Chapter 148 – A Wild Ally Appears

. Up ahead, I was pretty sure that I could see the meadow where Möemnen’s pets abducted me in the first place. I didn’t know how far her territory extended, but if she sent her bugs to that meadow to bring me to her, perhaps her direct control didn’t extend that far. She had to have their help to pull ...

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Chapter 148 – A Wild Ally Appears
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I really love writing Kiki's dialog.

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LV 3

Some (one that I’ve seen so far) of the Durandal’s dialogs arn’t italic. The one I see is when they discuss resources available. Sorry it’s not specific, not sure if I should quote whole lines before this chapter is unlocked. TY for the chapter 🙂

LV 3

Thanks for the chapter, Kiki defies logic she is smart smart

LV 4

Thanks for the chapter

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