Chapter 10: Registration

Coming out of the training center, Shesmu looked around to see that most of the shadows were still practicing their skills. He then just continued walking forward until he reached the reception counter.

The receptionist at his sight was surprised. He then sat up from his seat and greeted Shesmu with a small bow.

“Your grace, this lowly one is honored to meet you. What do you require of humble me, oh gracious duke?”

At this grandiose greeting, Shesmu was confused.

Oh, Is it because of the eyes?

In his past life, Shesmu didn’t know of the ability to become a noble just by changing your hair and eye color, so he didn’t do it. He knew that noble players received special treatment, but for their status to be this high, Shesmu didn’t expect it.

But, if this was the common treatment nobles get, then why did Leonard have such a carefree attitude. There was also that killing intent he displayed at first, maybe-

Shesmu’s trail of thoughts was interrupted by the receptionist in front of him.

“Your grace, my name is Thomas. If your grace desires, we could start the process of registering you as a high noble for you to receive the skills that are yours by birthright.”

Nodding to his words, Shesmu just gestured for him to continue.

Understanding Shesmu’s gesture, Thomas continued.

“Have your grace ever heard about the Inspect skill?”

Shesmu nodded, faking interest in the upcoming question.

“The skill is given to us by the Goddess of Light Aida, it helps us identify basic information about the object on which we use the skill on. This information depends on what type of object you use the skill on. If it’s a living being, it will display its level, Tier, basic stats, and name. If it’s not a living being, it will show its durability, rarity, and possibly spec conditions. Of course, in special circumstances, the skill might not work, due to the high level of the object you used it on, or due to a disturbance from another skill.”

Of course, Shesmu knew all of this. However, he didn’t feel it right to cut the poor receptionist mid-explanation when he was only doing his job. Plus with Shesmu’s new identity, if he shows his displeasure, the receptionist might be stressed for days on end because of job security. Shesmu had felt that wasting 20 seconds of his time was not a terrible price to pay for Thomas’s peace of mind.

Thomas kept explaining the drawbacks and potential use of the skill for another 20 seconds before a notification appeared at the upper left of Shesmu’s vision. As expected, the system notified him of his acquisition of a new skill.

New Skill Acquired
Name Inspect
Tier 1(Max)
Level 1
Cost 0 Energy
Description Shows basic information of the object inspected.

“Now that your grace acquired the Inspect skill, let’s start the registration process.” As he finished speaking, Thomas went back to his desk to search for something. After a few seconds, he came back with a yellow paper in his hand.

“This is paper of light, but we usually call it Holy paper around here. It is used to document important information that is related to the country as a whole. Anything that is written on these papers has a backup that is automatically copied at the level of the royal palace. It is much different from the silver paper used to record information about newborns, and newly registered people of the golden generation. Those have a backup at the level of the city lord’s palace of their respective city. But my humble person won’t bore you with such details, your grace, let us start with the registration process.”

However, even though Thomas assumed that he would be bored from these details, Shesmu was far from that. In fact, he was pleasantly surprised. This was information that he never knew. Of course, he knew that there was silver paper because that’s what is used for most paperwork, and he knew about golden paper because he was invited to many high-level conferences and meetings because of his status as a high diamond Tier adventurer. But he never knew the differences between the two and just assumed that one was used by nobles and the other by peasants. He thought that it was just one of the many ways nobles used to distinguish themselves from normal people in this country. But to think that there was such a secret behind it, Shesmu would have never guessed it.

“But, let me just go find the blood stamp, your grace, and I’ll be with you shortly.” Thomas then sprinted to behind his desk once more, rummaging for the blood stamp. At this sight, Shesmu hid his chuckle behind his hand. Seeing Thomas being so stressed out due to the difference in status, Shesmu couldn’t help but find the situation funny. This whole occurrence reminded him of his fan meetings and how awkward most of them were.

Finally finding the blood stamp, Thomas hurried over to Shesmu.

Standing on one knee, Thomas presented Shesmu with the blood stamp.

“Your grace, please grant us some of your blessed blood. So as to finish the registration process.”

Shesmu rapidly complied and put his thumb on the blood stamp. The pain that he expected never came, the only thing he saw was his red blood dripping on the blood stamp before being absorbed by it. The small cut on his thumb was instantly healed moments later.

Well, isn’t this the complex artifact? So many spells, just so that a noble doesn’t experience even the slightest of pain. What a joke!

Only allowed on

Shesmu was surprised at the level of ingenuity put into this small device, but even more disgusted by the noble’s tendency to spend so much on such useless tools.

As Shesmu was rambling in his head, Thomas wrote some of the details needed for the registration before stamping using Shesmu’s blood.

“Your grace, with this, the registration is done. This humble one will no longer waste more of your time, as the goddess Aida should have already sent you all of the information that your grace will need. If you have any inquiries about your new skills, this lowly one would be more than happy to give my small opinion on the matter. But if not, this humble one bids you farewell. ”

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As Thomas was speaking, Shesmu received a notification. However, he ignored it for the time being to respond to Thomas.

“I’ll take you on that offer. If there is something I don’t understand, I’ll require your help. Farewell, friend.”

With this, Shesmu made his way to the doors of the building. As he was walking he checked on his notifications.

New Skill Acquired
Noble’s Pride

Name Noble’s Pride
Tier 1 (Max)
Level 1 (Max)
Cost 0 (Passive)

A noble’s pride is also a noble’s duty. The noble protect the civilians, and in counterpart, the civilians respect the noble.

The gain of reputation in the Pliyx Stal Kingdom is doubled.

Loss of reputation in the Pliyx Stal Kingdom is doubled.

20% discount on every store registered under the Pliyx Stal Kingdom (Unstackable with other noble effects, cannot grow past 50%).

New Title Acquired

Golden Eye of the Golden Child

Title Golden Eye of the Golden Child

As a holder of the golden eyes, your rights have been determined by birth. But as children of the golden generation, you have no family to inherit or favor to be graced with. However, fret not, as the king granted you the chance to receive a territory and be a beacon of hope for this country. Either through personal conquest of monster territories or through a grant from the king due to military achievement, you’re one of the few who has the right to govern.

This title gives you the same standing as that of a duke.

Looking at the skill and title he received, Shesmu was flabbergasted. To think that just changing the color of your eyes gave you such an unfair advantage. Shesmu gritted his teeth in frustration about the ignorance of his past self.

What is done is done, no need to cry over spilled milk. Plus, aren’t you lucky to have the chance to correct the errors of your past? Keep it together, Mark!

As Shesmu was deep in his thoughts, he didn’t notice that he already reached the exit of the tutorial building. On both ends of the door, a guard was stationed. One of them came into Shesmu and declared.

“Your grace, one challenge still awaits your bidding. As per Almighty Goddess Aida’s command, all of the golden generations shall pass the Beginning’s Forest and reach the tower of might. There, they shall prove their worth by the baptism of blood. This humble one has no doubts that your grace would prove more worth than ever seen before. Please, let me guide you to your resting place before your brethren of the golden generation comes. Only then will the challenge commence.”

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