Chapter 28: Dungeon Cleared

The Goblord stood upright, with its eyes closed and chest puffed. The sword piercing its heart didn’t take away an ounce of its majesty. However, death spares no one. After a few seconds, the boss’ corpse slid down Shesmu’s sword and fell on the ground.

With the Goblord’s death came the jingly sound of notifications. Shesmu clicked on the plus sign and a bunch of messages appeared.

Congratulation, you leveled up!

Weapon Level up!

Weapon Level up!

Empowered Slash Level up!

Well, that took a while. Empowered Slash finally leveled up.

The boss was generous with its exp. After reaching level 9, Shesmu looked the exp bar under his HP and found that he was 57% of the way to the next level.

After a few seconds of the boss’ death, a blue portal appeared in front of the throne. However, neither Leo nor DepressedRyan seemed to be fazed by its appearance.

“Whew, that was scary!” Leo exclaimed, “But what the heck was that damage at the end, Shesmu?”

“Yeah, that was so damn cool!” Ryan added, “That damage was insane! Plus, you proc’ed damage three times! How did you do that?!”

Looking at his teammates’ excited demeanor, Shesmu thought for a second before responding.

“I’m not sure about the damage. I would guess that it was because the boss was low on health, or maybe because I pierced its heart, who knows? And for the three damage, I just used Empowered Thrust on top of Empowered Slash Cancel. Same concept as before.”

When Shesmu was done explaining, DepressedRyan’s jaw threatened to fall.

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“That’s sick, man! Didn’t think you could do that. After this tutorial, I don’t care what happens, I want you to teach me that!”

“Yeah, me too! That trick is amazing!” Leo added.

Looking at their reaction, Shesmu laughed.

“Haha, we’ll leave that to later. Let’s loot the boss.”

As if struck by a muting spell, Leo and DepressedRyan turned silent. Their attention was fully on the corpse of the boss as if it was a treasure trove in the middle of the sea.

After Shesmu looted the Goblord’s body, several equipments appeared in his inventory. After a quick glance at his inventory, Shesmu was shocked. Other than the pills and potions, 50 magic stones appeared, an empowering elixir and a sword. Shesmu immediately took out the two last items and inspected them.

Empowering Elixir

Rarity: Gold


1 Elixir consumed: Permanently increase Strength by 20

2 Elixir consumed: Permanently increase Strength by 100

3 Elixir consumed: Permanently increase Strength by 500

4 Elixir consumed: Permanently increase Strength by 1000

5 Elixir consumed: Permanently increase Strength by 10%

Side effect: if more than one empowering elixir is consumed in a month, the character’s strength is permanently decreased by 50%

Only allowed on

This is still as broken ever. Shame that there is that side effect.

After inspecting the Empowering Elixir, Shesmu checked out the sword.

Name: Cambion Blade

Rarity: Gold+

Required Level: 10

Weapon Level: 1

Attack: 250


Demon Ki(Passive): Add Dark attribute to ki and increase the power of ki based skill by 50%.

Demon Slash: Long range attack that deals 300% damage.

As expected of an evolved sword, it’s so good. With the 50 magic stones that dropped, this sword can be used until level 30 and above.

“Guys, check this out. We hit the jackpot!” Shesmu exclaimed. He then gave the items to Leo and Ryan so that they can Inspect them.

“The hell?!” Leo exclaimed, “these are so OP! What the hell is wrong with Omega9? This game is so broken!”

“For once I agree with Leo,” DepressedRyan affirmed, “This is broken, but it’s the good kind of broken! Omega9, I love you!”

“Haha, yeah these items are pretty broken. But other than the pills, potions, and materials we only two items dropped. How do we split?” Shesmu asked.

Both Leo and DepressedRyan paused for a second before looking at each other. Seemingly reaching a consensus, Leo answered.

“Is there even a reason to ask? You practically soloed the boss, so of course, you get to keep the loot. Plus I already got a good sword, so I’m happy.”

“But we can’t have that. If I get all the good items, you guys will be left behind.”

“No, we won’t,” DepressedRyan retorted. “Look, you have been the carry until now. You dished out the most damage even with a trash sword. What use is there into dumping good equipment into us when we are still so bad? You’re the carry, so you get the best equipment, okay?”

Even though DepressedRyan’s words made sense, it still didn’t feel right for Shesmu to just take the loot alone.

“Okay, but next boss you two split the loot. No matter what drops, understand?”

“Sure,” DepressedRyan answered.

“Yeah, let’s do that,” Leo confirmed. “But before that, let’s exit the dungeon. We still need to reach the tower.”

Both DepressedRyan and Shesmu nodded approvingly at Leo’s suggestion before the trio went towards the exit of the dungeon.

Just as Shesmu touched the blue portal, a message appeared in front of him.

Congratulation, your party was the first in the world to conquer the dungeon: Goblin’s Den!

Please choose a party name!

Shesmu thought for a second before asking Leo and DepressedRyan for their opinion.

“Hey guys, we’re the first to clear this dungeon. It wants us to choose a party name, what do you think?”

Leo thought for a second before blurting out, “Blazing Blades?”

“Lame,” DepressedRyan groaned.

“Hey, if you have a better name, say it!” Leo retorted.

“Wait a minute, I’m thinking,” DepressedRyan pondered for a second before adding, “Black Moon.”

When Shesmu heard this name, he was surprised. Black Moon, huh? Seems like we’re keeping the same team name as in our past life, Leo.

“Black Moon, I like that. Sure, I can go with that.”

Seeing that everyone agreed on the same name, Shesmu concluded, “So Black Moon it is.” He then thought Team name is Black Moon.

After he confirmed the name, multiple notifications flooded Shesmu.

Congratulation for being the first party to conquer Goblin’s Den in the Pliyx Stal Kingdom.

Congratulation for being the first party to conquer Goblin’s Den in the world.

Congratulation for being the second party to conquer a dungeon in the Pliyx Stal Kingdom.

Congratulation for being the tenth party to conquer a dungeon in the world.

Attached to these messages were a list of rewards, but Shesmu didn’t care at all about that. He immediately thought, Show dungeon ranking for the Pliyx Stal Kingdom. In front of Shesmu a list containing two teams appeared.

  1. Dawn’s Resonance
  2. Black Moon

Dawn’s Resonance. Guess I should go say hi to those guys, it’s been a while after all.

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