Volume 4, Chapter 7: Lasers, Again

A few days had now passed since we returned from the Sfir mansion. I was spending time resting my feet in the foot bath in the mansion when someone hugged me from behind. I could feel her small body and ample chest pressing against my back.

It was clearly Sophia hugging me but, as usual, I said, “Who is it?” But today there was no response.

“…Sophia? What’s wrong?”

“Thank you, Leon onii-chan.”

“Hmm? What’s this about?”

“Thank you for trying to help my mother.”

“Oh, it’s about that. You don’t need to thank me.”

I never want to see that sad expression on Sophia’s face again. And in order to make sure that never happens again, I decided to use the power of the Grances family to gather the ingredients needed to cure Elyse.

Eric abandoned the idea of creating the cure because he believed the leaves of The World Tree would be impossible to obtain. Now that those leaves are easily obtainable, there’s no reason not to try to create the cure. Even if the person the cure is for played a part in the murder of my family, I want to help.

In order to create the medicine we still needed the liver of the Lyk Skull Bear and the claws of an Earth Dragon.

“Leon onii-chan?”


“…I love you.”

“I know.”

I gently stroked Sophia’s arms as she continued to hug me. Then, she started to moan, “Muu~ muu~ muuu~”

“What is it?”

“Shouldn’t you say something else?”

“I refuse.”

“That’s not fair, onii-chan.”

Sophia’s also cute when she sulks. She gently squeezed my neck from behind but it felt more like she was hugging my entire body.

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And it was as she was embracing me that Claire saw us.

“Oh, just as I expected, you’re both here. Are you feeling better now?”

“I’m better but what’s wrong?”

“I wanted you to take part in the opening ceremony.”

“The opening ceremony…for what?”

“The facility I’ve been supervising the construction of has finally been finished.”

“That’s good but…when will this be? We’re trying to find the ingredients right now, and once we have, I’ll need to spend all my time focusing on that.”

“Ah, that shouldn’t be a problem because it’s right now.”

“…it’s now? The opening ceremony is?”

“Yes, right now.”

“I see….”

I was a little surprised, but I’m just waiting for them to find the location of the ingredients and don’t have much else to do. Claire is always busy with managing our territory, so if I can help her out I’ll gladly do so.

— And, as a result of me blindly agreeing to help her, I was forced to change into a swimsuit and was now sitting on a deck chair on a sandy beach enjoying the summer sun.

I have no clue what’s going on or how I got here. I was thrown into a hut near the water and told to change clothes and wait for further instructions on the beach.

By the way, this beach is located along a lake inside Muhle. Until recently, there was no lake in Muhle….

“Sorry for the wait, otouto-kun.”

Claire’s voice could be heard from behind me.

“Claire, I’ve changed into a swimsuit just like you asked, but what are we –”

I turned to look at her and was left breathless.

Claire was wearing a tube top, black band bikini.

It emphasized her already large chest and the ring that connected it in the front revealed a lot of cleavage.

A beautiful platinum blonde woman that could easily be a model stood before me.

Her style has improved so much since we first met. I used to consider her a little childish but she’s clearly become a woman now.

“H~ey, otouto-kun, if you stare too much I’ll start to get embarrassed.”

“– sorry.”

I didn’t realize how long I had been staring at her chest. When I panicked and looked up at her face, her cheeks were dyed a faint shade of pink.

“I thought this might be too bold, but…after seeing your reaction, Alice’s choice seemed to be right.”

“You look good. Alice suggested that?”

It’s my favourite style so of course she did.

“Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask, otouto-kun?”

“Oh, right…how long has this lake been here?”

“Alice actually made it.”

“Of course, Alice…wait, what? She made…a lake?”

“Yep. She said something like, ‘I want to wear a swimsuit during the summer, but there’s no place to swim! All right~, let’s make one!’”

“Seriously, Alice is just….”

I can understand her desire to wear a swimsuit during the summer, but for her to make an entire lake just to do so is a perfect example of how little self-restraint she has.

“It’s not just for relaxation either. It can also be used as an emergency reservoir. Up until now, we’ve had to rely on Liz to pull water in from the river.”

“…a reservoir.”

It has more than one use. I took a look around at my surroundings.

The beach itself was beautiful and a tree line had been planted around the outer edge of the beach. The water of the lake was a clear, deep blue. As a whole, this beach could rival any modern day beach resort.

…but this is clearly a reservoir and not an oceanside resort.

“…so this is the lake’s opening ceremony?”

“Hmm…? What are you talking about?”

“You told me you wanted me to attend the opening ceremony.”

“Oh, that was just an excuse to gather everyone here. We’re planning on opening it to the public tomorrow, so today I just wanted to have some fun with you and everyone else.”

“Oh, okay. That sounds nice, but…who else is coming?”

Sophia was with me when Claire invited me, so she’ll definitely be here, but…. As I was wondering who else might show up, I could hear a voice calling out my name.

“Leon onii-cha~n!”

When I looked over, I saw Sophia running across the beach in a swimsuit.

“Hey, you changed into a swimsuit as well, Sophia.”

“Yep. Alice will be coming soon.”

While we waited for her, I took some time to admire Sophia’s swimsuit.

She was wearing a frilly one-piece. It complimented her cute style immensely and seemed fitting for her age.

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“Ah, Alice onee-chan, over here!”

Sophia turned away from me to call over Alice. When she did, I was able to see her back and couldn’t stop myself from coughing. Her seemingly modest one-piece was actually a two-piece bikini from the back.

It was actually a monokini. Erotic. An adult design.

“So-Sophia, that swimsuit design is….”

“Ehehe~ What do you think? Does it suit me?”

“Eh…yeah, it looks good.”

In fact, it really suits her…. The back is low-cut and, even though her hips haven’t finished maturing, her chest is already so large.

When you look at her from the front, she looks cute in her swimsuit, but from behind she’s wearing a sexy swimsuit…. I don’t know how to describe this sensuous atmosphere it’s creating.

“Fufu~, I’m the one that coordinated her outfit.”

Alice poked her head around Sophia with a smug look on her face.

“Of course…it was Alice.”

This is a true, modern bikini.

The frills offer a cute appearance from the front, but, more than anything, they just serve to hide the true mature design of the bikini.

Although the swimsuit looks innocent with it’s white and cherry blossom colours, the design of the swimsuit is the exact opposite. I don’t want to admit it, but it suits my tastes perfectly.

“So? Do you like it? Does it make you excited?”

“Yeah. It suits you. And it excites — wait, why are you asking that!?”

I almost gave a real answer to her strange question.

“What…do you think?”

“I think that it really suits you, but don’t you think you’re showing a bit too much skin?”

In this world, men and women bathe together in underwear as well as being completely naked. So, for this world’s standards, it’s really not exposing that much skin.

However, it is showing too much skin for me. I’m not comfortable with how excited it makes me.

Currently, we’re the only ones on the beach, so I don’t think her wearing this swimsuit is terrible. However, I hate the idea of someone else seeing any of them exposing a lot of skin.

Alice said it should be fine and gave me a meaningful look. Why do I feel like she’s done something terrible?

“These swimsuits are also engraved with inscription magic.”

“Inscription magic…. Are you talking about lasers again? Are your swimsuits covered by a mysterious white light…? Wouldn’t that be even lewder?”

The lasers on the school uniform prevent anyone else from seeing what’s beneath them. That makes sense to me. But if these swimsuits are blocked by a white light, wouldn’t they appear like they’re not wearing anything?

When I said this, Alice wagged her finger at me.

“I didn’t just add the lasers to the swimsuits. Look at this –”

Alice placed her hand on my back and put her other hand in front of me.

“…what is this?”

A pure white hand. It was like the sun was being perfectly reflected off of her hand.

“It’s a cloth covering my hand, not my actual hand.”

When I actually looked closer, I could see there was a transparent cloth covering her hand. It appeared shiny because the fabric was reflecting the sunlight.

“What is that…? Wait, a transparent cloth?”

I just noticed how strange this actually is. A transparent fabric like that can’t exist in this world without the use of synthetic fibres.

“The thread used to make this comes from a demon spider. It’s tough to sew with it because it’s transparent, but it’s strong and feels good to the touch.”

“Oh…that’s amazing. But how does this cover you?”

“You didn’t notice? This was the pareo I was wearing a little while ago.”

“…it was wrapped around you? Isn’t that pointless considering it’s transparent?”

“This cloth is only transparent to you, Leon.”


Are these clothes that are invisible to an idiot?

“The inscription magic engraved on the swimsuits causes them to emit a bright light, but this will scatter the light that hits it. And what do you think that will do?”

Glass is only transparent because light can easily pass through it. If light were to be scattered on the mirror, no light would pass through and it would no longer be transparent.

“…everyone else will just see an opaque colour?”

“Sort of. To other people, it just looks like I’m wearing a colourful pareo.”

“It just looks transparent to me…. Does the effect also negate the colours?”


“I-I see….”

So, Alice’s pareo is made of a transparent fibre, but due to the inscription magic she has placed on it, it loses its transparency and just appears to be a normal pareo to everyone but me.

She told me that the back cutout on Sophia’s swimsuit, as well as the exposed areas on her and Claire’s swimsuits, were completely covered by this cloth.

And the swimsuit I’m wearing has been inscribed with magic that counters the effects of their swimsuits, allowing me to see everything — what a fool.

She’s wasting all of her talents on these pointless things. There really is a thin line between genius and idiot.

Still…I’m the only one able to admire their bold swimsuits….

I enjoy looking at their swimsuits, but I hate the idea of other men seeing them. It’s the perfect solution to the dilemma every man feels when they go to the beach with their girlfriend. This is a wonderful use of inscription magic.

All three of them have great style too. Their chests are big, they have narrow waists, and they all have beautiful faces.

Their bathing suits compliment their looks perfectly.

“ — Leon onii-chan seems to be thinking about us a lot.”

“Otouto-kun is so perverted.”

“Leon is a boy after all.”

“Please, stop reading my thoughts!”

I was told that the swimsuits of three beautiful women were only visible to me.

When something like that happens, it’s impossible for me to think about anything else. I was trying to keep up a calm appearance, but reading my mind is just too cruel.

I’ve already hit puberty and have almost reached the end of adolescence.

— Actually, Sophia, if you keep reading my feelings, I won’t pat your head anymore.

Sophia let out an audible gasp. She really was still reading my feelings. This girl really can’t control herself.

“So, the opening ceremony was just pretext to get us all here, right? But is it okay for us to be messing around here?”

I asked Claire this.

“Well, I just thought it would be nice if we all had fun today. I invited the others as well, but they were all too busy to come.”

“Well, that’s too bad.”

Since it’s still summer, Liz is busy cooling the perishables, and since our academy has no summer vacation, Lyanna and Aisha were still busy in class.

Akane is busy with her family’s business and Amy has gone back to the capital to help rebuild Wells’ Clothing Shop.

Shouldn’t Claire be busy as well? I guess Tina is hard at work.

“Hey, otouto-kun?”

“What is it?”

“What did you mean by, “…that’s too bad?”

“You’re just imagining things.”

I accidentally let my real feelings out without realizing it.

“There’s no need for you to deny it. Liz, Lyanna, Tina, and Amy are all your sisters now too.”


They’re all members of Sophia’s club. Not too long after the club, Sisters, was started, Milli began treating each member of the club like they were her daughters.

In other words, they all became my adopted sisters.

Just how many members do they plan on having?

…things have gone too far.

Well, it’s not like I’m planning on increasing the size of my harem.

Obviously, Claire and Sophia are exceptions. Just like Alice, they’re both special to me.

And that’s why I’m willing to accept these three. But that’s all. I won’t make any more exceptions.

…well, my adopted sisters will increase regardless of my own desires. But my adopted sisters and my harem are two separate entities. So I’m sure it will be fine…probably.

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