Chapter 25 – A Certain Strategy

That night, after I could not do anything, the one who welcomed me back in the dormitory was Monica, whose grin has not changed since lunch break. I can understand it after what happened. In other words, Monica’s grin means that she knew the matter at hand, not to mention his year level.

“If you knew there was a confession, you should have told me.”

“Hey, if you were called to such a place, there’s no other business than that. Pfft—”

My shoulders drooped at when my best friend told me the obvious. I couldn’t forget about my bitter experience when I was called that certain after school, okay? In the first place, how can I imagine that I, who has no experience with a man-and-woman relationship, will be “confessed to by a Senpai that I do not know”? No, no, impossible. I am not very self-conscious.

“……Well, since it is an actual confession, I guess it was bad of me to be unprepared this time.”

“Will you modify your ‘someone like me’ way of thinking? Actually, it is because you are popular with the boys.”


I unconsciously exclaimed with a strange voice. It’s the first time I heard of it!

I have reached 17 years of age, but I have never experienced a perfect romance. This thing between Gilbert-senpai and I is the first time!

“You’re not self-conscious, aren’t you? Meryl, you are not an outstanding beauty but normally, you are cute, you know? A person who is ‘familiarly cute’ is highly favored than a ‘woman who is out of one’s league.”


I am pleased to hear my appearance being complimented from a person of the same gender. Moreover, I know very well Monica’s tone in itself. There are really a lot of incidents that happened this year.

“But, Meryl, isn’t he serious no matter how you look at it? He may be naïve, but isn’t it a good thing? Look, that man who has feelings for you doesn’t seem to be in a hurry. We are still in our second year studying elementary courses so we still have time.”

Unlike the certain someone from somewhere, she probably left that “someone” unsaid. Well, since Senpai will graduate this year…… it is strange if he doesn’t leave the school after one year.

“That’s not it. Monica, somehow I’ve heard a lot for the first time. How true is it?”

“Everything is true. Or should I say, it is truly unexpected that you didn’t notice it yourself.”

I guess it looks like I am disturbed over something. Monica, who grinned from ear to ear again, took a paper bag of a shop near the school from the side of the bed. It seems that the contents are perfect for a midnight snack.

“Since this is a good opportunity, let’s talk more about it. I will accompany you tonight, so leave it to me!”

Hitting her chest, her grin turned into a full smile. Huh, in other words, instead of teaching me what I do not know, she will question me thoroughly instead.

……I wanted to sleep earlier today, but apparently it doesn’t seem to be like it.

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“……How should I say it? Knox-senpai is unexpectedly incompetent.”

“I think incompetent is an overstatement.”

And so, we finished our dinner and bath, and we are now again in our room. Both of us sat down on Monica’s bed and talked about everything that happened today after school. To be honest, it is not a special event for me to hide. Other than the fact that “I was confessed to”.

“I heard that he belongs to the ‘worrying about Meryl’ faction, though. Perhaps he was impatient so he failed.”

“I’m not aware of this so called faction, but is there a need for him to be impatient? He’s still a third year student, right?”

“You know what, you’re strangely obtuse sometimes.”

When I thought of sighing, she forcefully pushed my forehead with her forefinger. Monica’s plain-speaking hurts.

“When Gilbert Kralvane became involved with you this much, do you think he will not become impatient?”


I see. It’s because I became involved with Senpai. But it is not related as to why he was “impatient”.

“Perhaps if it was me, if anyone I like is with someone, I will not give up at that point.”

“Of course, there are also people who say that. He was impatient because the other person is Kralvane-senpai. The prominent and popular man in the academy, who constantly replaces the women by his side, and the naïve, defenseless Meryl are together. It’s understandable if he thought ‘Is she being deceived?!’ as he watched from the sidelines.”

……Does that mean he was worried? Huh, that’s strange. I am not pleased at all at his good intentions.

“…I’m not a child anymore.”

“I wonder. I have a feeling that if that man doesn’t have ‘that personality’, you will not be involved with him.”


I-Indeed, what she said was what I also feel. I have no complains on his appearance. If Senpai’s personality is like what the rumor says, perhaps I’ll be sincerely grateful for them for being worried about me.

…But I like Gilbert-senpai because of that personality.

“Meryl, being secretly mushy is forbidden.”

“Did I say anything?”

I got angry immediately just after I smiled as I recalled warm and fluffy thoughts. Although she tolerated me, she is harsh towards Senpai as always. She’s also worried about me so I cannot say anything.

“I can see the fondness on your face. Anyway, what are you going to do with Knox-senpai?”

“I regret it but I have to refuse. I suddenly felt afraid to go out with a senpai whose name I don’t know.”

“……You didn’t even know Kralvane-senpai’s name at one time.”

It was too abnormal after I met that man. An ordinary person cannot be together with someone who has such an unforgettable manner.

…Though I have come to like him.

“I’m sure it may have been different if he told me when we were in first year.”

“It is a good line, but it can’t be helped since the other person is Kralvane-senpai, right…”

She lightly sighed and popped baked sweets into her mouth. It looks like Monica is still expecting an answer. It seems somewhat disappointing but it doesn’t look like I can delay this talk so it will not progress any further.

I sighed in relief that was different than her and also took a bite of sweets. We pleasantly spoke for a good amount of time tonight. When I finish eating this, I have to brush my teeth and go to bed.


After looking at the watch for the time, I saw her eyes behind her glasses slowly narrow.

“………Wh-What is it, Monica?”

“Mm, nothing, it’s just that, did you tell Kralvane-senpai about what happened today?”

The tone of her clear voice was high. We did not promise to meet after school and I know that he’s back in the dormitory right now so why would he specially ask such a thing?

“Is there any reason to tell him? I haven’t seen him since lunch.”

“I see. So, you will also have lunch together tomorrow, right?”

The angles of her mouth definitely rose and formed into a grin.

“……….What are you trying to say?”

“Nothing in particular. It’s just that, if you told him about today, I wonder what he would say.”

“I have decided to refuse so why do I have to bother to tell him? In the first place, is he someone who listens to confession? He will just reply with ‘And so?’, and then it will be over.”

This was the first time this happened in my life, but surely for him, it is an everyday occurrence. I am not a person who brags about such things, but there is no advantage in telling him. Rather, it seems offending.

“It’s better if it ends. The topic ending is just a report~ ……But you know what, Meryl? What would be his reaction if you tell him that you won’t ‘refuse’ that matter?”

“Huh? Didn’t I tell you that I will refuse?”

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“What I’m saying is you ‘don’t have to particularly say’ it. The two of you is not yet going out, right?”

Monica’s words also hurt my heart a bit. Certainly, we are in a “relationship where we have lunch together”.

“Since that’s the case, it is not strange if you will go out with another person.”


Her reasoning is logical. Rather, what she said is typical. There are men and women who have been getting along for a long time and eventually, they decide to date each other. But one day, there is also that pattern where they announce that they will “marry a different person”.

That was noticeable to those who were told for the first time.  As one did not act, the relationship between the two ended up as being good friends.

“……And if Senpai regrets?”

“Even if Senpai regrets, isn’t it a huge success if he gets jealous? You have decided to refuse but it would be fantastic if he is triggered to confess.”


My heart leaped unconsciously when I heard about jealousy and confession. Although I don’t think about that, it is a different story if it’s from “Gilbert-senpai”. Somehow, it sounds sweet to my ears.

“Wh-What will I do if he gets angry? I don’t want to fight with Senpai.”

“Worry about that if that really happens. And if it happens to that extent, why not ditch him and move on to Knox-senpai?”

Before I knew it, the color of mischief from the eyes of Monica vanished. Instead, her eyes were seriously looking straight at me. I can see them glinting strongly with anger.

“I want to know. Is he really thinking of you, Meryl? How serious is he with you?”


My hands that were waving as I tried to look for words were grasped by her. Although she was teasing me, she is seriously thinking about me after all. Her hands were warm.

“You will listen, right?”

I could only nod back at her as I to indicate that I was listening.

That night, rather than the first confession of my life, “how will Senpai react tomorrow” kept on going around my mind so I could not sleep well after all.

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