Chapter 16: Kazumi And Amaterasu

“You guys are trash.”

Shesmu could no longer hold it in his heart anymore. Being a roleplayer was one thing, being so bad was another. At this point, he had mixed feelings of anger and pity towards the couple.

The girl became flustered when she heard Shesmu’s insult, “Hey! Yes, you saved us, but that doesn’t give you the right to insult us!-”

However, before she could even finish her rant, Kazumi stopped her.

“No, Amaterasu. He is right. At this point in time, I am simply too weak. No matter how much I want to protect you, with this power, I can’t.”

As he said those words slowly and heavily, pain could be seen in Kazumi’s eyes. He clenched at his heart in regret before he forcefully looked at Shesmu in his eyes.

“Great master, please, with this power of mine I cannot defend anything or anyone. I beg you, teach me how to become a strong person!”

The light in Kazumi’s eyes showed a strong will in his heart. However, Shesmu didn’t buy any of that. Throughout the whole speech, he had a judgemental face that condemned mankind for evolving to this state.

“Nope, sorry. Just learn by yourself, it’s not that hard,” Saying these words, Shesmu immediately turned his back and went off. Want me to take care of you nutjobs? Yeah, right!

But if Shesmu had thought he will get away from this situation so easily, then he was in for a world of disappointment. Before he could even take two steps, Shesmu was stopped by a hand holding his leg. He turned around to look at what the idiot was doing again, only to be greeted by the most anime protagonist smile he has ever seen.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot continue down this road. So that I can protect everyone that I love, for our future, I must be strong.”

“Yes! You get the chance to train the hero of old, how can you not be proud?!”

If there was anything that annoyed Shesmu more than the chunni roleplaying hero, it would be the annoying cheerleader next to him. Nope, I’m getting out of here.

Before he could hear any more of their rants, Shesmu used Dash to teleport away from Kazumi. Then, with all of his strength, he sprinted out to Leo and DepressedRyan, who was still waiting for him deep in the forest.

“What was that?” Leo asked.

“No time for that, we need to get the hell out of here first,” Shesmu shuddered just remembering what kind of situation he was about to be stuck in.

As the trio continued running away from the terror that was Kazumi and Amaterasu, DepressedRyan laughed and exclaimed, “Haha, that must have been the funniest thing I have ever seen in years. For someone to scare you this much, he must be amazing in his own way!”

In response to Ryan, Shesmu just grumbled and muttered under his breath, “yeah, he really is amazing. Just a tad bit too amazing for me.”

While the trio was still running away, Kazumi and Amaterasu were still on the ground looking at their back.

“Hey, Kazumi, don’t worry about it. That guy was too stupid and couldn’t see your potential. I’m sure that there will be so many others who will.” Declared Amaterasu. But her shoulders were down and she kept looking on the ground; she was obviously dejected.

Kazumi looked at the direction Shesmu ran to for another two seconds before turning towards Amaterasu. He got closer and cupped her head before looking straight at her eyes and saying. “Amaterasu,” he then caressed her hair before continuing, “Don’t feel sad. Every hero has to go through hardships, and this is but the first one. I could sense it, that unless I train under him, it will be meaningless. I will not give up, and you should too.” Kazumi then stood up before extending his hand towards Amaterasu, “Get up, we still have a long journey awaiting us.”

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Kazumi then turned towards the direction Shesmu went in, he then looked up to see the Tower of Might. We will meet there, master…

Shesmu was also staring at the Tower of Might. He mused It seems that we’ll only be there by the middle of the night.

“Oh Shesmu, when you killed those goblins, how much exp did you get?”

“Oh, let me check, Ryan,” Shesmu answered. He then looked at the exp bar below his hp and ki bars before continuing, “I got 60 exp from those 3 goblins. Still, have 40 more to go before leveling up.”

“Oh, that’s neat. If leveling is so easy, we should start grinding as fast a possible,” declared Leo.

“Yeah, it makes sense to grind first. But I’m not sure about what will happen in the Tower of Might, leveling might make whatever challenge we face there easier. Plus there is still the danger zones that we need to go through, we might want to level a bit first before going through them,” DepressedRyan suggested.

Shesmu listened to the suggestions and thought for a bit before checking his minimap. From there, he could see multiple yellow circles; those were places with high monster density.

“Okay then, let’s go left. We will have our fair share of monsters to fight there,” Shesmu ordered.

The duo was confused for a second before Leo asked, “wait, how do you know that there will be monsters on the left? Is it because of the yellow circle?”

“Yeah, if you focus on them, you’ll see information related to what monster inhabits that area. I deduced that if we go there, we’ll find more monsters,” Shesmu simply answered.

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With no questions left to ask, the trio turned left and continued running.

“Krii, krii!”

Hearing the screeching of the goblins, the party stopped in its track. From between the trees, Shesmu could see seven goblins on the ground and four hiding on trees. He used inspect on them and found that the goblins on top of the trees were all level 3, while those on the ground were level 2.

Shesmu signaled to his duo to sit down so as to hide.

“Hey, do you guys think we’ll be able to beat them? They’re all higher leveled than us,” Leo asked in doubt.

“Don’t worry about it, the goblins that I fought before did 5 damage with each hit. Yes, they were level 1, but I don’t think that their higher level counterpart will deal much more,”

Listening to what Shesmu said, DepressedRyan pondered for a bit before giving his two cents, “If they’re this weak, then we can definitely kill them. We just need to deal with the goblins in the trees first, those will be a problem.”

Well, I guess that those might be a problem if they just randomly jumped down. I should probably take care of them myself and leave the ones in the ground to these two.

While these thoughts ran in his mind, Shesmu declared, “Yeah, let me-”.

“I’ll do it,” DepressedRyan declared. Shesmu was about to tell him to reconsider, but once he looked at DepressedRyan, his determined eyes stopped him.

Shesmu then just smiled and said, “We’ll leave it to you then.” He then looked at Leo before continuing, “Leo, we need to distract the other goblins so that Ryan can look for his assassination opportunity. Let’s do our best.”

Leo nodded at his words, and DepressedRyan crouched before walking slowly towards the tree on which his first target resided on.

Once DepressedRyan came close to the tree, the duo stood up and ran towards the goblins.

“I’ll take care of the two at the right, deal with those on the left. Be careful of the goblins above, understood?” Shesmu ordered in quick succession.


Shesmu quickly vanished from his spot using Dash and performed a normal slash towards the first goblin. Before it could even react, Shesmu’s sword slashed through its neck. Green energy flashed from Shesmu’s sword and melted in with the dark red color of goblin’s blood. Without wasting any movement, Shesmu roundhouse kicked the injured goblin and catapulted him towards its ally.

“Krii, krii!”

The uninjured goblin cried as he fell down from the weight of his comrade. Shesmu then ran towards them and activated Empowered Thrust, he then thrust his sword into the piled up goblins, drilling a hole through both of them.

Blood gushed out like a fountain from their wounds, dyeing Shesmu’s pants a dark shade of red. For a second, Shesmu’s hand trembled. Really, this body is still not used to death. Shesmu couldn’t experience the horror of his first kill due to the irritation that was caused by the two idiots. But now, his body was fully aware that it just stole another creature’s life. This is just a game, and I’m still being this scared for taking a monster’s life. I should get used to this.

Shesmu’s level went up to two, but he only got the experience from killing one monster. Kicking the body of the goblin that was on top, the one on the bottom was finally freed.

“Kiri, Kiri!”

The goblin crawled and cried. It tried its hardest to get away from the demon that was Shesmu. It struggled as it tried to run away, falling down every few steps.

Shesmu just stood there, not moving for a little while. Suddenly, his hand twitched. He looked at the pitiful figure of the goblin fleeing and raised his sword. Then he threw it, and it flew with incredible precision towards the monster. Its tip plunged into the goblin’s nape. It tried to cry again, but it could only gurgle. It continued struggling until finally, it stopped moving.

+40 Exp

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