Volume 4, Chapter 11: Sacred Place

Three materials are needed to create the cure for Elyse. Two of these, the claw of an earth dragon and the leaves of the world tree, have already been found.

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To find the final ingredient, we need to prioritize finding a Lyk Skull Bear.

In order to accomplish this goal, I first need to inspect the state of the adventurer’s guild. The guild was located at the edge of town so we decided to head there on foot.

The city of Vesta where Crane lives has developed significantly since the last time I visited several years ago. It’s comparable to Muhle.

That being said, this is only the case for the section of the city that has been redeveloped. There were still many buildings remaining that were built following this world’s old way of constructing buildings.

“Hey, Leon onii-chan…thank you.”

As we were walking through the old town on our way to the guild, Sophia hugged my arm. Her crimson eyes turned into half moons as she smiled.

“Why are you thanking me?”

“Because you’re going through so much to get the ingredients. You’re doing that for me to help my mom. So, thank you.”

“If that’s all, you don’t need to worry about thanking me.”

“Okay. Then, I guess I’m sorry?”

“…you don’t have to do that either. Anyway…you’re welcome.”

A few years ago, when Patrick was still trying to get Sophia, she apologized and said, “Sorry for all the trouble I’m causing you.”

Now, she’s thanking me for trying hard for her. It makes me happy to see how close we’ve grown.

“…Leon onii-chan?”

“Everything is fine. And, you weren’t trying to read my feelings were you?”

I stopped her before she could even attempt to use her ability. Sophia puffed out her cheeks for a moment and then smiled and said, “If Leon onii-chan says so.”

“I’m surprised you’re not showing more resistance.”

“Even if I’m not actively using my ability, I can still read your basic emotions. I can tell without even trying that you’re thinking something kind, so I know there’s no reason for me to try to read your heart.”

“I-I see….”

It’s a bit embarrassing hearing her say that face-to-face. Rather, I still felt like Sophia was a child but she’s starting to look like an adult.

“Hey, Leon onii-chan, at the adventurer’s guild, you can put up requests to gather materials, right? Do you think they’ll be able to obtain the liver of a Lyk Skull Bear?”

“I think it should be fine. Of course, I don’t expect for them to find one straight away.”

There are a few things that I’m uncertain about, but…I won’t mention them in order to not worry Sophia. Depending on how well she’s able to unconsciously read my feelings, she may be able to understand anyway.

“– By the way, Alice, what’s going on with you?”

I tried to change the subject by asking Alice, who was walking alongside Sophia, this.


“Don’t ‘eh’ me. You’re clearly excited about something.”

She’s almost skipping as she walked with us, and for some time now, I’ve heard her humming lightly.

“We’re going to an Adventurer’s Guild! An Adventurer’s Guild! A senior adventurer might pick a fight with us, but little does he know that these rookie adventurers will do something amazing and rise to the top in no time! The promises are abounding!”

“…and that’s why you’re so excited? You realize we’re not going there to become adventurers, right? We’re just going to make a request and leave. Those promises you’re talking about aren’t going to happen.”

The moment I said this, Alice’s joyful expression changed into despair and her elf ears drooped down in disappointment.

Isn’t she overreacting a bit? It might seem like an exciting experience to her, but to a person like me that would just be dragged in, it just seems bothersome.

“H-Hey, Leon onii-chan? Are we not going to register as adventurers?”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“It’s something all girls want to do.”


That doesn’t make any sense.

Alice could easily defeat any senior adventurers and conquer the entire guild with her spirit magic. So, that explains her desire to join, but…why would any other girl want to join?

“For example — there may be adventurers that think two pretty girls like us shouldn’t be allowed to join the guild! When they confront us, you’ll rush to our aid and protect the weak Sophia and me.”



She responded back with a smile. The image of her dazzling smile was amazing but…how is she in any way weak?

She’s an expert spirit mage and she’s also well-trained in close quarters combat. Even though she’s cute, she’s not weak.

While we were talking about this, we arrived in front of the guild.

The guild’s building was the only unique building in this entire district.

We entered into the main hall of the guild. The main room was large and wide open. The guild had only recently opened but the room was very crowded. There were many adventurers but also quite a few ordinary citizens gathered here.

“Wow~, that receptionist, Sarah, was really cute today.”

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“I might be turning into a lolicon.”

“Oi, oi, I understand your feelings, but it’s only okay to watch and not touch. You don’t want to become like Daniel, do you?”

“I know that. And don’t lump me in with someone like him.”

I could overhear the conversation of two adventurers that passed by us. The content of their conversation was strange, but…for now, we just need to move on into the guild.

Let’s head to reception first. I’m not trying to meet this ‘Sarah,’ it’s just the obvious place to go first.

With that being said, we headed to the counter located near the back of the guild. At first, there was nobody there, but not long after we arrived, a girl around twelve or thirteen came running out of a back room to greet us.

“Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild! This is our main office located in Vesta. Is this your first time visiting u — aaahhhhh!?”

The young receptionist pointed at me and let out a scream. The formerly loud room was now dead quiet and everyone was focused on us.

“Y-Y-You’re –!”

“Shh! Shh!”

I don’t know why, but it seems she knows that I’m Leon. I noticed this and quickly gestured for her to remain silent.

“…e-excuse me. Umm…your name is Leo, right?”

If she knows my fake name, does that mean she was a student at the same time as me? Well, there were many students at the academy that came from Crane’s territory.

And this girl seems to match the name mentioned by those adventurers.


“Yes. I’m honoured that you remember my name!”

The only reason I know that is because of those adventurers, but…she seems pretty happy so I won’t mention it.

“Now then, Leo-san, what business did you have with the guild today?”

“Ah, well actually –”

I planned on opening a request for the liver of a Lyk Skull Bear, but before I could finish, Sara interrupted me.

“– I’m sorry. Why am I even asking? Of course, you’re here to register to become a guild member. Let me first explain the terms and conditions of your membership.”

“Wait a moment, please. I really don’t need to hear that.”

“Ah, I’m so sorry! Of course, someone like Leo-san wouldn’t need that explained to him. Then, we can move directly to registration. You’ll start off as an E-ranked adventurer. Something like an apprentice –”

“No, seriously, my reason for coming here  –”

“– Ah, I understand. We’ll skip the apprenticeship period altogether. You’ll start at A rank which is the highest rank currently available in the guild.”

Aaaahh. This girl is the type of person that doesn’t listen to other people at all. I have to solve this misunderstanding quickly or else this could become troublesome —

“Oi, oi, Sara, a brat like this isn’t deserving of becoming an A rank.”

I was too late!

All I could do was sigh. I had to pinch Alice’s side to get her to stop smiling as she said, “The promised event is here!”

I reluctantly turned around to see an intimidating middle-aged man towering over me.

“Oi, brat. I don’t know what rich family you come from, but an adventurer’s rank is something you earn with your skill, not something you buy with money.”

“This is a misunderstanding. A complete misunderstanding.”

I tried to come up with an excuse but the old man just laughed.

“You can try and say whatever you want, but the rank determines what requests you receive. If you gain position without the ability to back it up, both you and the person that made the request will be unhappy.”

Eh…this guy, even though he looks intimidating, he’s saying something honest.

He just looks like a bad guy, but inside, he’s a decent person —

“So, Sarah, I don’t know how much he’s paid you but this is wrong.”

“Excuse me but I have done nothing wrong.”

“Ha, I heard what you said. You were trying to make this brat rank A. Unless you want me to tell Gilmaus about this, you’ll go out with me tonight.”

— this old geezer’s a lolicon too!?

What is this? Why are there so many lolicons in Crane’s territory!? Is the Marquis of Gramp’s territory a sacred place for them? Even as I thought this, the argument between them continued.

“Please, stop talking about things you don’t understand. Leo-san possesses enough ability to be rank A!”

“Oh? Then this brat should have no trouble defeating a rank B adventurer like me.”

“Of course! Leo-san could defeat you without even being touched, Daniel!”

Sarah was getting fired up and the old man named Daniel showed a lecherous smile.

“Is that so? If you’re so confident, if this brat loses to me, you’ll agree to stay with me overnight.”

“Why would I ever agree to a bet like that!?”

“Oh, what’s wrong? Weren’t you sure this brat would win? Or will you just admit you were in the wrong?”

“Absolutely not! Fine! I accept that bet! And when you lose, you’ll agree to never make such advances on me again!”

…why don’t I have any say in this? Daniel seems completely obsessed with Sarah. Will this girl really be okay?

“Umm, Sarah-chan? I actually had a reason for coming here and was hoping to not cause any problems.”

“It’s fine. Leo-san, you’re the victim here. No matter what you do to Daniel, the guild guarantees that no fault will lie with you. Please, do your best!”

“I don’t care whose fault it is, I just don’t want any trouble!”

“Actually, Daniel’s sexual harassment was getting out of hand so I thought this would be a good opportunity to stop it.”

“You’re a surprisingly formidable woman!”

…hmm. If Sara were to complain to Crane that an older man was harassing a young girl like her, I’m sure he wouldn’t take it seriously…. It must be difficult for a girl like her to survive in this place.

I give up. I still need to make a request for the guild, and if the adventurers here hate me, I’m guessing I’ll have trouble getting someone to take my request. If there’s no other way to clear up this misunderstanding, then I don’t have much choice.

“Then, I guess you leave me no choice –”

“You there! Stop your bickering this instant!”

A commanding voice cut through the silent room to save me. At the same time, I could hear Alice’s disappointed sigh…maybe that last part was just my imagination.

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