Chapter 61: 3rd Rank Demon Beast Devil Ape

“Since you have no idea, just forget about it. There will be a day when I will figure everything about it!” Radiance flashed in Mo Wentian’s eyes. He recalled the old man’s word. ‘Devouring Heaven Sword Technique. This sword devoured the nine firmaments. Today, I will help you mold the Devouring Heaven Spiritual Root. Some people will be attracted to you because of this and you’ll find yourself in trouble even if you don’t cultivate!’

Who was that person who left this message behind? Mo Wentian wished to know about it. However, he knew that his current strength was insufficient to arouse this person’s attention. Besides, that voice was produced from within the brute sword.

“Let’s go!” Mo Wentian left the valley immediately, while bringing the Ice Soul Flood Dragon with him.

Outside of the valley.

“Master, I’m hungry!” The Ice Soul Flood Dragon laid on Mo Wentian’s shoulder and spoke lazily. Ever since they left the valley, Mo Wentian had started feeding it with the Ice Soul Grass. From then on, it started to act pitiful. After some time had passed since its last snack, it would request Mo Wentain again to feed it some Ice Soul Grass. Furthermore, it would no longer eat Ice Cold Grass.

“Brat, you had already consumed 13 stalks of Ice Soul Grass. The grade of these Ice Soul Grass is too low. It will no longer have any effects on you regardless of how many of them you eat!” Mo Wentian shook his head with a bitter smile. The Ice Soul Flood Dragon’s cultivation had already reached the peak of 2nd rank. Just a little more and it would advance into the 3rd rank. However, it wasn’t so easy to advance into the 3rd rank. Unless there was the aid of a ‘heaven grade spiritual elixir’.

“Er…” When the Ice Soul Flood Dragon heard it, it leaned on Mo Wentian’s shoulder dejectedly.

“Oh right, you said these demon beasts are afraid of you?” Mo Wentian suddenly inquired while staring at the Ice Soul Flood Dragon.

“That’s right. So long as I issue an order, these 2nd rank demon beasts would come over to protect me. However…”

“However?” Mo Wentian inquired profoundly.

“However, the big guy wouldn’t!” Ice Soul Flood Dragon replied in fear.

“Who’s this ‘Big guy’?” A trace of puzzlement arose in Mo Wentian’s eyes.

“Big guy is a 3rd rank demon beast. He’s the strongest demon beast here and he lives in the depths of the mountain range. He’s a devil ape and his strength is extremely strong…” The Ice Soul Flood Dragon’s eyes were filled with fear when she spoke of the big guy.

“3rd rank demon beast, a Devil Ape!” Mo Wentian’s eyes brightened up. Devil ape was a middle grade demon beast. It was a level higher than the Ice Soul Flood Dragon!

“In the big guy’s territory, there’s a stalk of Ice Marrow Grass!” Ice Soul Flood Dragon added.

“Ice Marrow Grass?” Mo Wentian’s expression turned somewhat rigid. Subsequently, he replied fiercely: “The reason why you are telling me the information of the big guy is because you want me to obtain the Ice Marrow Grass for you?”

“Master please calm down. There’s a lot of other stuff around the Devil Ape. I have obtained news that there’s a stalk of even stronger spiritual grass inside the Devil Ape’s cavern!”

“What spiritual grass?” Mo Wentian’s eyes brightened up.

“Heaven Dragon Grass!” Ice Soul Flood Dragon replied immediately.

“What?!” Mo Wentian cried out. The radiance in his eyes exploded out.

The Heaven Dragon Grass was a king grade spiritual grass. This spiritual grass possessed an extremely strong effect. That was to… assist a sword cultivator to comprehend the Azure Dragon Sword Intention! Furthermore, it was a comprehension that pushed them straight to the 2nd layer of sword intention!

“Never did I expect that there would be such a good item in this mountain range. So long as I obtain this Heaven Dragon Grass, I would be able to comprehend the 2nd layer of Azure Dragon Sword Intention immediately. When the time comes, I would be able to advance into the Four Constellation Realm immediately!

I would be able to step into the 2nd layer of Four Constellation Realm directly!” Mo Wentian’s eyes grew incomparably wide. Subsequently, he seemed to have recalled something. He grinned and asked the Ice Soul Flood Dragon: “Kid, tell me. How’s that Devil Ape’s strength…”


A day later, Mo Wentian entered the depths of the core region. Layers and layers of desolation could be sensed from afar as Mo Wentian’s expression grew unprecedentedly grave. The current him was able to contend against an ordinary Sword Master. But a 3rd rank demon beast… was even stronger than a Sword Master!

“Xiao Jiao, can you call all the demon beasts that are at the peak of the 2nd rank to here?” Mo Wentian inquired.

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“Master, wait a moment!” Xiao Jiao leaped and disappeared from Mo Wentian’s shoulder. A moment later, a series of low roars were transmitted from all directions.

“Boom boom boom…”

A moment later, a series of vibrations were transmitted through the ground. Clearly, all the 2nd rank demon beasts around them had started to make their way over.

“This brat is certainly not an ordinary Ice Soul Flood Dragon. How could an ordinary Ice Soul Flood Dragon be able to control so many 2nd rank demon beasts?!” Mo Wentian inhaled deeply. Subsequently, a trace of an evil smile appeared on his face. He had profited greatly this time! If he was able to devour this Devil Ape’s essence blood as well as the Heaven Dragon Grass, his physique and spiritual root would advance by a grade! When the time comes, he would truly no longer need to be afraid of Four Constellation Realm Sword Master!

At the outskirts of the East Barbarian Mountain Range. What Mo Wentian didn’t know was on the second day he left, a silhouette had also entered the East Barbarian Mountain Range.

“Mo Wentian, unexpectedly, you still dare to enter the East Barbarian Mountain Range. Very good. You ruined my Yuan Clan and caused me to become a stray dog. If I don’t kill you, I’m not human!” A silhouette that was filled with killing intent entered the mountain range.

It was Yuan Tianmo, Yuan Clan’s patriarch. He was also the only one who managed to escape out of the Mo Clan.

“Xiao Jiao, is it here?” Mo Wentian looked at Xiao Jiao solemnly outside a valley.

“Sss sss ssi…”

“Master, it’s here. The previous time I came, the Ice Marrow Grass is at the depths of this valley. There’s a cold pond here as well and it is a lot bigger than mine!” Ice Soul Flood Dragon’s voice resonated out in Mo Wentian’s mind.

“You came here before? Seems like it’s more than one time?” Mo Wentian’s face was filled with despise. According to this brat’s temper, how could it let the Ice Marrow Grass slip by? And perhaps, it would come to this valley every other day to have a stroll!

“Order all these 2nd rank demon beasts to wait outside!” Mo Wentian instructed the Ice Soul Flood Dragon with a low voice.

“Yes, Master!” The Ice Soul Flood Dragon flashed. At the next moment, it shouted towards Mo Wentian’s back. Dozens of 2nd rank demon beasts behind him were extremely obedient. They stood before the Ice Soul Flood Dragon and were like it’s subordinates.

“This ability of Xiao Jiao’s was simply unheard of!” Mo Wentian frowned. He was a Sword Emperor in his previous life. But even so, he had never seen such a strange phenomenon before.

“Master, it’s done!” A moment later, Xiao Jiao returned back to Mo Wentian and it stared at the cavern. Xiao Jiao’s eyes were flickering with glistening radiance!

“Be careful!” Mo Wentian executed the Ghostly Shadow Concealment Track as he appeared inside the cavern mysteriously.

“Buzz buzz buzz…”

Just when he entered the cavern, dense spiritual qi pounced towards him.

“Such dense spiritual qi!” Mo Wentian exclaimed in surprise. The spiritual qi here was several times better than the outside. No wonder… a ‘heaven grade spiritual object’ was able to grow and thrive here!

“Xiao Jiao, where’s the Devil Ape at?” Mo Wentian inquired in a soft voice.

“In the depths of the cavern. It’s sleeping below the Ice Marrow Grass and Heaven Dragon Grass!” Ice Soul Flood Dragon replied.

“It’s sleeping under the spiritual grass?” Mo Wentian grinned. After which, he no longer spoke. A moment later, the duo entered into the depths of the cavern and the spiritual qi in the cavern grew thicker as the deeper they went. A cold pond appeared before Mo Wentian. Thereupon, there was also another… faint dragon aura!

“It’s really Heaven Dragon Grass!” The radiance in Mo Wentian’s eyes exploded out. He had really earned a big profit from this East Barbarian Mountain Range journey. If he was able to obtain this stalk of Heaven Dragon Grass, his strength would definitely improve by several times!

“It’s there!” Xiao Jiao’s voice suddenly rang out. Mo Wentian lifted up his head and looked over. He saw a pitch-black devil qi being coagulated in the void. And below the devil qi, a four to five feet Devil Ape was lying there! The Devil Ape’s body was blocking the cold pond and about a meter above the pond, the Heaven Dragon Grass and Ice Marrow Grass were clearly visible in Mo Wentian’s vision.

“This time, it’s troublesome!” Mo Wentian frowned. When he looked over, he saw the two stalks of spiritual grass were beside the Devil Ape’s head.

“Master, how about I…” When Xiao Jiao saw the Ice Marrow Grass, it could not endure any longer as she inquired greedily.

“No!” Mo Wentian beckoned. This Devil Ape was a 3rd rank demon beast and it’s vigilance was extremely strong. If Ice Soul Flood Dragon wished to steal it away, it could have done it long ago. Why would it wait till now!

“I will attract him away while you pluck it out!” Mo Wentian suddenly instructed coldly while looking at the Ice Soul Flood Dragon.

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“You will attract him away?” The Ice Soul Flood Dragon was stunned. Originally, she thought that Mo Wentian would ask her to attract it away. Unexpectedly, Mo Wentian had actually chose himself to be the bait!

“Master, I…” The eyes of the Ice Soul Flood Dragon had somewhat changed.

“Kid, make the best use of the time. If not, don’t blame me if you couldn’t become a 3rd rank demon beast!” Mo Wentian grinned at the Ice Soul Flood Dragon before disappearing mysteriously. At the next moment, a sharp sword qi shot towards the depths of the cavern!

“Devil Ape, come out!” His echo resonated in the cavern.

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