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Surely everyone present right now is thinking that “it is a waste of space”. It is just a very spacious room surrounded by a white plain wall. No one will find any other furniture, save for the desks and chairs arranged in a circle at the center. There are also no luxurious items such as paintings and sculptures, only a window near the ceiling for a little ventilation.

Despite the magnificence of the kingdom, the room that “they” were ushered into was too dreary in my eyes. It gave them an illusion that they are in some prison or something.

While feeling unsatisfied and somewhat uncomfortable, everyone who attended kept on waiting for the designated time.

There are approximately 20 people. Most of them are around 40 to 50 years old and nearly half of them are women. Speaking of common features, all except one were wearing good clothes. Decked in accessories made of gold and precious stones, they are obviously rich people.

That one person is not gauche at the very least―Rather, it can be said that his outfit will enhance his appearance better than opulent clothes.

He is wearing a purple coat with a stand up collar and long sleeves. The edge of the garment was embroidered with silver without making it look extravagant, while the clasp and the buttons were  engraved with his family crest.

Everyone knows that the “Kralvane” who is present here today is not a simple countryside lord. At a first glance, it looks like he was wearing a military uniform, but if one would hear his name, they would know that it is a formal attire of a high-ranking magician.

……However, even before noticing his clothes, he is already commanding attention from the beginning. His smooth silver hair is shining like a blade and his golden eyes were giving an impression of coldness. He has a straight nose and pursed well-contoured lips.

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He was originally well-known in the noble society but since he was enrolled at the magical academy, it was somewhat rare to see him. After he finally graduated, he went to various places in the kingdom, working as a magician.

The one who has showed up after quite a long time in the noble society was no other than “the reputed man with two distinctive roles”, Gilbert Kralvane. His appearance is much more handsome and attractive than what rumors say, so from the moment he entered this room, everyone who noticed him gasped in admiration. It was as if he was the only “work of art” that pleased their eyes in this dreary room.

When Gilbert was beginning to become nonplussed at those impudent gazes, the only door of the room opened.

“Everyone, I have kept you waiting for too long.”

A woman who is around her mid-twenties came in with a bright tone and smile. She has a flaxen hair and big eyeglasses, but although she has a charm, she is not a specially beautiful woman. At seeing her ordinary, “small town girl” appearance, the assembly could not hide their disappointment.

Only Gilbert muttered, “Finally” and went to sit on his designated seat.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. The messenger “over there” was late. I formally welcome you the the 【Eisler’s Den】.”

At that bright smile that is contrasting to that name, the shocked people hurriedly scrambled to their seats. Yes, it cannot be denied that “uneasiness” shrouded the room. For the nobles, this place is equivalent to a place of trial.

Once she had confirmed that everyone is seated, the lady―Monica Eisler―again smiled then lowered her head.

“Well then, we will start the meeting.”

Once a year―for this assembly, once every few years―the【Convention】is held at the Eisler’s residence, which is considered to be the closest residence to the royal palace in the whole kingdom.

Around 20 heads of noble households and magician households would participate every time. It is said that the “houses that would officially participate are chosen randomly”, but of course none of the Eislers know the circumstances of each house, so they are “always chosen to participate every year”.

In short, if they refuse to attend this convention, it would be perceived as “doing something dark behind the royal family’s back”. In this kingdom where the Queen’s authority is strong, there are not too many idiots who would take self-destructing actions.

Of course there are sudden circumstances such as sudden illness, but at that regard, an expression of sympathy, “Since you cannot come, get well soon”, will be sent sooner before they can tell. One should not make light of the information network of the Eisler family.

As a result, the pale heads of the noble families come to this dreary room every year without fail. Although it should not hurt to be looked at, their stomachs ache at the strange atmosphere.

Now, in this gathering called 【Convention】, like its name suggests, is a place for information sharing and discussion. However, since they are usually suspected “why others knew” about the information, everyone in the assembly broke out in cold sweat and scanned their surroundings. Naturally, a lot of magic was placed on the wall of this excessively spacious room and it goes without saying that the so-called messenger “over there” is a person.

To lie in this place is to deceive Her Majesty, the Queen.』

With the modest and mediocre woman presiding, the meeting wherein the participants tried to suppress raising their voice and constantly rubbed their stomach finally ended after 2 hours.

“Oh, thanks for the hard work. Did the Kralvane allowed you come at last, Senpai?”

While the mentally exhausted people were staggering as they leave, the formal Gilbert stopped on his tracks upon hearing a playful voice behind his back.

“To be entrusted with the conference, you got a successful career, huh? Roommate.”

“It’s Monica….. It’s been a while. How’s Meryl?”

“You know even if you do not ask, right?”

The man answered back with his usual non-sarcastic line, Monica also retorted, “Well, I know,” laughing without holding back.

“The Kralvane family is boring. Since Senpai helped me, I cannot strike at you. You are so perfect that it’s annoying.”

“You suddenly brought His Grace to your roommate. Did you take things into account? I do not want a job that will embarrass Meryl.”

She could only feel a sense of respect at him despite being exasperated at him, who would always display his love for his wife. Monica have also seen that with his good looks and oozing sex appeal, he received a heap of propositions for love affairs from here and there even after his marriage.

However, he turned down all of them, saying, “I cannot see someone as a woman other than my wife.” Not paying attention to them, he is a woman’s ideal husband. Gilbert Kralvane was once known as “a frivolous man”, now she is a little envious of her best friend.

“Your third child is a long-awaited daughter, right? Congratulations. Is she cute?”

“That’s a given. She is a lot like me. Physically.”

“Please stop it. Your daughter is pitiful.”

……Well, feeling the deep love, she thought that it’s better not to involve herself. Gilbert, whose stern expression changed into a charming one as he kept talking about his “cute wife and cute children”, is probably a little sick, yeah.

“Come and visit us anytime. Meryl wants to see you too.”

“Ah…… I’m sorry, I have a lot of things to do such as summarizing the minutes of the meeting. I guess I won’t be visiting for a while.”

Monica replied with a wry smile, deliberately lifting the edge of her glasses “with her left hand”. The right-handed Monica taught herself this action “whenever she tells a lie”.

“……Is that so? Then, next time when you get a chance. I’ll be leaving first.”

“Yes. Please send my regards to Meryl and your children.”

Understanding her intentions, Gilbert smiled bitterly and raised his hand. Monica also took her hand off her glasses and saw him off happily. “I’m going to be a little busy from here on”, she mumbled.

After that, the members of the house warmly welcomed the “usual” Gibert, who was able to return home in less than a day by riding a horse nonstop rather than in a horse-drawn carriage that would take him two and a half days of travel.

It is impossible for a nobleman to travel without a servant, but as one of the strongest magicians in the Magical Society, no one could scold him.

“Father, welcome home!”


Following behind the running elder brothers, Meryl, who was holding their energetic daughter, approached him, smiling.

“Welcome home, Gil. How was the convention?”

“I’m home. It went well. But the moderator was your roommate.”

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“Oh, Monica? She is succeeding, ah-”

Hugging his wife who has the same thoughts as him, Gilbert’s smile darkened. Adding their lovable daughter who reached out to them as if saying, “Me too”, what is this scene if it isn’t happiness?

“Oh, yeah. Your roommate will visit our house ‘as soon as she is finished’. I think she contacted you. Were you able to prepare?”

“Yes, she did, she did. I think she mentioned finishing something. So it was about the meeting, huh? Fufu, we must show Monica that we are happy.”

“Right?” Asking the children’s approval, Gilbert gathered his little treasures in his arms as he laughed.

The two of them and their children were frolicking around until the grandmother, Gilbert’s mother, soon came and pestered them with “Hurry up and take a bath now!”

A few days later, Monica, who came right after finishing the minutes of the meeting, mumbled.

“Your family is just adding more spaces on my intelligence report.”

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