Chapter 204 – Night Run

. The clouds had decreased, and were only occasionally obscuring the moons, but it was only three days until the Night of the New Moons, so the improvement in light wasn’t much. It was mostly the starlight making what little difference there was. As I rose higher into the sky, I asked the bird-kin girl in my arms, “Do you ...

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Chapter 204 – Night Run
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I mention the phase of the moon occasionally. I really am keeping track of it. And in case you're curious, no, the moons can't have different phases. I realized this after writing them with different phases early on. I've since revised that chapter, after I realized that their position relative to the world and its sun would be roughly the same no matter when you saw them, because they are the primary and an inner satellite in a much lower orbit than Huade, the outer satellite. The angles of each versus Huade with the sun as the vertex are always roughly equal.

I'm not an astrophysicist, so I might be wrong about that, but I'm pretty sure I'm not.

Speaking of matters astronomical, there is no particular physics that ensures that a given world would have a 'North Star' of a visible magnitude. In fact, Earth did not have one at the time the Great Pyramid of Cheops was built. The Earth's axis meanders back and forth over the millennia. But, I decided, there's no particular reason for a given world to not have a North Star, so Huade would have one.

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