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Chapter 220 – Another Option

. A gentle rain began, arriving with a slight strengthening of the wind. The patter on the wood-shingled roof had just enough volume to hide the shaking breath of my companion. Our location, the observation hut high in an ancient cypress, had very little in the way of amenities. Counters ran along the four walls, under the observation windows. Those ...

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Chapter 220 – Another Option
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Tiana refuses to use 'Command' to cause a potential donor to consent. She has consistently used her powers only after having their willingness (or used them for purposes other than getting consent to feed.)

She also had a tightrope to walk here. It was necessary to avoid overusing the power, because she had no gauge of how much she already blindly affected Sidis with 'fairy charm'.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that a girl who was afraid of vampires and retained her desire to keep her virginity would be searching for another option. The open question now is, did it work?

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