Bk 2 Chapter 187 – The Chairman (ii)


“I come from a place extremely far from here. In truth this plane we’re on now is so insignificantly small that most do not even know of its existence.” Stated the Chairman. “As you can probably tell, I am no human nor am I Beast. Most of the people in the Universe would refer to me and my people as the ‘Roho’. Previously, before everything became so chaotic we were what Humans would call a ‘superpower’ in the vast Universe. Things…. were not always like they are now. Unfortunately, without warning so much has changed. Apologies I’m rambling.”

“My people were a kind people. Be it human, Beast or creatures of the Universe, we welcomed all to our home to come and learn the beauty as well as the intricacies of the Soul. None in the Universe could challenge our knowledge or our understanding of the Soul and it was because of this fact that we were left in peace…….. for a while. Are you familiar with Energy Lifeforms?”

Zilan thought for a moment before nodding.

“I thought so. That is what I am, that is what most of my people were. Roho on the other hand is not an Energy life form. Haha…am I confusing you? Well, what I’m about to tell you is a fact known by very few. There is only one Roho in existence. My parent, at least that is how I’ve come to think of it, a being born from the Universe itself, the embodiment of Soul and everything about the Soul. It’s actually funny if you think about it, the word Roho directly translates to Soul.”

“Anyway, to describe Roho is difficult for me. To me Roho is the Ultimate existence. I and the millions of others who looked like me were in actuality all a single being, we shared the same thoughts, same memories, we were all One, hence the ‘We’ when I refer to myself sometimes. The concept of being a singular existence is still new to me.” Said the Chairman before continuing. “Roho made our existence possible, Roho birthed us and connected us all and Roho also served as our home. Unbeknownst to outsiders, the realm we existed in, the plane we resided was in actuality Roho’s physical body.”

Listening to the Chairman’s story Zilan’s eyes could not get any wider.

“Singular existence?” he asked.

The Chairman sighed, “I am the last one, the rest have fallen.”

Before Zilan could ask anymore follow-up questions the Chairman raised his hand to stop him. “Just listen.” He said. To this Zilan could not object thus he kept his mouth shut.

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“Since you asked about Gnagus, I’ll tell you about him. He came to us like most others in search of answers, help and enlightenment. We gave him all of those but Humans…..they always want more. He came back later on and tried to harvest not just ‘us’ as samples but our precious artefacts and tools as well. We repelled him, almost killed him actually but he was a resourceful and powerful character. Years passed by and he eventually became the Greatest Alchemist Gnagus but unfortunately his own Race turned on him. They did not agree with his findings on Universal Alchemy, to them the Heavens were Supreme, anything outside of the Heavens was considered blasphemy. He was eventually killed but before his death one of his disciples delivered his life’s work to us as an apology from him but more because he thought we could keep it safe. He unfortunately picked wrong, misfortune came knocking on our door soon after.”

The Chairman’s expression turned into one of sorrow as his gaze shifted from Zilan towards the sky. It was like he was looking at something.

“Humans, I’ll never understand them. The ones on this world barely qualify as humans, the real humans are much more varied in their appearance however, the things that make them Human remain the same. Love specifically for each other, greed, hate, laziness, deception…..such destructive, chaotic, character traits yet somehow they meld together in harmony to form the beings known as Humans. The man I want you to kill is a [True Human], you could call him the pinnacle of Heavens creation.” The Chairman sighed.

“A simple blade of grass, a body of water or even the air itself. Should the Heavens wish it, it can create Life, Humans specifically. Even the Humans on this planet, Mungu used a device from [Heavens Temple], the most powerful organisation within the Heavens territory, and used the power of the Heavens infused in it to turn primitive existences like Apes into humans that suited his image.”

“I’m rambling again. Where was I? Yes, misfortune came knocking on our door soon after.”

“Do you know of the Energy Wars?” The Chairman asked.

Zilan recalled seeing something like that mentioned in Zaum’s notes however, as he was focused on creating a cultivation system he only read some information that wasn’t related to that. He couldn’t be blamed, there was a lot of information stored in the Book of Path and no matter how much of a genius he was, he could not have read all it contained by now. Thus, he shook his head.

“I see. Let me ask you this then….if you were the Heavens and you wished to conquer and devour the Universe what would you do first?”

Zilan could not answer that question.

“You would get rid of all opposing Energy. Spiritual power is the mark of the Heavens influence, Universe power is a unique, extremely pure Energy that exists everywhere and is pretty much impossible for the Heavens to get rid of at this point in time, Beast Force is a hybrid energy used by Beasts and then there used to be a host of all other types Energies all with their own mechanics and degrees of power. Unfortunately, those unique Energies used by Energy lifeforms no longer exist, probably only a handful that are still troublesome to deal with for the Heavens still remain but other than that Energy Lifeforms have been forced into extinction.”

“This mass killing and devouring of Energy life forms was known as the Energy Wars. And you don’t need me to tell you that we lost that war. My home, my people, my heritage, everything was destroyed.”

“The Unique Energies among those used by the Life forms that died during the war were devoured by the Heavens and turned into special types of Spiritual power. It’s sad…..currently Universe power, Beast force and Spiritual power are the main Energies in play, how long this equilibrium will last? I do not know.” The Chairman stood up from his seat and sighed.

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“So how did you survive and reach here?” asked Zilan.

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