Volume 3, Chapter 2-5: My Sister-In-Law (Sophia) Has No Self-Restraint!

The day after I decided to help Liz, I was eating lunch with Alice in the cafeteria.

By the way, as usual, Alice and Sophia were with me. Akane and another girl named Amy were also with us.

Since Amy was a friend of Akane’s, we naturally also became friends. She’s apparently the daughter of that man that owns Wells Clothing Shop.

Wells really did recruit a lot of students to attend the school in Muhle. It was probably inevitable that we’d meet.

Anyway, the weather today was amazing and we were enjoying our lunch together.

“So, nii-san, did Liz-chan confess to you yesterday?”


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Akane just dropped a bomb and, of course, Alice and Sophia were listening intently.

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“I’d like to hear about that in detail~”

“Can you please tell Sophia everything she said~?”

See!? They’re already jumping to conclusions! I looked at Akane before turning back to them to explain.

That’s right. I can’t just throw Claire’s name out so casually. I’ll need to explain things to Alice and Sophia later…I also can’t allow Akane to imagine strange things so I need to say something, but I can’t let her know about me helping Liz.


“She called me out yesterday to talk. She didn’t know anything about the rumour and didn’t plan on confessing. She was interested in signing up for some electives together.”

By the way, I introduced electives to the school recently.

Originally, we mainly taught agriculture, but now we teach many subjects. So I allowed students to choose what subjects they want to learn.

“Fu~n. So, Leo, you plan on spending all of your time with Liz from now on?”

Alice said this. I don’t blame her for being annoyed. It’s only been ten days since we started going to school together.

I’ll tell her about the situation later. I really do want to spend as much time as possible with her.

“If it’s okay with everyone else, I think we should all take the same electives. I don’t know exactly what Liz is interested in but I’m sure we can find something for everyone.”

— and I looked at Sophia, thinking she’d be the most likely to agree.

“Sorry, Leo onii-chan. Alice onee-chan and I have already decided what to do.”

“Ah, okay…what did you two decide on?”

“Sophia will be cooking and Alice onee-chan will be making clothing~”

“Clothing and cooking….”

Both of those are rather fitting for those two. It’s good that they’re learning new things, but will that be okay for the teacher?…I’m sure they already know more than they can be taught.

“Oh, Alice-san chose tailoring? That’s also what I’ve decided on. Are you okay with doing it with me?”

Amy was the one to speak this time. As the only daughter of the Wells Clothing shop, she must be working hard to make her family proud. I’m sure she feels really motivated.

“Of course, Amy. We can go together this afternoon.”

Alice is happily talking with other students. She really seems to be enjoying ordinary moments as an ordinary girl. I’m glad I decided to enrol her in school.

While watching them, Amy began to speak to Alice.

“I’m sure everyone expected me to do this, but can you sew, Alice?”

“Eh? Well…a little.”

She can’t do anything but lie. She’s the one responsible for all of the amazing clothing in this world. The founder of the Alice brand.

Amy is coming to this school to learn the new techniques for making clothing, but…what if she loses confidence after seeing Alice’s talent?

“Hmm, and Sophia, are you a good cook?”

“Sophia likes to make sweets! Sophia was the one that made the Mille crepe that Akane is eating~”

““– Eh!?””

I guess this was beyond their imagination. Both Akane and Amy let out a surprised yell. Sophia is revealing her hidden talents.

“Huh, you really are the witch of the school.”

Akane muttered slowly to herself.

Well, that’s only natural. Sophia has been going to this school ever since it opened. She really is the master of this school….

“But why a witch?”

“No, well…it’s just something I’ve heard from people.”

“I see. Well…why is that?”

“Isn’t it because Sophia’s intuition is so good?”

“…intuition? Ah.”

She’s talking about her ability. That makes sense that people would talk about her when it seems she can tell what other people are thinking.

“Do you know about our secret club activities?”

“Secret club…what is that?”

“Onii-chan — it’s a secret, Leo onii-chan.”

What does that mean? Is Sophia keeping a secret from me?

No, calm down. Calm down! It’s natural for a girl of Sophia’s age to have one or two secrets… even if that is true, I’m still worried about it!

“Sophia, can you tell me about that?”


“Then, just a little hint?”

“Leo onii-chan is too persistent!”

“– Guha!?”

Impossible. Sophia said I was being persistent? Is she entering her rebellious period? O-Or am I really just persistent?

…ah, I was born again and I thought I’d be able to live a happy life…apparently, I made a wrong choice at some point in my life.

Ah, I wonder where it all went wrong….

“Muu…it can’t be helped.”

I looked up to the sky moving outside of the window and, at the same time, Sophia whispered into my ear.


“Umm, it’s a secret because you’re onii-chan. It’s only a secret from onii-chan, okay?”


Is she saying it’s a club activity about me and she’s not just trying to avoid me?

“Because it would be embarrassing if I knew, you’re keeping it secret?”

— I was revitalized.

Of course. Sophia would never avoid me. Yeah, of course, I knew that.

I’d never need to worry about Sophia hating me. Now that I don’t need to worry about that, I need to talk to Liz about what electives she’d like to try out.

But…really though. What is the club activity Sophia was talking about?

Does it have something to do with why she’s called the witch of the school? Well, I’m sure it will be fine. After all, she’s a sensible girl.

I don’t have to worry about Sophia not showing self-restraint.

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