Chapter 37 – The Three Letters

Two hours after, Jibral had finally returned from quarrelling with the higher-ups of Morning Dew City. He didn’t know why but the entire time he was away, he felt that something was off and now that he had returned that feeling only grew stronger.

He quickly went into the Dual winged sparrow with the intention of discussing this with Ficha however the moment he entered, the piercing stench of blood and bodily fluids that permeated the air welcomed him.

The restaurant was not large so with only a single sweep with his eyes, Jibral was able to identify the horrific origin of the bloody stench.

“.Nn..NoooOOOO…!” A loud crazed explosion of sound reverberated throughout the Dual winged sparrow.

Jibral sluggishly moved closer to Ficha’s corpse. His body trembled as he looked at the inside of Ficha’s chest and stomach. The skin had been carefully peeled apart followed by precise incisions that made Ficha’s corpse appear like an “opened book”.

Outside the restaurant, many black robed men could be seen discussing amongst themselves about Zilan.

“Are you sure that kid even received the ginseng?” questioned one.

“Of course he did, Senior Chai delivered it himself! Are you doubting his words?” rebuked another.

Just as they were about to begin arguing, the loud shout from Jibral shocked them into silence.

“What’s going on?” whispered one of the men as he dashed into the restaurant. The others followed close behind.

*Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh…*

Seeing the black robed men arrive, Jibral stared them in surprise.

“Why are you all alive?” he asked.

The black robed men didn’t even pay attention to Jibral’s words. Their eyes were instead glued onto the slaughtered body of Ficha.

“Eh..Ficha actually died and yet you people are still alive? You’re fates have been sealed!” said Jibral. His words neither rushed nor spoken slowly.

The men he addressed however, stared in confusion and fright. “What in the world happened here? Who? How could someone kill High Priest without so much as a scream or sounds of struggle leaking out?”

“Ah! What’s that white thing on his lips?” blurted one of them suddenly.

Jibral quickly focused his gaze only to see a small white piece of paper peaking out of Ficha’s closed mouth.

Without hesitating, he swiftly pulled out the paper and began reading,

“ Dear friend, In the future I will be sure to return this great favour you have bestowed upon me for so many years. I will appear before you all one day soon, and then I will burn everything you’ve built to the ground.
As a token of my resolve I’ve left you with my dearest Uncle along with a special gift. It is my sincere hope that you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Beware of the bird that flies close to the maiden of darkness! This is only the beginning.

Regards, The last descendant of Zaum.”

Jibral’s eyes burned with rage as he glared at the men before him,

“That thing, a cripple, he actually came here to find us and not only did he not die, he killed Ficha and even had the time to write a letter before casually departing. You people know of Ficha’s background don’t you?”

As the black robed men listened, they all took one look at each other before unblinkingly taking out knives of various sizes and slitting their own throats. Escape was impossible and a peaceful life after this incident that would surely shake the entire Order, was also impossible. Therefore the only option was to follow Ficha in death otherwise they would have to endure unimaginable torture for who knows how long before they were granted the sweet release that was death.
They themselves knew all too well how terrifying the methods used by the Order were when it came to matters of punishment and torture.

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Jibral stared at the ten bodies that plopped to the floor and he couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.

“If only this was enough to appease those people’s anger. Even I may not be able escape this times punishment. Sigh~ Many more deaths are sure to follow!”
With that Jibral vanished from the Dual winged sparrow as he attempted to search for any traces Zilan might have left.


Meanwhile in another part of the city. Hula was sited on her bed with tears flowing from her face. Faint purple particles could be seen spread into the air of her room.
The strange thing was she didn’t know why she was crying.

Five minutes earlier.

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Hula had just finished her dinner and was about to go to bed when a tiny envelope flew into her room from the open window and hit her on the head. At the front of the envelope were the words “From Zilan”

She excitedly opened it up and began reading, only to feel an aching pain coming from her heart the more she continued.


I can’t tell you what’s going on since it will be of no use but I thought maybe if I said a goodbye your heart would remember it. Through the years, you’re the only thing that was true. The only relationship that wasn’t fabricated, and the time that we’ve spent together is probably the only time that the person known as Zilan could be Zilan.

I don’t what the future holds for the both of us but I hope one day we can meet again. As for where I’m going there’s no point in speaking about.

The only thing I can tell you is that I’m going on a journey to find myself and to rid this world of a cancer that it has yet to notice.
 Also don’t cry, I don’t like seeing you cry.
Keep putting on that smiling face that you use when teasing me, I wish..I wish I could see it now.” A tear stain belonging to Zilan could be seen next to those words.

“I do this to protect you Hula. I’m sorry but you must forget!  Otherwise if they find out I care for you then your life…..but don’t worry have a nice life and keep smiling.


A few seconds later and the letter along with the envelope in Hula’s hands suddenly exploded, causing purple powder to scatter across the room.
One by one the loving memories of her and Zilan together were wiped from Hula’s memory.

In the future anyone who came close to Hula would also forget everything about Zilan as long as their cultivation was lower than his.


In another place, Solmo had just finished reading a letter when it abruptly exploded causing his memories of the past to resurface. He remembered everything that Hertic and the Order had done to him instantly.
Beside him was a small bag filled entirely with silver and copper coins. This was a gift from Zilan delivered by a messenger.

Solmo stood up and deeply bowed towards all compass directions while whispering,

“Bless you!” Tears could be seen flowing down his face.


Flaming shade sect.

In a beautiful courtyard reserved for inner disciples Halim could be seen practicing her breathing techniques under an old blossom tree.

She slowly opened her eyes when she felt something pricking her skin. It was actually a small black sparrow.
It’s beak was unusually sharp as with each time it pecked at Halim’s skin, a tiny drop of blood would leak out.

She hurriedly shooed away the strange bird before standing up and heading back to her room. The mood for training had been ruined.

A few steps away from her door, Halim suddenly felt a sharp pain from her core. The next second her vision went black and she collapsed.

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