Chapter 60 – Treasures and Mysteries

A few hours later.

Zilan was done putting together the proper breathing patterns necessary to throw a fist influenced by Prana, thus making it stronger.

He made sure to put in only the essential information, leaving out all the crucial details about the theories behind the technique. To be honest even if Zilan was not this careful, it would still be an extremely difficult task for anyone who did not have access to a vast store of information to be able to understand consciousness let alone Prana.
Nevertheless, that was not a risk he was willing to take.

Satisfied with his very first original technique, Zilan was ready to present it to the clan leader and for obvious reasons he was in a rush to do so.
Thus, not bothering to clean up, Zilan sped off towards the clan leader’s mysterious room.

It did not take long for him to reach there seeing as he was running at full speed. Strangely though, he found the door open but before he could react, a powerful suction force pulled him inside and just like his previous visit to the room, its appearance was completely different on the inside than when he was looking in from the outside.

More specifically, he was currently standing in a tent like structure whose air was very hot and humid.

“That was faster than I’d expected.” Laughed the clan leader. “I was looking forward to extending your stay with us for a little while longer.”

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The old leopard suddenly appeared before Zilan, showing him to a seat.

“Why would you want that?” asked Zilan.

“Why? Forgive me, but that question is a foolish one. What would you do when the silence of the people who’ve watched and controlled your life for years was suddenly broken by the appearance of a mysterious youth of even stranger descent? Wouldn’t you try to gain some answers from him?
Haha….many things have now been set in motion because of you, things that make the past century feel like time had just stopped, awaiting your arrival so that it could move once again.” stated the clan leader.

“What things have been set in motion?”

“I do not know. From what I can perceive, your fate is yet to be decided which means the people who you interact with, their fate also changes.
Don’t bother asking how I know this because you too will be able to see it, once our deal is sealed.”

“Fine.” Zilan then quickly took out the scroll he’d prepared and handed it to the clan leader who did not waste time examining it.

“Do you mind if I ask how you came upon such a wondrous technique?” asked the old leopard after only a few minutes of going through the text.

“I do mind.” Immediately giving his reply, Zilan made it clear he was not going to discuss ‘Conscious fist’.

“Ha! There it is again, the hastiness of youth but no matter, I accept the compensation. You can have what was promised to you.”

As soon as he said those words, a voidless sack appeared on Zilan’s lap.

“Included in there, is the item I requested you carry with you along with a note of my own.”

Zilan didn’t pay much attention to the clan leader’s words. After receiving the voidless sack, he swiftly took his leave, heading back to his own room.
However, unable to wait until any longer, he opened the voidless sack and took out a peculiar beast skin that had been folded and sealed with some type of inscription.
Upon touching the inscription, the beast skin abruptly unfolded itself and interestingly became straight, with not a wrinkle in sight.

“I have lived an extremely long and eventful life however, the final task left to me by my late Master has been the most agonizingly difficult thing I have ever had to endure.

For centuries, I have searched and waited for a true descendant of the scorched to appear but each time I received but one thing, disappointment.

The [Scorched Fate ring] , the item that you seek, was the only thing I had to guide me but it too remained silent until finally, a few years ago it showed me that this clan was where I needed to place Kifo.

You must protect him, care for him like a brother and do not let him stray from the path for without each other, neither of you will be able to attain what you seek.
This encounter is something that is meant to happen, it is an unavoidable fate and also, it is something your ancestor would have wanted. So if not for my Master’s sake, do it for your Ancestor.

I was forbidden from revealing anything pertaining to your Ancestor thus I can say no more.

Remember to always rely on each other in times of strife as there will be many in the foreseeable future. I can no longer watch over Kifo as my time to rest has finally come, thank you for freeing me.
I leave you with gifts that will no doubt aide you in your journey and a special gift that I hope you will come to understand in the future.

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‘As tara tus imma maisha.’

Farewell, son of Zaum.”

As Zilan read, he couldn’t help but feel confused. He could feel the pain in her voice and he empathised however, there were many questions left unanswered within the note.

The three main ones being the fact that Kifo has supposedly been alive for far longer than he’s actual age which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The other questions include the name of the formation Zilan wanted being called the [Scorched fate ring] and the fact that one of his Ancestors is or was somehow involved in all of this.

“This note has brought up more questions than answers.” sighed Zilan.

He was now back in his room and after lying down for a few minutes to digest the information he’d just received. Zilan realised that some answers could be revealed from the gifts contained in the voidless sack.

Taking his time, Zilan proceeded to take out all the items inside the voidless sack one at a time.

The first thing he removed was at least ten paper talismans tightly wrapped together in a bunch. He didn’t examine them much as he was sure he already knew their functions and their power.

“Paper cannot hold enormous amounts of power.” was his conclusion.

The next item he removed was a pitch black glove that looked worn out however, when Zilan ‘opened’ his eyes and took another look, he could not understand what he was seeing.

“It’s a Divine Elemental tool.” Laughed Zilan.

Divine Elemental tools were divine spirit tools that knew no elemental barriers. More specifically, they could be used just as effectively by everyone even if their attributes were complete opposites. For example, someone with a fire attribute and someone with the water attribute could both use it perfectly.

However, that was only part of the wonder of the glove. It also housed its own divine abilities that could be passed on to a user that it acknowledged as its Master.

“This is the problem with Divine spirit tools, the spirit placed within it makes it hard to use.” joked Zilan.

The next thing Zilan pulled out was a blood red, irregularly shaped rock. Aside from its strange appearance, he could find nothing else that made the rock special.

Moving on from that, a ring that had four tiny, exquisite gems of different colours surrounding it was taken out by Zilan.

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