Chapter 500 – Confusion

§ “How did this happen?” I asked, baffled, looking around the crowded room for a face that seemed willing to answer my questions. They were all looking at each other rather than back at me, except the cat-kin girl, who seemed ready to burst out in laughter. Oh, so it’s funny? He may not be my real brother, but he’s ...

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It's a little tricky, finding the right voice to write the two different versions of Tiana here. They are two decidedly different characters at the moment, so I need to write them differently, but they are the same person in the end, so I need to keep them somehow two shades of the same flavor.

By the way, "Information already in the Mortal Realm cannot be destroyed" is Rhea's way of stating a fundamental concept of quantum mechanics, hence her comment about Earth physicists.

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