Volume 2, Chapte 13: Banquet

Looking at the strange Ye Lao San, Xiao Bei turned quiet.

What kind of world is this, could it be that those with the ability must have “out of the world” characteristics?

“Yō, it’s really very shocking for brother Mao to come find me. So, what’s it? Are these your new staffs?” Ye Lao San soundlessly moved his foot down from the table and swept them a glance before asking.

“Could be said like that.” Liu Xin nodded his head then continued with a serious tone, “Currently, we had met with trouble, a very thorny problem, so we are seeking your help. Besides, you’re currently very free and is idling. So, how is it, give us a hand?”

“What’s it that could even cause you to find it difficult?” Ye Lao San asked in interest.

“It’s like this, we are being watched by someone that is hidden in the dark and now we are facing an extremely awkward situation….” Liu Xin roughly narrated the whole situation slowly before including the speculation by Xiao Bei.

“Èn? There are still people that are able to play such different kind of tricks. This is really beyond my imagination! However, it’s also quite dangerous, I somewhat don’t feel like entering this muddy waters.” Ye Lao San messaged his temples.

When Xiao Bei heard those words, he felt a little anxious. Damn it, if I had known earlier, I should have first pulled you into the water!

Since the situation had reached this point, he was also helpless. He could only look towards Liu Xin, hoping that he would be able to persuade successfully and allow this weird person to change his decision.

However, when Liu Xin heard those words, he only helplessly shrugged his shoulders. He knew too well of Ye Lao San’s donkey like temper. Once he decided on something, even ten cattle would not be able to move him.

“Āi, in any case, I only came to give a try to see whether you would help out. The situation’s severity and danger, I had already told you. Since you don’t want to enter the muddy water, I wouldn’t force you.” Liu Xin’s expression dimmed but he went to pull Xiao Bei and Yang Chen to prepare to leave.

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Xiao Bei sighed in his heart as he followed Liu Xin to leave. Forget it, in fact, if it wasn’t because they had no choice, he would not want more people to get sucked into this matter. His previous thoughts of wanting to drag Ye Lao San into the muddy water was him venting in his heart. He knew that no matter what, he would not be able to do such a thing.

“Wait, wait!” Ye Lao san suddenly shouted to them to stop.

Xiao Bei and his group turned their heads and puzzledly looked at Ye Lao San.

“However, I’m very interested in him. Hēhē, such a capable person, how can I miss out? I don’t believe that there would be someone in this world who would include me in their plan!” Ye Lao San’s body suddenly released an air of arrogance, a kind which only those with actual ability and had occupied the position at the peak would have.

Originally, Xiao Bei and Yang Chen were still somewhat doubtful as they wondered whether this person was someone they wanted and desired. However, now they could relax and be at ease because of Ye Lao San’s unpredictable demeanor.

There’s a saying which is well said: Those with the ability and acted like a pretentious prick, those people are capable. However, those without the ability and acted like a pretentious prick, those people are just fools. Also, it would be impossible for a fool to be able to live till now, working in this line of work as a grave robber.

Therefore, Xiao Bei now believed that Ye Lao San must be the talent he wanted to find.

“So, allow me to have a contest with him. Let’s see whose ability is greater, hā hā hā.” Ye Lao San kicked away the table with a kick and the table collided with the chair. The table then slided towards the back along the wall and finally, “guāngdāng”, the table firmly leaned against the corner of the wall.

This way of not fully revealing one’s ability caused the corners of Xiao Bei’s mouth to curve up. Such strong control ability. At one glance, it looked like it was a coincidence but there were a lot of things to take note of. In such a situation, to suddenly send a kick and still could use different angles to slide the table along the wall. The final point was when the table collided with the chair. The force during the collision was just too perfect to allow the table to end up stably leaning against the corner of the walls. One must know that in this world, there is still something called as friction which could cause the change in the initial route of the table. If any one of the variables weren’t right, it would then just be a normal collision between a table and a chair. Hence, even the trajectory had already long been well calculated. This kind of strong calculating ability was clear as day.

At this point, Ye Lao San’s pair of slippers weren’t ridiculous anymore.

“However, I’ll say this first. I’m only using your suggestion as reference. The actual action plan, I don’t need other people to meddle in it.” Ye Lao San squinted his eyes as he looked at Xiao Bei.

“Relax, I won’t meddle in your activities.” Xiao Bei chuckled.

This kind of calculating ability was clearly higher than his and it wasn’t by just one or two levels. To them, this would be good news and they were even more eager to have Ye Lao San to personally plan out this Feast at Hong Gate.

[Feast at Hong Gate: refers to a famous episode in 206 BC when future Han emperor, Liu Bang, escaped the attempted murder by his rival, Xiang Yu]

“However, I also got a condition.” Xiao Bei combed his hair back as he continued with a smile. “Since we will not meddle with you, so likewise, you also do not have the rights to meddle with our actions, correct?”

“Oh? Can. You’re really an interesting little fellow! Way better than this idiot who doesn’t know how to appreciate.” Ye Lao San provocatively looked at Liu Xin, causing Liu Xin to be speechless for a short period of time.

Actually, what Xiao Bei said weren’t useless words because there was no one in this world without any weakness. As for Ye Lao San, his weakness was his overconfidence in his strong calculative ability. Hence, Xiao Bei had to figure out another plan for themselves.

Yang Chen took the initiative to laugh and as everyone joined in the laugh, the infighting began to clear up.

This very night passed extremely slowly. Xiao Bei wasn’t able to allow himself to safely fall asleep and it was the same for the others. The clock’s dī dā dī dā sounds disturbed them, causing them to not be able to relieve the uneasiness in their bodies and minds. It had never been thought that something that wasn’t attention-grabbing like the slightest bit of sound from the ticking of a clock was able to cause a huge disturbance, it was as if Xiao Bei’s heartbeat was beating together with the ticking sound of the clock.

Only when it was near the wee hours did Xiao Bei gradually close his eyelids.

No matter how big the pressure one could withstand, he would eventually be defeated by exhaustion. Current, Xiao Bei was like that. Drowsiness had finally won against his chaotic mind, resulting in him issuing out snores.

When he was awakened by the ringing of a phone, it was already nearly noon. The sun outside the window was exceptionally bright.

“Hello? Is your side already ready? Ok, for now, we will not meet with you. You can rest assured.” Liu Xin’s voice traveled into Xiao Bei’s ears.

“What is it?” Xiao Bei asked as he rubbed his still drowsy eyes.

“Ye Lao San, that guy’s phone call. It isn’t anything major. He just called to inform us that he had already made his necessary preparations. What’s next is for us to take the stage. Also, before that, he would not meet us. Āi, I still cannot understand his weird habits.” Liu Xin shook his head and chuckled.

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“It’s like this. So, I also need to begin my preparation.” Xiao Bei washed his face to freshen himself before starting his plan.

First of all, Xiao Bei sat in a train and circled once around the whole Luo Yang. Afterward, he brought a map while going back. After finding the location of Sai Wan, he marked a few points on it.

Following that, he once again visited the library. When he came back, there was a hard-to-detect smile on his face.

“Today’s weather is good. Hopefully, it would bring good luck.” Xiao Bei thought in his mind.

He then dialed a number. Once the conversation on the phone had ended, it was already extremely close to the time of the banquet.

“Let’s go!”

A ray of the setting sun shone across the horizon, painting the clouds bright red like the blooming of peonies in the mountains.

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