors present became solemn, as they stepped to two opposite sides and turned to stand at attention. This revealed a straight path immediately in front of where Jodye Trill was standing. Jodye found himself rather impressed. His mother was a seasoned general, it seemed. These movements were smooth and uniform, so crisp, so clean!

Sure enough, sashaying slowly down the newly opened path, was a woman with man-slaying beauty. She wore soft black armor that showed off her incredibly curvaceous body, walking with steps that seemed more like skates slowly gliding across the ice until she arrived at the front. Every time her hips moved, her ample, perked, and round derriere made the men surrounding them want to die for her.

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“Advancing to Peak Freshman from Advanced Freshman in less than 10 hours. Fortifying your foundation this past month seems to have worked in your favor. You barely qualify to be my disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., I suppose,” came the cold bell-like voice of Isis Trilleck. “Still not bowing?”

“Master!” exclaimed Jodye Trill while dropping and kowtowing three times. He was already used to his mother’s change in personality. When she was with her legion, she was none other than the Frozen Night Master! Her demeanor was aloof, and her voice was like an iceberg, there was far more coldness underneath the surface.

Jodye believed that this was probably his mother’s real face. Isis Trilleck’s spiritual sense swept over her son, making him feel totally naked as if all his secrets were laid bare in front of his mother’s gaze.

Glancing at her humbled son, a slight smirk appeared on Isis Trilleck’s face, before disappearing altogether. Who knew that all she had to do to make this child willingly be obedient was take him seriously as a warrior? However, she was ultimately his mother first. In spite of herself, she grew a little upset while watching him dirty his clothes, “Enough Jodye, you can stop. Well, hurry up off the ground my heart, hurry. Do you have a serenity crystal or not? Your mother, I, does not have all night to play with you.”

Jodye Trill moved his left hand over the space ring on his right index finger and retrieved the serenity crystal that emitted a pink, purple, and gold rainbow hue. Isis Trilleck’s eyes became wide as saucers when she saw the diamond, and many of the warrior’s jaws dropped, as they stared in awe. This was a serenity diamond, a top quality serenity crystal!

A clamor quickly broke out among the surrounding warriors. At this moment, Jodye became aware that he had caused another commotion. Merely, he was already becoming accustomed to this. ‘It seems stars truly do continue to shine in the distance after they die…’

“Is this one okay ma?” Jodye Trill simply pretended to not notice the astounded faces surrounding him, as he asked a question he knew the answer to.

“Baby…” Isis Trilleck picked up the fist-sized pink, purple, and golden serenity diamond, her hands trembling, “Baby where…on earth did you find this!? Quickly tell mommy where she can get more of these!”

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