Chapter 558 – Discussion

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Thank Heaven I was able to make it today. My computer jinx reared its ugly head again.

I am now on my third computer since starting this novel. Technically my fourth, I suppose, since I had to temporarily work from Google Docs on an old Windows machine for a while too. My computer issue a few months ago was that my screen suddenly began going blank in a stripe across the bottom, which I resolved laboriously by going through the steps to replace the keyboard, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth

So, over the weekend, the new screen suddenly went blank in a vertical stripe right down the middle instead. I said screw it and put a refurb laptop on order. My credit card is crying, but I'm not spending any more on the previous laptop if the fixes are only going to last a couple months!

It arrived this morning. I've spent hours transferring over to it, and now I'm back in business.

Lhan getting truly done with the older incarnations! Well, not really, but I like that she's starting to speak her mind about it.

Lore note: "red bean jelly" is mizu yokan, which is a sort of standalone dessert version of the "an" paste in Japanese pastries. It's delicious.

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