Chapter 94 – Mother

EMERGENCY!Please Subscribe to us on YouTube and Show your SUPPORT!!! I know you guys have YouTube, don't even play! You read for free, so please subscribe. Thanks . Mother entered my room in full fairy regalia, with wings and raiment glowing faintly. This reminder that she is a powerful supernatural creature left me a bit afraid, because she is the ...

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Chapter 94 – Mother
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This chapter ends what my planning notes call the 'Entrance Ceremony' arc. Its purpose was to set up the next arc and introduce a bunch of characters who will be in the upcoming volumes. I did not expect it to take this many chapters.

The truth is, this is where my planning notes started going badly awry. Volume 3 has ended up nothing like what I originally planned. The overall story is still intact, but things really got rearranged.

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Huh… interesting. but shouldnt the fairys know about her/them then? her beeing unknowen made sense if she was banished but if her mom left totake care of her daughter who got “gifted” to the mortal king it makes less sense… also i cant remember if he ever told the mother that he used to be a guy… if he did the whole sczene becomes even more awkward ^^

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My heart

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