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Chapter 588 – An Old Acquaintance

§ I’ve been sleeping more often since my marriage, for a very simple and almost insidious reason. I’ll snuggle with Mireia after she feeds me or, well, other things, and Rod tucks the two of us in before settling in himself. It’s warm. I sleep. I don’t need even vaguely as much sleep as a mortal, but once I doze ...

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Was there a good reason for the HR Manager to visit again? After I wrote this chapter, I asked myself that, several times. I decided to keep it, more than anything, to settle Tiana's mind on those final points. I'll think it over again when it's time to edit the final cut of this series.

Speaking of which, I'm close to completing the first volume, which I'm posting on Patreon for paid patrons. I've got a couple chapters of heavy re-writing to go, but it's rolling out, slowly.

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