Chapter 64 – Alchemy Association (iii)

Zilan and Kifo were currently sited in an exquisite carriage. The interior was made from only the best and rarest materials causing Zilan to admire the person who had designed it.

However, if that was all the carriage had to offer then it wouldn’t be worth mentioning.

“How many people did it take to craft this beauty?” smiled Zilan, he had finally gotten used to riding on the carriage.

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Excluding him, Kifo and the two Alchemists, there were two more people on board who they had picked up outside the Iron sector. Two young boys who sat next to the old C*ck, silently observing their surroundings.

All these people were sited on the carriage that currently was flying through the air at a moderate speed.
The first time Zilan had laid eyes on the carriage, he was curious as to what was going to pull it since he couldn’t see any Beast or creature around it. In fact, the carriage looked like it was designed not to be pulled by any creature and this was because it had a very peculiar shape as well as only three wheels. Two in the rear and one at the front.

It was a great shock to him once the carriage started flying however, after some time he gradually calmed down. The same went for Kifo who was also taken-aback when the carriage had taken off, but as for the two snow white wolf-like boys who had joined them later on, they did not so much as bat an eye lash.

It was evident from their reactions that they did not view the carriage as anything special.

Kifo had ridden an air ship twice in his life and that was only to attend sector meetings however, the carriage he was currently on was definitely a cut above the rest. Its speed, its design, everything about it was special and that was what stunned him.

“Open the gate.” commanded the old C*ck after hours of flying.

Zilan looked towards the middle aged mountain lion man whose smile quickly faded. He pressed on his arm rest causing a strange array of runes to fly into the air and surround the carriage.

Seconds later and a gate twice the size of a normal house appeared in the sky above. To be specific, it was more of a portal than a gate since it had no shape to it, only a light purple vortex of light was visible.

As soon as the portal appeared, the carriage instantly made its way towards it before finally entering it.

A feeling similar to that of travelling through the void was felt by Zilan however, the unstable and fierce energy was on a whole other level. It would be practically impossible for him at least, to pass through the portal with just his flesh and bone, thankfully the carriage was around.

Only allowed on

“We’re finally back!” sighed the Old C*ck. His words implied that he had been outside the Associations grounds for a very long time and naturally Zilan couldn’t help but catch onto this sliver of information. Ever since his mental state had improved, his perception had also risen to another realm making his already amazing intelligence shine even more.
After all, the words of the Old wise sages of the past taught that it was possible for an intelligent person to also be an idiot but for a perceptive person, he could never be associated with fools, such a person could only be said to be lacking sufficient knowledge.
Therefore, the current Zilan had reached the realm of being intelligent while also perceptive. Something quite difficult to achieve.
He always had the knowledge but due to his ‘unique and sheltered’ circumstances, he had never encountered an extremely dangerous situation that required him to be resourceful with his thinking but now, if he lacked the ability to be shrewd then only death or a lifetime of torture awaited him.

“What a wondrous place.” whispered Kifo.

After crossing the portal, the air around them was completely different from that of the Bronze sector. It was thick with the Universe’s energy causing all that took it in to feel slightly lightheaded and in some cases experience a state of drunkenness.

Zilan was quite comfortable in such an atmosphere. He felt as if he was being embraced by the world itself, causing a wide satisfied grin to appear on his face.

“There’s still some time before the ceremony officially begins. Lets get you registered first before heading over.” said the old C*ck.
Of course, his words were meant for only the boys from the Iron sector.

“Yes, Master.” Replied one of the boys who appeared a bit older than Zilan.

“Mm. Amani, I’ll leave those two to you, they’ll take the tests after the ceremony, like the others.”

Amani smiled towards Zilan before proceeding to land the carriage on a patch of land very close to a giant building that was at least the size of a small lake.

The Old C*ck and the two snow wolves then exited from the carriage.
Amani pressed on his arm rest once again and the air ship took to the sky.

“What is your name?” This were the first words Amani had spoken since Zilan had met him.


“Hmm, I’ll remember you. For a half breed to walk the path of Alchemy is not easy but from your smell, it appears you’ll have no problems settling in.”

Amani could smell the fragrance of fire and medicinal herbs coming from Zilan’s body however, mixed in with it was the scent of humans along with the unmistakable and unique smell of a powerful Beast thus he didn’t inquire further.

“This Junior appreciates Seniors words.”

Amani simply continued to smile after hearing this.

“I’ll take you two to receive your credentials and someone from that office will show you to the Ceremonial grounds. All of the new recruits will be gathered there to listen to the rules of tomorrows tests, which will determine whether or not you’re qualified to remain here.”

Zilan was puzzled by Amani’s words. Why would he take them to get credentials before taking the test.

Seeing the look on Zilan’s face, Amani patted him on the shoulder before saying,

“My judgment of people is rarely wrong. Don’t worry about the rest and do what you came here to do. Expand your knowledge and suck whatever you can from this place, do not let anything or anyone stop you for even in a place of learning conflicts are as common as the clouds in the sky.”

“This junior will remember Senior’s words.” said Zilan as he cupped his hands.

“Just call me Uncle Green, it’s what my nephew uses. I’ll introduce you after the ceremony, he too will be taking the test.”


The carriage was gradually slowing down and descending.

After much deliberation and noticing that they were nearing their destination Zilan couldn’t help but ask,

“What is the Alchemy Association?”

From the sky, he could see hundreds of towering buildings clustered together. There were even castles and towers whose grandeur made him feel like this was a dream world and not reality.

How could one power be so powerful and what exactly was its purpose?

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