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Chapter 586 – Between Two Worlds

§ After eighty four days in Sky Ocean, when Narses was preparing for the late sunset of the first week of  the Month of Summer Storms, less than three weeks after the summer solstice, and roughly six hours after the attack in which I disappeared, three formless [Blood Effigies] emerged from my body. Sirth and Lhan respectively controlled two, and ...

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A few notes about Lydia's ruminations concerning Sappho. The belief that she must have been a hetaira are Lydia's, perhaps shared by others of her age, but we don't actually know what Sappho's social position was.

It would fit for her to have been a hetaira, assuming that profession existed in Lesbos in her time (an unknown), and it is a matter of debate among scholars, but there is no solid evidence, and plenty of scholars with other opinions.

Her confusion about the fascination with sexual orientation, and the focus on Sappho (possibly) being homosexual, are accurate though. Ancient Greeks simply didn't think in those terms. If they did find something remarkable, it might to be to comment about someone not participating in sex at all.

It was to the point that terms for 'homosexual', 'heterosexual', 'bisexual', etc. simply didn't exist in the language. The only notable terminology is Ancient Greek terms that essentially mean 'Top' and 'Bottom', and only with respect to inter-male relationships.

So yeah, she would find our modern obsession over the subject to be, at the very best, bizarre.

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