Chapter 26: Goblord

Before the party could make its way towards the boss, the trio first looted the two other hobgoblins. The assassin dropped a stone dagger similar to the one DepressedRyan was equipped with, while the warrior variant dropped a one-handed sword. Shesmu inspected this new weapon.

Steel Sword

Rarity: Iron

Required Level: 7

Weapon Level: 1

Attack: 60

Shesmu immediately changed his Iron sword with the steel one. Even with the increase in weapon level, the iron sword barely had an Attack of 50, while the steel sword had more than that in its base level.

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After equipping his new sword, Shesmu turned around to talk with his teammate.

“Did you guys allocate your points yet?” he asked.

“Yeah, when you were changing your equips, I did so,” DepressedRyan responded.

“Same,” Leo added.

Shesmu nodded his head in approval towards his teammates before allocating his own points. As usual, Shesmu divided his points between strength and agility 3 to 2 in favor of the first one.

With these new changes, Shesmu felt more confident in his power. He could now fight against a hobgoblin without putting any effort.

“I just allocated my points too. Since everyone is ready, let’s go,” Shesmu ordered.

With these concluding words, the trio continued exploring the cave. It didn’t take more than a couple minutes before the party stood in front of a big gate.

“Guess this is the boss room,” Leo concluded.

“Seems like it,” DepressedRyan added.

“Everyone, ready your pills, and potions. Once we aggro the boss, don’t worry about anything and just chug them down like water. All the potions and pills we will lose in the fight, we gain back in more than double after we kill the thing, understand?”


Complying with Shesmu’s orders, both of Leo and Ryan took out a pill and a potion, ready to use them the moment the boss appeared.

Even though the cave was illuminated by the torches, the inside of the boss room was dark; only the entrance was barely illuminated by the torches positioned at the sides of the corridor.

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However, once the trio took a few steps in, a new development occurred. From the corners of the room light suddenly came out. Torches stationed in a meticulous order on the walls of the boss chamber lit up one by one until it was fully brightened.

A throne stood at the back of the room, one made of bones and steel. A creature, green like a goblin but tall and big like an ogre sat on the throne. On side of the throne rested a one-handed sword. Its blade was dyed black as the night, while its handle was red like blood.

Shesmu used Inspect on the monster in front of him.


HP: 10000/10000

“Ten thousand HP?! How-how are we supposed to beat this thing?” Leo asked in fear and surprise.

“Well, just don’t get hit,” Shesmu teased. He then continued on a more serious note, “I’ll do most of the damage, so don’t worry about that. Just make sure to hold its attention and block its attacks. As for you, Ryan, I expect that you’ll be able to sneak in attacks without messing up its aggro, am I wrong?”

“Don’t worry about me. Just worry about idiot Leo here messing up the aggro or getting one shot. Well, that would be embarrassing.”

“Hey, the heck you mean. You think I’ll mess up the aggro? Just don’t go burst him with all of your skills like an idiot and everyone will be fine,” Leo retorted.

“Stop this you two. I and Leo will be in charge of juggling the aggro. When you want to burst, signal to me so that I take hold of the aggro. When everything is normal, Leo will be in charge of tanking the boss. Is that clear?”

“All clear,” Leo responded.

“Yes, everything is clear, but-is that it? No strategy?” DepressedRyan asked in doubt.

“Well, we can’t really have a strategy when we don’t even know what are the bosses’ mechanics. But you know, the basic stuff applies everywhere. Take caution when its Hp reaches 20%, when you see that its attack pattern changed, step back and slow down the rhythm until the pattern is clear again. You know, stuff that applies to every boss,” Shesmu explained.

“Understood, I’ll keep that in mind,” DepressedRyan responded.

“Roar!” The goblord stood from its throne and roared, showing its might to the impudent intruders. It raised its sword and charged towards the party.

“Leo, chug on that potion and block its charge!” Shesmu ordered.

Leo complied to the orders without hesitation. After chugging down the potion, he took hold of his sword with both hands. The blood sword was a two-handed weapon that emitted terrible might. It was dyed in red and leaked in a blood aura that merged with the surroundings.

Leo ran at the boss and blocked its charge with his sword. After the first impact, Leo was pushed back by a few centimeters, but he was still able to hold on, locking the boss’ movement.

However, while the boss was busy dealing with Leo, Shesmu appeared from behind his teammate. With one smooth swing, Shesmu used Empowered Slash Cancel and slashed through the goblord’s chest, dealing 540 damage.

Shesmu’s strike surprised the goblord and left him open for other attacks. Leo didn’t waste this opportunity and used Empowered Slash, dealing 300 damage. And, as the cherry on top, DepressedRyan appeared from behind the goblord and stabbed him on the back using Empowered Thrust, dealing 280 damage.

After this flurry of attacks, the goblord became angry. The monster radiated a black and red aura before it gathered on his sword. He then slashed at the source of his anger and resentment: Shesmu.

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