Chapter 382 – Developing Situation

§ Colonel Tieg’s regiment moved up to become our columns rearguard facing the orcs when Captain Macias’s cavalry company swept around to block the mortal main force attempting to circle our north end and outflank us. Neither had air support, because any flyer on our side was busy dealing with the wave of demonic flying beasts, and the Hamagaaran aerial ...

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Due to overlapping projects, my situation at work has become freakishly busy this week. The good news is that it should only last through this week. The bad news is, I need to delay the next chapter until Monday next week.

For those that don't remember what fan Trisiagga was referring to, it was the ancient relic that Tiana forced her to drop during their meeting in Volume 2.

About spears vs. swords. This is an ongoing debate with tactical historians, and there's a lot of half-assed information on this subject on the Internet published by amateurs. The real truth about which is 'superior' is, it seems to depend upon what you are using them for. Neither is 'superior' in all situations. But since good information on exactly how spears were used historically is almost non-existent, the arguments will continue forever.

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