Chapter 22 – New Discoveries (iii)

“[Survival of the Rain Dragon]” whispered Zilan.

Details on the first ability of the Rain Dragon were now firmly embedded into his brain.

“What is it?” asked Hihi, as he jumped around in anticipation.

“It’s a survival technique the Rain dragon was born with. Due to the harsh conditions dragons are born in, those with powerful bloodlines will have abilities that will aid in guaranteeing their safety until the day they’re able to protect themselves.”

It was a known fact that dragons were extremely dangerous creatures however, they were also considered by many as living, breathing treasures. Every part of their body could either be directly consumed to aid in cultivation or slowly refined into items that could increase a person’s battle strength thus they were highly sought after. The fully developed ones were of course too powerful, so hunters preferred to focus on finding the young who although didn’t pack as much treasures still provided their pockets with endless joy.

Zilan could also be taken as an example since he sought after a descendant of the Spring Dragon in hopes of getting its life blood.

As soon as he finished speaking, Zilan slowly stretched out his arm and a layer of clear water quickly enveloped it.

“This Rain Dragon King’s ability is definitely a testament to its powerful bloodline.”

With that thought, Zilan sent seventy percent of all his energy towards his arm causing unbelievable scenes to play out.

His entire arm started to flicker, one second it was completely visible while the next it was nowhere to be found.

“ are you doing this?” Hihi’s eyes widened in amazement.

Soon he couldn’t take it any more and swiftly smacked Zilan’s arm to see if it was still attached to his body.

“Bastard…What do you think you’re doing?” barked Zilan as the water around his arm suddenly dispersed.

“Eh? It’s still there. Hihi doesn’t understand, why was Brother Zilan’s arm acting funny?” said Hihi as he cleverly backed away from Zilan.

“Don’t call me Brother! If my body hadn’t absorbed Grandmother’s life blood, my arm would have probably been completely torn off.”

“Hihi didn’t do it intentionally!” his eyes glared at Zilan as he felt that he was exaggerating too much.
“I barely used any strength.” he thought.

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“What are you angry about? Isn’t it me who should be annoyed? Ah~ I’ve changed my mind….I’ll definitely take your power later on!” an evil grin graced Zilan’s face.

“AAAaaaa….you can’t don’t that! You swore….”

“Hmph! So what? Isn’t it your duty to follow your Mistress’s orders? I’m also going to comply with her wishes unless…….no, you won’t do it so forget it, I’ll just absorb you later!” sneered Zilan as he put on a regretful expression.

“Unless what?… long as Hihi can do it, it will be done!” a deep fear Hihi had never felt before took over the reigns of his mind.

“I don’t think you can do it, maybe Grandmother won’t even approve of it, but if you want me to go against her wishes of absorbing you, I’ll need to trouble you.”

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Hihi’s fear reached unprecedented heights where even without thinking, he answered.

“Hihi will do it!”

“Good! Then hurry up and lead me to the second level.” said Zilan as he took a step forward.

Hihi suddenly stopped, some of his rationality returned to him and he attempted to think things through.

“Mistress said only if you’ve mastered the first technique can you…”

“Ah~ Then I guess I have no choice but to absorb you later!”

“No,no,no…Hihi will open, Hihi will open it but not now…” his tiny eyes shifted about as if trying to hide from Zilan’s gaze.

“Hihi…don’t mess with this Big brother, I’m telling you I will absorb you!” shouted Zilan.

“Aiiii, Hihi isn’t lying, the second level really can’t be opened today! The realms power was already used to give you the knowledge of the Rain Dragon King. Tomorrow, Hihi will open it tomorrow!”

Zilan rubbed his hairless chin pretending to be deep in thought,

“Ok, I’ll be counting on you tomorrow! How do I get out of this realm then?”

“Just think about the outside world!” a deep sigh of relief escaped from Hihi’s mouth.


As soon as Zilan returned from the Cloud Inheritance Palace, a loud hearty laughter that he could no longer hold back erupted.

“An idiot! Truly an idiot! Does he even have brain cells? How did that simple trick succeed?”

The laugh lasted for a good five minutes before he finally calmed down.

After getting the knowledge on the first step of the Rain Dragon King’s [way], Zilan could already feel how difficult it would be for him to completely comprehend it. So when he saw a chance he immediately embraced it thus effectively manipulating Hihi to open the second level.

“Unlike dragons, I don’t have hundreds of years to ponder on one thing, let alone a legacy technique that is based on the bending of light! Although its concealing aspect is horrifyingly powerful, there are other things I need to prioritise and I’m guessing the second level will not disappoint.”

With some time to kill, Zilan decided to note down some things in the Book of Path. He stood up from his bed and happily grabbed the book from the table however, something unexpected occurred.

“What’s going on?”

The Book suddenly released spikes that easily pierced into Zilan’s skin before greedily sucking out some of his blood. Once it was satisfied the spikes instantly withdrew and the book directly flew into Zilan’s sea of consciousness where without warning or the slightest resistance merged with his soul.

Almost immediately after, three stars appeared in Zilan’s eyes emitting a dense golden light he had never experienced before. A few seconds later and the stars started rotating and vibrating at unbelievable speed.


The sound was faint however what it signified was anything but. There were now two stars in Zilan’s eyes!

Zilan didn’t exactly know much about his eyes except for the fact that he started with five stars and that every time he could deduct a star, his abilities would grow stronger. It always felt like he was removing shackles or weights each time he advanced.


Zilan couldn’t believe what he was seeing,

“Energy..? Everything is energy….I am energy, and the universe? What is the universe?”

Inside his room, Zilan continued to walk around and stare at different things before breaking into laughter.

“Everything is vibrating at its own frequency…why? I… am the universe, everything is the universe! This power…”

Zilan couldn’t understand what he was saying. Information on what he was seeing kept flooding into his mind and every time he looked at something new, the information would pause for a moment, his eyes would then zoom in, a second later and the properties of what he was seeing would immediately appear.

Just as Zilan started to adjust, he felt a lightning bolt like sensation travel to his hands. The strange feeling lasted for only an instant before information on what happened displayed itself before him.

“Descendant Zilan Zaum has received Master’s gift of love. Four gifts remain, only by following your Path will you receive them!”

“Gift of love?”

As he pondered on that, detailed information quickly displayed itself before him,

“Master Zaum’s  [gift of love] is the most useful of all gifts. It is based on analysis and is broken down into three levels, touch something to understand further.”

Zilan carefully picked up a low-level beast core from his void sack. A strange surprising sensation passed through his entire being. He could feel the core, how it was created, everything about its owner and how it functioned. Zilan could even feel the moment of creation for the core, basically everything about the core and all it had ever interacted with could be felt by him.

He quickly threw the core to floor as his breathing grew erratic.

“Now I understand why this book is entrusted with guiding our people on their paths!”

Knowing how something worked and actually feeling or experiencing it were two completely different things that in circumstances should never occur together.

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