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Chapter 604 – Elder Scion

§ For a long moment, I simply stood there with the rest gaping at me, until Shindzha exclaimed, “Mistress!” I let slight dimples show up on my illusory cheeks. The [Blood Presence] projection provides enough feedback to allow me to control my facial expression and speech, even though I can’t feel the weight on my feet and most other body ...

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I have described before how Stregione are masculine-form Elders, but not the effective male of the species, because human men serve in that role. Originally, I planned to make masculine Elders sterile, but I decided to make them the origin of Fairlings, Fairborn and Dhampirs instead. And I have not previously mentioned the Elder Age term for Diurhimath's kind, the one male in a hundred Elder babies born, as being 'Elder Scions'.

Tiana just went over it, but I will flesh it out a little more, because I created something of a complex monster with this mess.

In the Elder age, Fairlings were called Elderlings, and were mortals sired by Elder Scions. And the offspring of Elders sired by Elder Scions were 'Elderborn', who had the natures of both Dhampirs and Fairborn, explaining the existence of both. Any Elder's baby sired by a mortal species other than human would also come out as 'Elderborn'. Meanwhile, baby true Elders were only sired by human mortals.

This complicated mess somehow reversed during the split of Elders into Fairies and Vampires. Women of those species needed sires from the true Fairy and Vampire men rather than mortals in order to bear their own species, while the true Fairy and Vampire men could only sire powerful mortals in mortal women, Fairlings and Darklings respectively. And the women of those species could only produce 'half' species, Fairborn and Dhampirs, with mortal men.

I haven't really covered as much the other species, like ogres, succubi and amazons. Ogres follow the Vampire model. Succubi, amazons and satori are just like Elders, except they lack male offspring entirely. They can only reproduce with humans, and only produce female offspring of their own kind.

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