Chapter 20 – Feeding

“Celia,” came a voice behind me. “I know it’s your turn, but I should take this one. You haven’t yet accompanied a vampire, I believe.”

I turned to see a woman of around twenty years old, with lush auburn hair bordering on dark red and jade green eyes. She was just as lovely as the rest, but had an air of seniority.

She curtseyed. “My Lady, a pleasure to see you again. I am Dana.”

I nodded, but her familiarity made me unsure of myself.

Smiling gently, she suggested, “Perhaps you don’t remember my visit to you last year. Celia is inexperienced, so for your first time visiting us in this house, I would prefer to serve you. However, I am expensive, so should my fee be unacceptable, I can help you select another girl.”

“What is your fee?” I asked.

“We usually don’t discuss it in the salon, but we make an exception for first-time visitors. I charge a full crown per night.”

I shook my head and smiled back. “I am sure you are well worth it. Please take care of me.”

Dana led me to a staircase which led to a hall with several doors. It was quiet, except some muffled noises while passing one door. I won’t go into what I could hear through it, so use your imagination. The hall ended in a door which she opened, admitting us to a bedroom similar in luxury to, but somewhat smaller than, my bed chamber at Mother’s house.

Closing the door behind her, she smiled at me again, then moved closer and began stroking my forearm, similar to how Celia had done. Then she moved behind me, saying, “Let’s get you out of this,” and began undoing my dress. My sash fell to the floor.

“Wait!” I yelped, panicking a little. “I’m only here to feed!”

“Oh? Mama isn’t around this time to supervise. And I remember that you grew quite restless when I fed you before. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to try something new?”

“I am very sure!” I bobbed my head rapidly.

She chuckled, then said, without the seductive tone, “My Lady, we don’t get a lot of female vampires, but the ones who patronize us all take their dresses off. They don’t want to get blood on their clothing. That’s all I’m doing.”

“Really?” I asked, with abundant suspicion.

“Really,” she said, and suddenly my dress was coming off. My tunic came up partway with it, and I had to yank it back down quickly, before she got too much of an eyeful.

“Aw, that’s too bad. The brief glimpse I had was quite fetching.”

One look at my butt, and seduction mode had come right back on.

“Listen,” I begged. “I’m still a maiden and I’m engaged to be married, and I… I want to remain faithful to my fiancé!”

She halted, holding my dress in her hands, her eyes wide. Then she started laughing. Apparently, it was funny enough she had to sit down on the edge of the bed.

“What?” I demanded, getting annoyed now.

She wiped tears out of her eye, and said “I’ve been working here for four years, and I swear, that is the first time I had a customer tell me, ‘I want to remain faithful!'”

Actually, I didn’t care one bit whether I stayed ‘faithful’ to the jerk or not. The fact was, my Tiana side was only fifteen years old, and did not feel ready yet to try what Dana had in mind. Not to mention the fact that, while the new Tiana might now feel such a desire, the old Tiana, like Robert, had been straight. Her attraction to girls was dietary, not sexual.

Also, I wasn’t sure what Mother would do if word got back that I did more with the girls than feeding. I had no idea what her feelings on the subject were.

I sighed and shook my head. “You do understand what I’m here for, right?”

“My Lady, perhaps you do not remember, but I have fed you before, at your home. Yes, I understand. But you are so cute, and I had to tease you a little. Plus that line you pulled on Celia actually thrilled me a bit.”

I blushed bright red. “I’m… not sure how I even came up with that.”

“Anyway, let me explain a few things. These are rules of the house, not my own rules. Because you are a vampire, you have to pay for the full night, even if you aren’t staying overnight. After you feed, I will be too fatigued afterwards to provide quality service to anyone else. If you do stay the night, you must feed before we sleep, not after, so I have the night to recuperate.

“You cannot feed more than once during your visit, unless someone interrupted you, and you didn’t get a complete meal. Also, you cannot keep coming back to me. You have to alternate between us. We have a minimum time between visits for any given girl of three full weeks. That way, you can’t permanently charm me by repetition. Finally, you can’t use an excessive charm or feed immoderately.”

During this monologue, she had stood to put my dress on a hanger and hang it on the wall.

“In other words,” I interpreted. “I can’t make you a blood slave.”

She turned back to me with a smile and an elegant nod.

“Exactly. Thank you for your understanding. So, teasing aside, it is something of a waste if you pay for a full night and don’t use it. Obviously, many female vampires have no interest in anything but feeding, so that isn’t a problem for them. But, if you did have any thought, today or any other day, about enjoying the rest of your time, please do the other things first before feeding on me. This part is not a rule, just my request. If you fed first, as I said, I would be too tired after. So…”

She stood and began shedding her own clothing. “Are you sure you don’t want to try anything else? Not even a kiss?”

“You don’t actually need to undress, Dana…”

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“But, My Lady, it stimulates your appetite, doesn’t it? I know how you vampires work. The sight of the bare skin of a sensuous young woman helps your fangs grow, and awakens your hunger…”

Her dress was able to fall to her feet once she pulled her arms out of it, leaving her in a lacy ‘chemise’ that was far more like a nightgown. She had untied the bodice to slip out of that as well when I shuddered and grabbed her arms. “Please, I really don’t need this. I promise, I’m already hungry.”

She smile and shook her head. “I also don’t want blood on my clothing. Are you sure you want to risk yours? You took it off, last year.”

While waiting for me to answer, she pulled hers off anyway. As she set it aside, she gave herself an overt fondling. I averted my eyes.

“Please don’t do that.”

“My Lady, if you weren’t so beautiful…” She shook her head. “Alright, no more seduction. But if you change your mind in the future, I would very much like to accommodate you..”

Despite my protest, she pulled off my tunic, folded it and put it to the side, sat and patted the bed next to her.

I sat, giving out a sigh, and swept my hair over to fall on the side opposite her. Then, after letting my hands rest on her upper arms for a bit, smelling her hair while letting my fangs grow, I gently positioned her head just right and sank my fangs into her neck.


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