Chapter 434 – Bath and Departure

§ I think Rod could tell that I was feeling cornered. I was being all but ordered to get married, and as he had pointed out in the past, an arranged marriage was a normal situation for a person of my station to be in. But the concept in the indefinite future is a whole different animal than an imminent ...

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Is Tiana (or Fan Li) running away from her problems, or running to confront them?

My novel writing software (Scrivener) still has the productivity-killing bug. I’m in touch with the software company, but no resolution yet. In the process of wrestling with it, I have used up what little stock of chapters I had, and am writing as I post. I am now using LibreOffice, which I barely know. Again, bear with me if I’m not posting to schedule. I will likely post late (perhaps the following day) rather than skip.

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