Book I – Legend, Chapter 14 – Something is amiss…

“Are you okay, little Jo?”

“Yes, mother. Merely, can’t we eat something and talk to Pops at the same time?”

“Here, mama has a spiritual fruit we can share.”

Lady Isis was as pretty as a painting with her long black braids flowing in the wind. She was wearing a white dress full of shining pink crystals, three sapphire gem rings on each hand, and a purple-silver gem necklace on her neck. Isis Trilleck sat elegantly on the Wind Spirit Wolf she named Synergy, as it traveled swiftly through the estate grounds.

She used her pure force to block the wind and turbulent forces, more for her son then for herself. The pure force was gentle in nature and wouldn’t accidentally damage the child. Milky white energy formed a knife on Isis Trilleck’s finger to split the spiritual fruit in her hands into pieces. Lady Isis felt a pang of guilt in her heart, but she still proceeded. This was an experiment.

Not every child could become a sage or even a saint. The vast majority of the world were all mortals. There were trillions of people of different races in the Great Motherlands alone, and only around 30% of these people were able to become Sage path experts. Even though it was true that over 40% were capable of becoming Saints, many of those saints never surpassed the foundational level.

However, this boy of hers definitely had the potential for the Sage path. That phenomenon before made this a certainty. On the other hand, the potential for one to be on the Saint Path typically had to be tested, unless it was a Celestial Essence Body.

As for the Sage path, when someone is born with a body compatible with origin energy, they are called a Sage Body. Around the age of three-years-old, kids who are born with a sage body will start to exhibit talents or abilities related to their souls and bloodline limits. This period is called the ‘awakening.’ However, lady Isis was curious, just whose bloodline did the boy inherit? If it was hers, then this was incredibly dangerous, and she would have to immediately take her son and leave far far away.

Her bloodline limit was an absolute secret, no one could know of it. However, if it was the bloodline limit of Osiris would it be less dangerous? Maybe, but not by much in their current settings. Nonetheless, Isis Trilleck had no answers for these questions she had.

So she decided to test it out.

In spite of his young age, Jodye was apparently in his ‘awakening’ state. If he had inherited his father’s bloodline or even her own, then he wouldn’t easily eat this poisoned fruit. Most beasts, especially wolves, had a superior sense of smell, and deep inborn instincts about poison. If he still tried to eat it, she would just find an excuse to dispose of it.

Jodye Trill sat in front of his mother with bright blue eyes. He was busy observing how outrageously huge and pretty this home of his was, as their ride traveled towards the center of the estate where the lord’s manor was located. This was Jodye’s first time cruising through the main estate like this. His mother seemed to be taking the scenic route.

In the distance, Jodye saw a giant golden statue of a heroic-looking young man with a giant wolf. The young man had fang shaped diamond ear gauges, was wielding dual sabers, and wearing a wolf pendant around his neck. He looked like a country conquering hero. Jodye marveled at this magnificent statue of his father, as a subtle sense of pride took seed in his heart.

There were many places of interest in the estate. Majestic pavilions, palaces of varied sizes, training fields full of experts practicing their arts, and even shopping centers where beautiful women gathered. Jodye Trill was amazed watching people wield flame swords and shoot ice at each other in battle. What was amazing? This was amazing! There was so much going on that Jodye didn’t know where to place his focus.

Lady Isis was tickled watching her son look all around everywhere like a kid at a theme park. Indeed, this boy did seem a bit wild. After he had heard his mother say that she had food to share, Jodye took five full minutes to turn his body halfway back and reach to grab the piece of fruit before his hand stopped. Lady Isis’ brow twitched slightly.

“Ma, this smells weird. The fruit…I think it’s janky.” Little Jodye Trill covered his nose and turned his head in disgust.

“Janky..?” Isis Trilleck was dumbstruck. What have those servants been teaching this boy? She sighed as her hand suddenly blazed with a pale blue flame, incinerating the spirit fruit, which diffused a dark green mist as it evaporated.

“Janky, indeed.”

Lady Isis had absolutely no idea where this kid learned his crazy vernacular. It troubled her heart that her own baby was already so mysterious to her! The little boy was a walking wonder. If he was indeed ‘awake’ as a mere one-year-old…


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Meanwhile, Jodye Trill looked up and saw something unusual high up in the sky. Clashes of energy were causing shock waves as two nobles of the house faced each other in mid-air. Lady Isis followed her son’s eyes and took note of this.

“Synergy, slow down for a minute,” Lady Isis called out to the Wind Spirit Wolf, then looked down at her son, “Do you want to see?”

Jodye’s eyes lit up in surprise. He asked in almost a whisper, “Can I?”

His mother smiled gently in response, making the whole world dim a little. Lady Isis then picked him up in her arms, and the next thing Jodye knew he was shooting up into the sky!

“Mom, you can fly!?” Jodye Trill was blown away by this revelation.

“Who told you that your mother couldn’t fly?” laughed Lady Isis in her bell-like voice, “I can do much more than this. Come, let us watch.”

Lady Isis covered her son in a layer of her spiritual power. She then wrapped him in a protective layer of true essence as well, just to be safe. Isis flew to an altitude above the two young nobles clashing in the skies. She wasn’t even 25 meters away from the clash, but Jodye Trill didn’t feel anything like shockwaves of battle like he expected. The most he felt was nothing but a slight wind blowing on his face.

“This. IS. AWESOME!!” screamed Jodye Trill with his fists pumped in the air. Isis Trilleck just shook her head and smiled.

Below, Jodye watched as the two nobles had an even clash, then landed several meters away from each other in the air. However, instead of hovering like his mother was currently doing, it was as if they were standing. Jodye Trill noticed that under their feet there were magic circles made of light and strange symbols.

“Give up, Edward, you could never reach me,” said the handsome brown-skinned noble in elegant blue clothes. His opponent, Edward, had pearl white skin, a bare upper body, and camouflage combat pants. He didn’t respond with words, but his aura exploded as he sent out a punch that contained all his remaining strength! A giant fist imprint made out of black flaming darkness hurtled towards the brown skinned noble at an incredible speed.

“I’m done playing with you!” Scowled the handsome noble. He lifted his arm condensing green wind energy into 12 huge swords. The twelve wind swords begin spinning, and 12 hurricane swords slammed into the flaming fist of darkness right before it made an impact. As this was happening, the handsome noble was saying a mysterious incantation.

Jodye watched in awe as the noble’s spoken words turned directly into tiny red runic symbols that gathered at his hands turning into a massive orb of flame. The handsome brown-skinned noble in blue clothes then shifted his body and assumed what Jodye could only define as an energy blast posture.

“Endless Inferno!” shouted the handsome brown-skinned noble in blue clothes, as he blasted out a pillar of fire from the orb with both palms. The pillar of flame hit the 12 hurricane swords, and instantly there was a violent explosion of fire that looked like a heavenly drill of flame efficiently dispersing the fist imprint and crashing into the young noble Edward. Edward was launched 200 meters away by the explosion! At this instant, Lady Isis actually erected an additional barrier made of serenity force, just in case her baby felt hot.

One could only say she was over-protective.

Meanwhile, Jodye Trill was stunned and shaking. It would take longer to describe, but all of this happened in a matter of seconds, ‘What the hell?’

After the flames and smog dispersed, Jodye could see that while Edward was bleeding in some places and the arm he punched with was hanging limp, he was otherwise still standing in the air. Albeit, a little haggardly. Still, Jodye was speechless. Edward didn’t die? Who could survive something like that? What a freak!

Even though Jodye Trill had the legacy of an ancient Titan, there was a different feeling when he saw a fight in person. It was like watching a boxing match on pay per view, versus having front row tickets to the battle. Just watching a recording wasn’t really the same experience.

“To think, you had been holding back this whole time…Kold Rondo. I admit defeat,” Edward was solemn as he directly admitted defeat.

“Haha, it was a good fight,” laughed the handsome brown-skinned noble Kold Rondo, “Hurry and break through to the advanced silver rank, then we can truly compete.”

Edward just nodded while descending from the sky.

“Let’s go, baby,” Lady Isis’ eyes flashed with a discerning glint as she watched Kold Rondo leave, then her silhouette flashed, and she flew rapidly back towards Synergy, landing elegantly on Synergy’s broad back in but a few seconds.

Jodye was still speechless as he ruminated over the wonders he had witnessed. When would he be so strong? Flying and casting magic spells or standing on magic circles in the air! These people could fly and perform secret arts, wow! Being young was hard, and he wanted to get older!

When the Wind Spirit Wolf reached the perimeter of the Anubis statues in front of the lord’s manor, it actually stopped and dipped into a bow, before proceeding forward. Jodye was flabbergasted.

“Mother,” Jodye Trill lifted his head to look up at the gorgeous woman with mesmerizing eyes seated behind him. She smiled at him gently, making him feel warm all over.

“Mn.” Lady Isis replied, slightly lost in her own thoughts.

“Why do the spirit wolves bow before the statue?” asked Jodye Trill.

“Hmm?” Lady Isis was caught off guard for a moment before collecting herself and responding, “This is to honor your father, whom they love and respect deeply.”

“The wolves, you mean. The wolves love dad?” asked Jodye Trill.

“Mn, that’s right. Your father has sworn allegiance to the Pharaoh Anubis, and the statues all have a trace of his noble force inside. The house lord Osiris Trilleck, your father, has a very high level of natural talent. He achieved the Gold Mage Rank at the age of 25 and became a legendary figure in the entire dynasty.

“He is the most talented young Sage in the past 100 years of the Anubis Dynasty’s history. Spirit Wolves treat your father as a deity. Demon Jackals also show your father respect. Joseph, the bloodline of us, your parents, is exceptional. As is yours, it seems. You are the second child of the Lord whom the spirit wolves admire. Milly was the first.”

Little Jodye was silent as he stared ahead. His gaze was steady and determined. Lady Isis sighed once more and used her abilities to quickly twist her son’s hair, making him look fresh and refined. Synergy swiftly arrived in front of the Lord’s manor and let the pair of mother and son down from its back. Jodye Trill felt a little suspicious about the fruit thing from before. Merely, he remained confident that, regardless of whatever his mother had planned, Isis Trilleck definitely wouldn’t have let him come to harm.

Their connection was no front, after all. Plus Jodye Trill was now aware of another fact; his mother was strong. At a minimum, she was far stronger than the young nobles Edward and Kold Rondo. Those experts never even noticed her presence! It was as if his mother and himself didn’t even exist.

Besides, Jodye knew enough about fake love to recognize it with ease.

Still, he wondered what all that fruity business was about. As they walked through the lord’s manor, Jodye noticed his mother had returned to her usual celestial bearing. The face she put on in her public capacity was, of course, different from when they were alone. Every clan member or servant they passed hurried to greet the pair respectfully. As such, Jodye did the same.

“Long live the day, first lady Isis. Today you look more lovely than ever.”

“My Lady Isis, thank you for healing my son!”

“Third young master, are you well?”

“This lowly one greets the first lady and third young master.”

Lady Isis nodded indifferently at all the people who came in greeting, as she walked forward at a moderately slow pace so that her son’s small legs could keep up with her. She would, honestly, rather just carry the child. Unfortunately, she knew from experience that the stubborn little boy at her heels would be utterly unsatisfied with such an outcome.

Jodye Trill walked with regal flair, his back upright, and his gaze straight ahead. He looked like a young noble. Isis Trilleck was impressed with her son’s bearing, as she noticed that Jodye didn’t bat an eye at any of the flattery they had received, nor did he comment on it at all. It’s as if the people from before were all just empty air! Who did this kid think he was?

Lady Isis was feeling a mixture of proud and annoyed. People would surely think she had taught him to behave like this. Of course, she also knew he did have that right and had intended to train him to act like this! He was the young lord of the House, after all. They were people of status. Isis, who was once poor and weak, would definitely milk this with her child. Merely, she never got a chance to slowly show him these ways, because the child had apparently been born so refined!

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Jodye Trill did nothing but ask his mother questions about the various things he had laid his eyes on. After a while, the pair of mother and son reached a large manor’s main chamber. Standing before the chamber doors was none other than the estates enigmatic head butler, Ke Si. Lady Isis and her son stopped in front of Ke Si.

“What is this? Why do you block my path, Ke Si?” Lady Isis asked with narrowed eyes.

“My lady, I’m sorry. The council would like to see the third young master alone.” Said Ke Si without opening his eyes.

Jodye Trill subconsciously took a step closer to his mother, whose body responded instinctively as she lifted him into her arms.

Lady Isis Trilleck’s sapphire eyes begin to glow beautifully with golden light as her gaze turned chilly and she calmly replied, “I am the First Lady of House Trilleck, Isis Trilleck, the wife of your master. Do you know what that means, head butler? I. Am. Your. Mas. Ter.” With every pause Isis Trilleck took a step, leaving pink and purple ice crystals in her wake.

“You have no right to obstruct me, head butler Ke Si. Scram the f*** out of our way for me.” As Lady Isis’ words finished, she wrapped her son in her spirit power as a chilling, multicolor, and powerful serene aura suddenly erupted from her and sent Ke Si tumbling through the chamber doors.

The force was chilling to the bone, and gave the feeling of extreme stillness, like an ancient mountain. Jodye Trill was able to instantly recognize that this was serenity force! The very thing he had been struggling to gain some insight into. His eyes flashed with the light of understanding! Eureka! Perhaps he should find a way to ask for his mother’s help? Jodye had continuously been struggling with how much intelligence he should be revealing. As a former spy, he knew that information was power. He had to keep his cards hidden.

His own matters aside, Jodye was nonetheless impressed with his mother’s sudden, and domineering change in personality. He had never imagined she had this side to her too. This world only grew more intriguing. No wonder she was able to fight her way up to the first wife position. She was actually this fierce! Jodye figured she was at least as imposing as the five old coots that follow his father around.

Those guys were intimidating! I mean heck, their eyes glowed. How wild was that? After landing slightly miserably in the main chamber, Ke Si’s eyes opened wide in shock, as he was similarly shocked by the First Lady’s current behavior and strength. Lady Isis slowly sashayed through the doors, with little Jodye Trill on her hip, without reducing her ice-cold aura in the slightest as she stepped past Ke Si, who instantly turned into a purple and blue block of ice.

‘Poor Ke Si,’ thought Jodye Trill. Even though the butler had attempted to separate them, Jodye Trill didn’t have a bad impression of this now frozen affairs manager. Seated at the oval war table in the center of the chamber were 12 imposing looking elders. Directly across from the mother-son duo, at the head seat of the war table, was the House Lord, Osiris Trilleck. Only, the typically pleasant, smiling face Jodye Trill had grown accustomed too was currently grim and emotionless, his black eyes glowing with a harsh grey light. This slowly chilled Jodye’s heart, as he turned vigilant.

‘It seems…Something is amiss here.’

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