Bk 2 Chapter 144 – Breaking Through (ii)

Zilan’s eyes immediately snapped open. Only this time, two glowing golden stars could be seen within his pupils. The scorched gates had been opened.

A new world unravelled before Zilan as he stared at his surroundings however, his shock did not last long as the ‘pool’ or spring did not take kindly to its secrets being seen.

This was against its rules, against its principles or maybe it just didn’t have any principles as it was above rule, above law, above comprehension. No entity could equal it and having its foundations gazed upon by the eyes of an outsider did not enrage it as it was beyond mortal emotion. No, in truth it simply found the affair, unacceptable. The outsider needed to be erased.

A force so unbelievably overwhelming came surging towards Zilan at a speed that his mind could not perceive. His body was surrounded by the laws before he could react and some Immortal souls whose mere presence caused him to suffocate descended upon Zilan with the intention of ensuring his extermination.

Suddenly and without warning a brilliant force of light not one bit less than the one the ‘pool’ had sent his way, violently erupted from Zilan’s glowing eyes. It went without saying that Zilan was in no control whatsoever of what was going on. In fact, he had no idea as to what was actually going on as he was currently completely unconscious.

An undying Will could be felt coming from the depths of his eyes, one that obviously did not belong to Zilan. This Will seemed to want to rebel not just against the world or the Heavens but rather at existence itself. One could feel its arrogance towards the ‘pool’ even without it expressing it verbally.

The pool as expected instantly became aware of the indomitable Will however, contrary to what one would expect, the pool not only seized its attack but it shockingly began to change its attitude towards Zilan. It was as if the pool had encountered a long-lost companion.

The laws as well as various Immortal souls twirled around the unconscious Zilan’s body, closely examining him. A light chime echoed throughout seemingly all space in existence as the pool that was ‘above everything’ appeared excited by something it found on Zilan’s person.

This excitement was different from the happiness of meeting the Will of his ancient acquittance. This excitement came from the fact that Zilan’s possession of that item meant that his Ancient acquittance had succeeded and change was coming. Change that would topple the Heavens and raze the Earth. Change that would set the course of the Universe back to……..and maybe just maybe, the ‘pool’ would then be able to go back home….to the place that does not exist. The place whose principles are not limited by a Universe.

Moments passed and the splendour quickly disappeared from Zilan’s eyes. Buckets worth of red blood leaked from them as his body lost all strength. The Will as if it never existed in the first place disappeared from this space. Who knows when it would appear again? Or If it would ever appear again?

Hihi was completely speechless. He may not be the smartest Dragon to ever roam space but even he could tell that a Will that could subdue this pool was something that even his Mistress would have to bow down before. It didn’t take many brain cells for him to make a guess as to who that overbearing Will belonged to.

“The All-seer? So, he left behind a shred of his Will when he was in his prime? For what purpose? Its better if I forget about this.” That Will left Hihi more terrified than he’d ever been and for the first time since joining Zilan, he was now viewing this Adolescent Dragon as someone who would one day cause waves throughout the Universe. His name would most likely reverberate across the planes, even existences like the Mistress would have no choice but to take notice. This was the effect the All-Seer had. Just his title gave away how feared he was during those days.

The one thing though about the All-Seer that no one had ever come to understand until his demise, was what exactly was his purpose. Many believed he had a secondary purpose or maybe he was hiding his primary purpose, no one could truly tell.

Hihi decided to stop thinking about it as the mysteries of the All-Seer Zaum were too many to count, endless like the stars in the sky.

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Needless to say, if Hihi was shocked then Zilan’s wings, the black-haired girl, was stupefied. During her moment of extreme fright and guilt, when she believed that her gamble was about to end in the disaster of her Master, she suddenly felt that Will and she couldn’t help but be taken aback.

She was one of the few who actually knew where this ‘pool’ or ‘Origin’ came from. For that Will to be able to subdue it could only mean that it belonged to someone who was once an equal of ‘Origin’ or even scarier of the place where ‘Origin’ came from.

After a brief moment of thinking, she shook her head thinking that all of these thoughts were unnecessary. As long as her Master was unharmed, everything was fine.

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Just as she was about to approach him, she saw something eyepopping. The laws, the Origin laws specifically, long strands of each law were being sucked into Zilan through his eyes.

She screamed, thinking that her Master would surely explode from the absorption of too much energy of differing types.

Zilan however, showed no such signs. In fact, he was responding surprisingly well to the absorption.

For one, his body was recovering at a rapid speed, he was returning to his youthful countenance only in addition to his restoration, various changes were taking place on the inside. Zilan was being moulded by the Origin laws of water. The other laws had been contained somewhere within his eyes, it was still unknown what was going on with his eyes.

The Origin laws of water, were so close to him that Zilan could probably be described as one of a handful of Tempering stage practitioners in history to come so close to the Origin laws. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that on the inside, he was being washed by the Origin laws of water.

As this continued to play out, under no control of his own, many of his body’s mechanisms were being controlled into doing certain things.

For example, his pores opened up and were actively absorbing the pure Universe energy from the surroundings into his body in vast amounts.

His Tempering Stage Blood Force was also undergoing changes. It was growing stronger, purer, it seemed like only a thin gap remained before it could break its invisible shackles and finally transform into something else, mainly soul-compression Blood Force. Of course, in order for that to occur, a few things needed to first take place.

In particular his soul needed to be fused or compressed together with his element, which in this case was water. This would naturally take place once Zilan’s familiarity with the Origin laws of water reached a certain level.

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