Chapter 47 – Brivata (ii)

Zilan was shocked at the level of power and intricacy that it would take to create a void door such as the one he was currently looking at.

Just what level of power has this founder reached?” wondered Zilan.

Mnyama noticed the look on the Zilan’s face and once again he was slightly surprised at Zilan’s perceptive abilities.

“Take these, without them the pressure from the barrier surrounding Brivata city will crush you.”

In Mnyama’s hands were two bronze badges that in addition to miniscule inscriptions all around it, had four distinct yet indescribable images carved onto it.

Upon contact with his hands, Zilan felt a warm energy coming from the badge before it went inside his body.
Confirming that nothing was wrong, Mnyama then led the two of them into the void door.

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The moment Zilan stepped into the door, before he could even think let alone blink, he had already arrived at his destination and unlike before, his eyes didn’t need to adjust nor did he need a moment to collect himself. The reason for this, was simply because the speed at which he travelled was so fast that his body barely registered that anything happening.

“Welcome to one of the four gates, the Bronze gate!” said Mnyama as he walked ahead.

Zilan on the other hand remained still, unable to fully take in what he was seeing. Before him, was a gigantic bronze gate that had similar inscriptions as those on the badge but on a much larger scale.

He estimated its height to be around two hundred and fifty metres at the least and its width at around a hundred metres.
Directly in front of the gate were four statues that were clearly very old, yet looked unusually polished and life like. Each of them were of a different Beast, a Bear, a Lion, a Salamander and a Turtle.

The statues were very basic, only outlining the features of the four creatures and not showing any unique characteristics.

What really surprised Zilan though, was the fact that when he looked up at the sky the sun seemed extremely close and bright and the clouds were literally a jump away from his touch. What did this mean? It meant the city of Brivata was not located on the ground but in the sky!

“How is this possible?” asked Zilan as he continued to look around, taking in his surroundings.

“Ha! Don’t believe everything you see, Senior Zilan. This place exists yet also does not exist, it is only a bridge to Brivata and nothing more. It’s beauty though one has to admit, that definitely exists.” commented Mnyama.

“Does not exist….bridge?” whispered Zilan.

Mnyama didn’t bother answering Zilan’s questions as there was no point of knowing such information.

“Walk towards the gate. You’ll be scanned and sent to the city.” said Mnyama.

“Are we not going together?” questioned Zilan.

“My apologies but I still have many things to attend to on this end. There’s no need for concern though, on the other side your guide will be waiting to assist you with anything you require.”

Zilan thought about it and in the end came to the conclusion that Mnyama’s presence was not necessarily a necessity therefore bringing him along or leaving him behind did not matter as much.

Mnyama then turned to Jeza and ordered her to change back to her fox form. She obediently followed the command however something he said after caught the attention of Zilan.
“ Don’t forget.” Were the words he spoke but for some reason a strange sense told Zilan that those words had something to do with him.

He couldn’t describe it but he just felt sure that Mnyama’s statement was in a way related to him.
Zilan did not voice his thoughts but made sure to keep them in memory.

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After getting some general information from Mnyama, Jeza and Zilan then walked up to the gate. Each step was heavier than the last but they continued forward until they no longer had the strength to advance.

“What is this invisible pressure?”

The bronze badges hanging from their waists let out beams of golden energy that directly impacted the gate causing it to tremble.
The entire space also shook however, Zilan and Jeza’s feet remained firm and unmoving.

“Zilan Malaika and Jeza Filisi. You may proceed!” A loud yet faintly mechanical voice reverberated through out the space.
Zilan had changed his last name for obvious reasons, he had very powerful enemies after him and he wasn’t about to gift wrap himself to them.

Before he could say or do anything, the Bronze gate abruptly opened sucking both Jeza and Zilan in.

A blinding white light forced him to keep his eyes shut and when he opened them again, he was in an entirely different place.

“A temple?” wondered Zilan.

“Not quite. This is the landing bay for new ‘arrivals’. My family manages it.”

An unfamiliar voice coming from behind Zilan caused him to be on guard. He immediately turned around only to find a male leopard probably around the same age as him, dressed in warriors robes smiling at him.

“Who are you?”

“Ah! Forgive me, my name is Kifo and I as well as my family will serve as your guide during your stay here.” He respectfully bowed as he spoke.

“So you’re members of the shadow faction?”

Kifo’s slightly narrow eyes suddenly widened,

“What makes you say such a thing?”

“I’m simply speculating, otherwise why would Mnyama trust you with this duty?” stated Zilan as he took a few steps towards Kifo.

“Hmm, it would be best if you don’t speculate any further. Personally, I do not mind but there are some who will not be as…receptive when you mention the names of devils.”


“All four of them are devils but….we should leave it here. Whether you are one of them or simply being used doesn’t matter, what matters is that you remain safe and happy, which is why I am here!”

“You are a strange one. When you say those things to my face not knowing whether or not I am one of them or not, do you not feel fear?” asked Zilan.

“Hmm, it isn’t that I’m not afraid but rather I’m confident enough to say it. Where we are standing now is a very important place and with us gone or against them, losses will inevitably be suffered by them. By the way, what are you? You smell too much like a human.”

“Is my smell a problem?”

“Hmm, it’ll make keeping you safe a bit troublesome but nothing I can’t handle.” laughed Kifo.

“This person is too calm.” thought Zilan.

“Oh! I wouldn’t want to cause you any problems, maybe I’ll just let a little bit leak out.”

Zilan’s aura of the Spring dragon slowly escaped from his body and the first to notice it was none other than Kifo. All the hairs on his body stood on end and his intense golden-green eyes locked onto Zilan.
Surprisingly though, it wasn’t fear in his eyes but actual excitement.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm, you….are you strong?” was the question Kifo asked after looking at Zilan from different angles.

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